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Nov 19, 2009

Survivor: Samoa Episode 10 Recap/Live Blog

One week until Thanksgiving. You know what that means, right? The evil clips show will be the next episode, if there's even one at all. A Wednesday airing is possible, but I'm gonna say unlikely. So get your Russ fix in tonight, since he won't be back for two weeks (if he's still on the show at all...).

7:01: One more reason to like Danger Dave...immediately back form Tribal Council and he comes over and congratulates Russ and the Foa Foa Four. His shocked yet bemused looks at Tribal were a good hint to his mindset (as opposed to Laura, who looked stone-cold pissed), but it was still a great display of humility.

7:05: The rat race begins early, as Russell is up at the crack of dawn - before his fellow players, of course - already looking for the latest hiding place for the hidden idol. Let the calamity begin!

7:08: Yes - tacky product placement returns! I won't say what the product is since I don't want to contribute to this behavior, but let's just say that it's a phone whose name rhymes with Calm Free. Sorry, I need to go to the Home Depot toilet now.

7:10: Why is John the team member in the lever-pulley challenge that's being pulled around by his teammates? Wouldn't you always choose the lightest person, in this case being Monica? Dumb.

7:12: Shocking - that tactical error likely cost the yellow team a victory, as the purple team had the ultra-light Natalie in their hammocky thing. Even better news for the purple team? They can now make phone calls with their schmacy Palm Pre - oops! Damn, I said it.

7:17: As if the mid-show commercial for a phone wasn't bad enough, they decide to show us "pictures" that the castaways took with their phone. Um...those pictures were not taken with that phone - at least not all of them. What's it got, a 3-megapixel camera in there, and yet it can take crystal-clear images that fill an HDTV? My ass.

7:18: So we're shown some footage of Mick, Jaison, and Monica chatting it up back at loser island about strategy and this and that and the other. !!!! Why aren't these maroons tearing up the place looking for the hidden immunity idol. Complacence and confidence are good tactics to use if you'd like to leave the game.

7:22: And so the insanity has begun. Russell tells Jaison and Mick about the clues, and within seconds flat, Laura and Dave are following him around like a puppy following its master.

7:24: If I say "he did it again," do I even need to extrapolate on that for you to know exactly what I'm talking about. Russell is on another plane of Survivor Consciousness, people. The big question now...to play it again or give it away? I say play it again - what's to stop him from getting it again?

7:26: Of course, the better plan would be for Russ to get the run of the mill Immunity Idol. I say he's due. Laura can not win it again.

7:28: I don't know about the "throwing rocks" portion of this Immunity Challenge, but John sure had a smirk on his face when the "shooting arrows" portion came up.

7:30: Seriously, how old is Brett? I know women with more facial hair than him!

7:31: Ok, I don't actually know any women with more, but I know I've seen women with more. Get that boy some testosterone, stat (Mick, you're a doctor, you do it).

7:32: Speaking of Mick - good god, a Foa Foan actually won something, as Doc took home the Immunity. Not quite as good as Russ taking it, but pritty, pritty, pritty good nevertheless.

7:35: The sensitive piano music during Shambo's heart-to-heart with Brett was priceless. That is all.

7:40: There's a lot going on, so it's hard to get my head wrapped around all of this business that Monica, Dave, and Brett are selling, but I'm pretty sure it's going to fail miserably. There's no way Sham is voting anyone but Laura, and I'm fairly certain that the Foans are more than content in playing their odds with a tie (at worst). If anyone's likely to flip, it's a former Galu player, not a Foan. And so far, it seems like John is wont to join Shambo. It really seems as though the balance of power has shifted, despite what the Galus (minus John and Shambo) think.

Oh, and by the way, I'm liking John more and more after the events of this episode.

7:48: Don't you love how the focus got shifted away from Russell's head justlikethat? He lives (barring a rock draw).

7:49: And oh by the way, I know we're getting a tie, because there's too much time left in the show. Sometimes, it's just that easy.

7:50: Tie ballgame! Even Dave Matthews loves it!

7:51: C'mon, John - this is your time to shine...

7:52: Laura...
3-3...2 votes left.
Final vote: Laura!!!! Bless you, John - you're officially my second-favorite player. Of course, you are NOT the favorite player of Dave, Brett and Monica - they were sending tiny daggers of hate his way. The next episode ought to be full of frisky fun. See you in...two weeks? (They didn't say.)

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Robb said...

We're at the point that I now feel obligated to apologize for any disrespectful comment I may have made about Evil Russell. Dude, burn the socks for no reason, I don't care, you have saved the entire season, and though I think you are too big of a target to last, you totally deserve to win. Even if you are Evil. (And, lets face it, you are. Evil.)

I've never gotten into Danger Dave like you have Fletch, but I agree, I love players who are there to play and don't take it all so personally. If he were playing a better game I'd like him even more.

Props to Monica for trying to make a (fake) move. But it always makes me giggle when people say things like "Wow, we are making a huge move here, aren't we so awesome???" (OK, I'm paraphrasing, but that was the subtext.) But still, a Big Move Fail is still better than doing nothing.

Also funny is how the Galu tribe love bashing poor Eric at every single tribal. Um, you do realize he is sitting right there, and will vote for the winner? Perhaps outright contempt isn't the best strategy at this point? He was a tool, but I'd never let him know I thought so (until after the final vote anyways.) To that end, what might have happened if Laura had approached Shambo with an apology and tried to bury the hatchet? Who cares if you are sincere in your heart, but there is a reason that friendly faces like Natalie are so dangerous at the end, because they aren't stupid enough to make outright enemies.

Still not sure if I like John or not, but I sure loved his flop.

Fletch said...

Robb - yes, I feel like a big ol' hypocrite, having made a full 180 on Russell. I don't even want to read my hateful remarks about him from the first episode. Like you, I saw the rooster escape scene from the next episode and was not bothered but delighted in his antics. He has free rein to do whatever the hell he wants.

Dave has never played the greatest game (that we've seen), but he seems to have been one of the major players on a tribe that, up until now, held the power in the game. They tried something dramatic last night and failed, but I hardly think he's been a wallflower or non-participant in the game. Mostly, though, I've just liked what we've seen of his personality coming through.

Seems like no one cares about bashing Erik, and judging by his reactions, he's thrilled to watch his former tribe go down in flames.

Great point about Natalie. Assuming they don't target her next (which is entirely likely), she seems the type to slip through to the final stages.

Robb said...

You know, I wasn't a fan of the "even stupider long-haired blonde" in the beginning, but Natalie has made some decent moves of late. She played a very smart game in stirring things up to get Eric voted off (and I bet Eric has no idea), and she totally won this last reward challenge this week with that crazy flexibility and even strength in those long legs of hers. She isn't a power player like Russell, but as long as she is a better closer than, say, Amanda, I think at this point she might just have a better shot at winning than Russell does.

Anonymous said...

Good point Rob, Fletch as usual missed the point when whining about his beloved JOhn on that tilt a whirl, Natalie was hanging by her legs, flexing everywhere, her boobs were popping out, real A+ effort from her... but we all know Fletch does not like attractive girls on Survivor

And let's not forget I'm still driving this Russell bandwagon, and agreed I also couldnt figure out if it was new or not on T-giving, the cbs online version had "scenes from next week" with Shambo as the Godfather figure (yikes!)