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Mar 2, 2011

Survivor: Redemption Island Episode 3 Thoughts

* First, some shallow and pedantic observations...

* Firefighter Julie shall heretofore be known as Cyclops. That poor lady's eyes are so close together it's creepy. Please don't tell her, though, as she could likely kick my ass.

* If you look through the dreadlocks and athletic build, Grant looks a hell of a lot like Mark Ruffalo.

* Along similar lines, I've decided that choir boy Matt looks like he could be Reese Witherspoon's brother.

* Anyway, up and down episode. I already don't think that's an entertaining challenge, so when you throw in the fact that it was thrown to boot, it makes it terribly boring. However, we got to see Russell's giant ego deflated at least a little bit, and I for one am glad to see it.

* Yes, throwing a challenge and dumping your own players this early on does indeed seem to be a pretty rotten idea, but I surely can't blame the group for wanting to be rid of him.

* Not sure how "Francesqua" managed to blow that duel. I would love to participate in that challenge. Definitely one that appears easy to those of us sitting on the couch.

* Anyone else hoping that Russ wins out in the duels and has to face Rob in the final one to decide who gets back in the game? That's about the best situation one can hope for, I think.

* While I'm asking questions, anyone else get bothered that they call one "Boston Rob" and the other "Russell Hantz?" Weird. It's like Rob doesn't have a last name.

* Loved the "Storm's a coming" line from the dark-haired member of Russ' concubine. Uh yeah, it is, and it'll be in the form a lightning bolt headed straight for you and blondie. Not sure how much shit I'd be talking if I were down 6-2.

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Anonymous said...

Well im out for the season. Terrible strategy by your girl 'Clops screwing over Rusty.

And why did those morons throw a challenge, painfully reminiscent of when that tarded fisherman screwed over Jimmy Johnson early last season to become the leader of the tribe (and a subsequent celebrity), then of course everyone stopped watching, but I believe their tribe went down in flames...


Robb said...

Agreed, kind of a breather episode. There have been some exciting thrown challenges in the past, but that was handled very ho-hum. I understand their reasons, but it is a pretty arrogant move. Curious who goes to tribal next week so we can all pass judgement whether it was good strategy or sheer hubris.

Rob and Russell have two names because, at least I'm pretty sure, there was another Rob and Russell in their original seasons. At least he isn't "Purple Rob".

I was hoping Julie would go along with Russell just because I loved the idea of a reverse blindside. But if she had, she would still be on the bad side of a 4-5 split, so I can understand why she didn't. Full disclosure, I have a Firefighter cousin who worked with her and said she is good people. We'll see though what kind of Survivor she is.

I'll miss Francesca though, LOVED when she said "I wish you the best in life but I want to beat you at this game". Exactly!! I never understand why that isn't the starting point at every final tribal council. I also agree that a Rob/Russell showdown at RI would be great. But I'm evil and was so hoping Matt would have to go up against his girlfriend. Sadly I can't have both at this point. :(

Fletch said...

KV - Yeah right, you'll be back. And hell, it ain't like your boy Rusty is even totally off the show yet.

Robb - RE the "Boston Rob" and "Russell Hantz," my thinking was that it's just weird to continue to call him "Boston" rather than using his last name. And since there aren't other Robs or Russes this time, there's no need to either second name.

Don't worry - there's still a chance that Matt goes up against his girlfriend. Of course, that would mean that Matt bests Russell this week, but stranger things have happened...

Robb said...

This show loves nicknames, even if it isn't necessary. Fabio, T-bird, Fairplay, Big Tom. At least they stopped calling Rob the Robfather.