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Mar 24, 2011

Survivor: Redemption Island Episode 6 Thoughts

* Well, that was perhaps the easiest Immunity Challenge to predict ever, right? Right as it started, I said to myself and my family watching something along the lines of, "Uh, Grant was a wide receiver in the NFL - this thing's over." What does he do next but score 4 of his team's 5 needed points to win. That shit was riiiiiiigged.

* I understand that Steve is a bit older, but not only was he also an NFL player back in the day, but certainly appears to still be in shape. Until he starts limping around like Rupert did a few seasons back, you can't convince me that he's worse in challenges than Stephanie, Sarita, etc...

* There was much eye-rolling going all during the entire Redemption Island segment; that's all I'm saying. Congrats again to Reese Witherspoon's bizarro brother.

* Ok, now that Rob was forced to show his latest hidden idol clue to not only Grant but also Philip, can I please get apologies from anyone that defended his bizarre strategerie regarding last week's clue?

* Call me an old fogey, but I had to side with Crazy Former Postal Worker Philip when it came to his lashing out at the two "beauty pageant contestants." Cute as they may be, and poorly as he has handled the situation (for the textbook case in how to handle it, see Rob, Boston), he's still technically right. Stupid, but right.

* Has Dave dug himself a hole unnecessarily? By more or less outright siding with Stephanie via his public blasting of Sarita, followed by Stephanie's outing, he's put himself on an island with the remaining players in his tribe. Sarita may not be well-liked - and the calling out of her wanting to escape being the goat was hilarious - but as stated, she is loyal to the clan, and that appears to be the more valuable trait at this point. Not that I care too much - I don't particularly like either of them, or really anyone from that tribe outside of The Human Sweater.

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Mrs Fletch said...

While Dave was crying, "win, win, win", Sarita needed to speak up!

If they had kept Stephanie, how loyal would she be after the merge? She'd flop in a heartbeat and they'd have one fewer on their side.

Sarita may be somewhat useless in challenges, but at least they know she'd stick with them and they'd be one-up after the merge.

Nick said...

At this point I'm rooting for a Matt domination.

Robb said...

Pretty much all I have to say about this episode is this: the pink Bible-thumpers are right, God is paying attention to Survivor, and in his infinite wisdom he has granted us Philip for our viewing pleasure. Sorry Coach, move over dude who pretended a piece of bark was a Blackberry. Philip is my nomination for best villain ever. Every time he mentions the Gorilla or the Lion, every time he gets teary worshipping his former job or integrity, it is like the smell from the Cinnabon in the mall just wafted through my TV and I am transported to heaven. I'm still not even sure what he was talking about with the Stealth Alliance nicknames, considering he immediately turns on them in the same interview. And you know what, I don't care! He is a hot box of crazy, and until the day he votes out Rob, I will love him with all my TV-addled heart.

Oh, and the Blackberry dude was Shane. I am such a nerd for remembering this crap.

Fletch said...

@ Mrs. Fletch - RE Stephanie - exactly. This was the same argument she and Krista made last week, but it's toothless.

Nick - Really? I'm pulling for Grant, Rob, Ralph...and once again struggling to find a female contestant that I care about now that Kristina and Francesca are gone. Sarita bugs me, the bimbos are kinda nice to look at, but that's it, Andrea just seems dumb, the firefighter hasn't had enough screen time talking to make an impact, etc., etc.

Robb - You sure you don't want to just write this for me next week? That was FANTASTIC!!

...even though I have to disagree with you. Sounds like recency bias - Phil is nuts, but no way in hell is he the best villain or most entertaining player or any other superlative, outside of maybe Most Delusional, though he probably wouldn't win that one, either. He's fun (when he's not aggravating), and I cracked up at the Stealth-R-Us nickname or whatever it was, but Coach and Shane were both much more hatable, and the original Johnny Fairplay will always be the Best Villain Ever.

Don't feel bad - I knew you meant Shane from the start. Loved/hated that guy...what a nutter.

Mrs Fletch said...

In Philip's latest rant in the woods, he went on and on (again) about being a "federal agent?". But he let something slip that was kind of odd...

He's probably pushing 50, yet his stint as a "federal agent?" only lasted 4 years. He's been working for at least 30 years and all he choses to talk about is a blip on his resume? Weird.

But alas, Philip is batshit crazy.

Robb said...

I guess I'm defining villain differently, as does the show if they define players like Parvati as a villain (not to mention calling Rupert a "hero".) I just don't enjoy hating players. Aside from the dead Grandmother bit, I found Fairplay tedious at best. Coach was annoying and obnoxious and arrogant, but he wasn't hateful and was often entertaining. I guess Russell is the exception, cause he definitely had hateful moments, but he was just such a good player I was willing to overlook it. I certainly did not enjoy Boston Rob until he matured from villain to game player.

So for me, Phil is a villain just because he is so hapless and kooky, yet has such power to destroy the plans of others. But he is thoroughly enjoyable to watch. You just can't write a character like that.

Fair enough though on recency bias. I remember more players than I probably should, but I've certainly forgotten far more. (And, to be fair, Hatch will always be the prototype villain.)

Fletch said...

@ Mrs. Fletch - Well, can you blame the guy? If you were a janitor at a public school for 25 years, but a janitor at a post office for 4 years, wouldn't you tell people you were a federal agent instead of a custodial engineer?

@ Robb - Well, if you want a true villain, I think that Randy from a few seasons back is probably the winner. Just a sad, ugly human being with very, very few redeeming qualities. See, Philip is a nut, but he's actually kind of noble - even his 'betrayal' of Kristina and Francesca in the first ep was based on him 'doing the right thing' and telling the truth (in his mind). He might not be pleasant to be around, but I really don't see anything villainous about the guy...he's just fun to hate on.

Robb said...

I'll withdraw "villain", and replace it with "best loser". Most delusional? Pathetically entertaining? Whatever we call him, I'm still loving our pet Gorillion.