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Mar 24, 2011

Ladies of the 90s Tournament - Round 1: Sandra Bullock (1) vs. Liv Tyler (8)

Previous results: It was an exciting matchup. Demi Moore got off to an early lead over Angelina Jolie, which slowly but surely evaporated, ending with the 5-seed Jolie scoring a minor upset over the 4-seed Moore, winning by a margin of 22-20. Click here to view the updated full bracket.

Sandra Bullock

Comments: Bullock became a star relatively early in the decade, first breaking through with Love Potion No. 9 and Demolition Man then cementing her status in 1994's Speed, in which she took over bus-driving duties and, in the process, captured Keanu's - and America's - heart (awww). Her girl next door looks and snarky attitude made her one of the most sought after actresses of the time, as she slowly took over the crown of Ms. Rom Com from Julia Roberts.
90s Highlights: Speed, Demolition Man, While You Were Sleeping, A Time to Kill

Liv Tyler

Comments: I'm not sure if Liv will ever escape the "Steven Tyler's daughter" label (rightfully) applied to her ever since her career began (starring in Aerosmith's video for "Crazy" to kick start her career probably didn't help), but she made an impact on the 90s, starring in the beloved teen dramedy Empire Records, and was featured as the leading lady in That Thing You Do! and a little asteroid action pic called Armageddon that we sadly can't erase from our brains. Oh well, we'll always have Animal Crackers.
90s Highlights: Empire Records, Armageddon, Inventing the Abbots, That Thing You Do!

7 people have chosen wisely: on "Ladies of the 90s Tournament - Round 1: Sandra Bullock (1) vs. Liv Tyler (8)"

Mrs Fletch said...

At least Liv isn't known as "Steven Tyler's fat daughter", that one is Mia.

Alex said...

Aw I love Sandra Bullock! While You Were Sleeping is a movie I watch with my mom like once a year, and Speed is just badass all around plus it stars a main Dude of the Nineties.

Liv Tyler has got a weird face. And isn't a very good actress. As much as I love Empire Records, I think she's one of the main drawbacks of it.

Aiden R. said...

Sandra FTW. Liv's looking weird these days, too.

Fletch said...

@ Mrs. Fletch - I'd completely forgotten about the grande version of Liv, aka Mia. Weird how much they look alike despite having different mothers.

@ Alex - Haha, yes, you can bet that Keanu will be one of the higher-seeded Dudes of the 90s. Mrs. Fletch and Jess have been hard at work hammering out just who will make it and who won't, and I'll be running that tourney after this one is completed. Don't want to try running them simultaneously like I did last year.

I still haven't seen While You Were Sleeping...

And I agree with you about Empire Records. Cochrane, Embree, LaPaglia, and Zellwegger (yeah, I said it) are the high points there for me.

@ Aiden - Bingo. Poor Liv. At least she was a good elf, right?

Castor said...

Sandra Bullock all the way!

M. Carter @ the Movies said...

What?!? I was all about some Liv Tyler in the '90s. "Heavy"? "Stealing Beauty"? Come on, people! She was HOT.

Fletch said...

@ Castor and M. Carter - I ended up voting Bullock, but this a really blah matchup for me. I just have never cared tremendously about either. I've just cared slightly more about Bullock. Hell, she's fun in Demolition Man.