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Mar 2, 2011

The State of the Cabins (3/2/11)

Between being sick over the weekend and spending Sunday and Monday nights buying a car, I've had little time for blogging (reading or writing) and movie-watching. On top of that, it's the busy time of the month here at work, so I'm afraid this will be a truncated version of the State. I hope to be back in the swing of things starting tomorrow. Also, there will probably be some thoughts on tonight's Survivor later today as well.

Movies watched for the first time (non-theatrically) since last week:

This Is Spinal Tap
Gonna make you wait on this one, too, as this was the feature topic on the latest episode of the LAMBcast, which ought to be hitting news stands on Friday or Saturday. Keep an ear out!

Music I'm currently obsessed with:
* I can't seem to get this song by the Black Keys out of my head. Which isn't all that surprising at all, considering how ubiquitous it is...

Book I'm currently reading:
* A little more than 100 pages into Divine Justice by David Baldacci, the fourth book in the Camel Club series, and wow, is it a step down. I won't bore you with the details, particularly because I don't know who besides Jess has read these, but let's just call it a devolution of the series. "Oliver Stone," the sexagenarian superspy star of the series, has gone from being intensely sharp and brilliant to the equivalent of a Jean Claude Van Damme character, with the bulk of the action moving away from the Beltway and into a rural Virginia coal mining town. Basically, the book is now less a 00s spy thriller and more an 80s action movie, with all the fixins' you might expect. This had better get better fast...

Things to Click On
See above. I've been a bad, bad reader in the last week.

* Actually, scratch that real quick. I did want to direct you to a post James wrote comparing The Village to Dogtooth. I haven't seen Dogtooth yet, but James did divulge some interesting info regarding his background (and of course, the writing is always strong). (Cinema Sights)

* Also, Aiden took my advice and has started purposefully watching some crappy movies lately - yes! He started with a big, bad, mamajama - Battlefield Earth. (Cut the Crap Movie Reviews)

* Uh-oh, the Oscars are over, so this post has already expired. Anyway, Andy asks "What's the point of the Oscars?" I had an answer, at least. (Fandango Groovers Movie Blog)

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Who Is Afraid of Alfred Hitchcock? said...

Hi! Fletch...
I'am glad to read that you, are on the road to..."recovery."
Hmmm...very interesting what you, are watching and reading.

[Omg! forgive me for that typo in the previous post...I said, that Nick Cage's film was titled..."Drive Crazy" lol!!!!...Oops! I meant to type..."Drive Angry."] ;-p

Thanks, for sharing the links too!
DeeDee ;-D

Jess said...

Hey, glad you're still trying the Baldacci books. I took your advice to someone on FB and I'm halfway through Sex, Drugs, and Cocoa Puffs. Great read. If you want a really funny read along similar lines check out "The Ridiculous Race". I think you'd like it.

Jack L said...

This Is Spinal Tap! Great film! one of the best examples of British humour. Glad you saw it and I hope you enjoyed it...
thanks for providing those links, there's some interesting stuff there.

Kano said...

Jess - I am also reading Sex, Drugs & Cocoa Puffs. Almost finished it.

Fletch said...

DeeDee - thanks for the well wishes!

Jess - Yay! Klosterman is by far my favorite author. I've read all his books and highly recommend all of them. Really hard to pick one to recommend to read next. Maybe Killing Yourself to Live, which I really need to re-read one of these days.

Jack - No problemo, and yes, I did enjoy Spinal Tap, though you'll just have to listen to hear how much. :)

Kano - And? You like?

Aiden R. said...

Hahaha. Thanks for the plug, man. I owe ya'. Got two epic shit heaps on my To Review list in the upcoming weeks, so keep an eye out.

Also, YouTube's blocked at my office so I can't see what Black Keys song you've got stuck in your head. I'll guess 10 AM Automatic or Set You Free.

Fletch said...

Aiden - neither of those songs, though I do love me some 10 AM Automatic. No, this time it's "Tighten Up" off their latest.

Woohoo - shit heaps!