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Mar 9, 2011

Survivor: Redemption Island Episode 4 Thoughts LIVE BLOG!

The opportunity is here, the timing is right - indeed, the Survivor live blog is back (for a limited time only)! The show starts in about five minutes...see you then.

7:00: Let's get this out of the way early: I would bet large quantities of money that Russ wins his R.I. duel. There is no way that a player of this caliber leaves the game this early. I will be stunned if he loses (and he's never even been all that much of a competitor at challenges).

7:05: Note to self: do NOT buy the DVD with the unrated content for Survivor: Redemption Island. Seeing Philip's junk is an experience that I never need to endure.

7:06: Note to you, the reader: Don't worry, I've never bought a Survivor DVD at all. Do they even have unrated content on them, 'cause there have been plenty of ladies over the years that I wouldn't mind seeing in less than their skivvies.

7:08: Haha - Russell's little concubine is still talking him up, even thought he ain't even there. Kissing his ass will do you no good at this point, ladies.

7:08: Philip said he was a Special Agent...take a drink!

7:09: "I'm fighting to honor my God." *Fletch groan*

7:11: Ho...leee....shit. Russell Hantz, out of the game! I'm speechless.

7:12: Holy shit again! That speechless bout didn't last. Big bad Russell is a big bad crybaby! This is too great.

7:13: Pardon me, I'll be right back. I'm gonna go get some cheese to go along with Russ' wine.

7:14: Philip is just too much. I don't even know what to say about that guy. The only parallel I can think of right now is last season's Jimmy T, a guy with too much confidence that was in desperate need of being knocked down a few pegs. It was difficult to watch it when it actually happened with Jimmy, but there's no way it will be anything less than glorious if and when (please be 'when') it happens to Phil. The guy is delusional.

7:22: We never really get a good impression, but you have to assume that the camp or beach or whatever designated area that each tribe is inhabiting is actually much smaller than we might've first been led to believe. I just don't understand how these people are able to find these immunity idols with such ease. It should take you longer than 15 minutes to find it with as vague a clue as Rob had. Whatever.

7:24: Yeah, I don't know about Christina taking any orders from Philip.

7:25: "Well, you have experience with these covert matters, Philip," says Christina. Brilliant. That was laugh out loud funny.

7:27: Tell me you weren't scratching your head during that sequence with Phil trying to get some kind of immunity for Christina from Rob. I know I was, I know Rob was, I know Grant was. What on earth - scratch that - what on Milky Way galaxy is that nut thinking? If we're lucky, it will be the nail in his coffin.

7:29: It's a shame that I like Grant as much as I do. He might be long for the game, but I don't see it. His strategic game is kind of savvy, but kind of not at the same time. It seems like the major component of it is being Rob's right-hand man, but he appears to be largely invisible (read: having NO strategic game) and his imposing physical presence will be scaring people off sooner rather than later. Of course, this is the game that I would probably attempt to use were I on the game (minus the physical presense of a former NFL player).

7:32: Craftsman! And more barbeque stuff from Sears!

7:33: I'm gonna be real disappointed if I don't see a commercial from Discover at the next break.

7:35: Case in point - are you seeing Grant out there?? The guy is Superman.

7:36: At the same time, Ralph has Farmer Strength, as evidenced by what'shername old lady from last season. The difference being that, as a man, he's bound to have even more than she does. I wouldn't wanna mess with him, either (or get near him, as he surely smells like a donkey).

7:41: I'm not positive...is that Sears meat? I swear I saw at least some Craftsman bell peppers. Yum!

7:42: I'm not sure at all what to make of that David guy. Seems like a tool - er, hang on a sec, Phil's holding a camp meeting, I have to pay attention...

7:44: I feel so bad for Christina. Let's hope that she survives this week and that there's a merge coming soon. I doubt it, but it's worth hoping. Still not sure why she got on the outs so quickly.

7:46: Not sure what Rob is so afraid of by keeping Christina - even if Philip goes home tonight, it's like 5 against 1. I think Christina is still on the wrong side of the numbers even should she survive. Rob's fear of her is bordering on irrational.

7:48: Natalie looks like she's 12. That is all.

7:51: I wonder if Phil can tell what votes are going to be read by looking at Jeff's face before he reads the votes?

7:52: Damn it all. We're fated for at least two more weeks of unintentional, uncomfortable humor.

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Jess said...

"Ho...leee....shit" I'm totally stealing this!

Mrs Fletch said...

That Grant guy is big and agile as hell, not a combo you usually see. His team members have to be taking note of that. Big threat.

YAY about Russ, crybaby.

Fletch said...

Jess - Be my guest. :)

Robb said...

I'm not sure what was worse, Russell leaving or the subsequent argument I got into with my boyfriend about whether Russell was a good player. I can't believe I share an apartment with a Russell hater! lol

I think he is an ass, but I still felt bad for him. He deserved better than to go the way he did. But Survivor is rarely "fair". Still he left with a bang, Ralph is such an idiot. I hope that reveal is important later on so Russell can take credit.

Secret Agent Phil is an idiot, but I remain entertained by him. For now.

Just wish Rob's team could win a challenge. Hate the lopsidedness.

Fletch said...

@ Robb - LOL at your Russell argument. I hate to laugh, but that's just funny. Who won?

Russell...could be a good player, if his ego would let him. "I'm gonna form an alliance with two idiots and we gonna go all the way!" C'mon, what kind of strategy is that? And what did lying about the idol clue end up doing for him? He has 'talent' at this game, but gets in the way of himself and makes some foolish decisions.

I'm almost always on board for keeping the annoying ones since they also provide so much entertainment. Not sure I can say the same for Phil.