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Mar 17, 2011

Survivor: Redemption Island Episode 5 Thoughts

* With every passing week, Matt looks more and more like Reese Witherspoon to me. If he makes it to the family episode and she isn't on-hand as his representative, I'm going to be sorely disappointed.

* Ok, can someone explain Rob's actions with the hidden immunity idol clue to me? Yes, it was kind of funny while watching it. But mostly, while thinking about it afterward, it was pretty stupid. (I realize that my thinking about it afterward is also pretty stupid in its own respect.) Anyway, for a player that claims to be so smart (and usually acts as such), I'm a bit perplexed as to what all that did for him, aside from providing a few minutes of entertainment. First, he awkwardly escapes camp (along with Grant) with the coffee jar. Should anyone have noticed that, it would have been a red flag. Then, he explicitly deceives Grant - his biggest ally thus far - by swapping the first and second clues for an idol...THAT HE ALREADY HAS. Short of the clue telling the reader that the idol is "exactly in x spot that you can't possibly miss" - a scenario in which the reader (let's say Grant) would have known that someone (most likely Rob) had the idol, there was none. Now, should his actions even come to light, he'll be (even more) untrustworthy, and what was gained? Nothing.

* Who else loved loved loved that Stephanie and Krista were outwardly selling their allegiance to Rob at the Redemption duel...only to claim how their own tribemates weren't "playing the game" by attempting to get the girls on their side? Oh, because they're so loyal to the tribe, right? The things that some people say when they know their days are numbered crack me up sometimes. And as Mike (?) said, it's not as though the gals were attempting to sway anyone to their side, anyway.

* Oh Krista, we hardly knew ye. No, seriously, we didn't really know you at all, save for being labeled one of Rusty's "concubine." Good luck at Redemption Island (not really). Then again, I'd like to see Krista and Stephanie square off in two weeks.

* Or is it three weeks? Or a week from Wednesday? Reminder, Survivor watchers - the NCAA tourney is bound to screw with the show's air date in the coming weeks. Those sans DVRs especially need take note.

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Robb said...

I see what you are saying about Rob. But I think he had two motivations. On one hand, it is definitely in his best interest to keep his idol hidden, so sharing a vaguer clue helps keep his secret. He is also playing Grant by making him feel he is in a special little alliance, which keeps him close.

But also, Rob knows the editing game, and he knows he is making good TV, hence his comment to the cameraman "if you want the shot keep close, cause I gotta hustle". How many players win or lose the public opinion game because they played a boring game and were then ignored by the editors? (Or, in the case of Rupert, con the public into thinking he is a "hero". All in the editing.) Whether he wins this round or not, Rob wants to be asked back again, and moves like that are why they do.

Good call on Krista's silly rant though. While I am sympathetic to what she says, I do think it ridiculous for them to have a conversation of "there is no point in trying to scramble" and then blaming the others for "not playing the game". While I don't think they are playing a particularly good game, it is dumb to just give up and complain. However, loved when she called out all the sub-alliances, especially calling out the lawyer as not having one. Pay attention dude!

Kano said...

I dont think the NCAA tournament will mess with Survivor this year, but that is not saying Survivor may not take a week or two off.

The tourney is on Thursday and Friday, so when Survivor was airing on Thursdays it was knocked off for basketball - with some special airings on Wednesday. But, now that it is on Wednesday, it should have no issues.

Now, to the game - I was really pulling for Russell's girls. The rest of that tribe is so cocky. And what was with that "We were the only people to get rid of the great Russell"? Well, when it is six vs. three, that is pretty easy isn't it?

I don't know why the girls didn't at least try and talk to that Dave guy who is obviously on the outside of the six alliance.

Anyway, guess that is it. Not much drama this time around when we knew it was definitely one of them leaving. Hope next week is a bit better.

Nick said...

What's with the love toward Russell's gals? I can't stand either one of them, think they're playing a terrible game (and proven with Krista getting voted out), and have much bigger egos than anyone else. They're obviously sucking at all parts of the game, yet think they're still masterminding everything.

Kano said...

I have a small crush on Stephanie - sorry!

Fletch said...

@ Robb - yeah, the "they're not playing the game!" plea is an expected one from a person (or two) who already know their fate. It's a reasonable one to give if it's true, but their lack of even trying to save their butts makes it all a moot point.

It's weird - I was gonna say something about how breaking the fourth wall is taboo, because it really seems like it is most of the time, but since they have the "confessional" camera like most every other reality show, that kind of kills that argument. I suppose that's valid - Rob is playing the producers and the people at home...well, not this person at home, necessarily, but I already liked the guy, so he's still safe. I still think it was more risk than reward, though.

@ Kano - Indeed, you are right about the NCAA tourney. My mind still thinks Survivor is on Thursday even though it hasn't been for awhile. Or I just spaced.

Haha - methinks your crush is clouding your judgement. Those girls are annoying and useless. I don't think that the group of six has been all that cocky, especially considering the circumstances. Yes, they made the comment about Russell, but it was true! So I can't give them too much grief for that. Much like a certain Australian child, they stood up to the small bully and won, so I say good for them.

@ Nick - ditto. :)