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Nov 19, 2009

Just because: Weezing the juice

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Reel Whore said...

O-M-G! I'm so in high school right now...buuuuuuuudddy!

DJ Heinlein said...

C'mon, Link. Let's go check out the betty's and have the time of our life. Buh-dee!

Fletch said...

It was between this and Son-in-Law, which is probably my favorite Shore movie. Yes, I've seen way too many of them.

I love the bad guy (Michael DeLuise) in Encino Man; he's like a lesser Billy Zabka, but still brings his own unique qualities to the high school villain role.

adam said...

Yeah, this is running on Showtime right now. Great movie.

I too was a big Michael DeLuise guy. The thing that really seals it for me. DeLuise finds out Link's big "secret" and nobody cares. That is a great hook to the film. There was no need for Link to have to redeem himself if he was already loved.