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Nov 19, 2009

Poll results; new poll

Y'all are a bunch of bald-faced liars...or Up in the Air is gonna earn a lot more than its producers are probably expecting right now. 13-for-13? Everyone's hot for Jason Reitman's next flick?

I'm one of that baker's dozen as well, but as a Clooney fan, I voted for all three, having already seen Goats and planning on seeing Fox this weekend. I'm just shocked - I figured Up in the Air was the least accessible of the three; then again, it's the one most likely to earn high-profile Academy nods. We shall see...

New poll is all about 2012 director Roland Emmerich, who seems to have run out of earth to destroy. What's next on his slate?

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Univarn said...

Hmm Roland Emmerich's only logical next move is the galaxy, followed by the universe. :)

booksandacupofcoffee said...
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booksandacupofcoffee said...

Hi! Fletch,
I think what is up next for him (Roland Emmerich) is...

...He will personally go on a billion person killing spree.
Sacrebleu! (As I slap my cheeks!)

By the way, I have not listened to
your recent podcast yet, but I plan
to check it out soon!

DeeDee ;-D

Steve said...

What I was really hoping to see Clooney in is old episodes of Roseanne.

The only thing Roland Emmerich can destroy next is my interest in summer blockbusters.

Fletch said...

Univarn - it certainly would appear so. Maybe he'll go subatomic, though, and make a movie about an eletron being destroyed. Really surprise us all.

DeeDee - excellent. You seemed psyched for the Clooneycast. Hope we didn't let you down. :)

Steve - does that mean you have no interest in any of the Clooney flicks? To steal from DeeDee, "Sacrebleu!"

And yeah, Emmerich is good like that.