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Mar 10, 2011

Poll results; new poll

Poor Screech...last place. How fitting, I suppose.

Cue the Neil Diamond comeback, folks! The clear winner in the Diamond poll with 28% of the vote was The Jewish Elvis himself. My vote for the Beastie Boys' Mike D proved fruitless, as he finished a distant fifth, after Lou Philips (2nd) and a tie between DDP and DLR. I know one thing for sure - this has to be one of the most eclectic groupings of artists that I've ever seen.

I quite like this new poll. Many an author has had their works translated to film, but not all that many have had more than about five made into movies. Of the choices given, which are all of the biggies outside of that Shakespeare guy, whose do you think has made for the best flicks (or at least your favorites)?

If you need a little jogging of your brain to see which books have been made into movies, check this site out. It could use some updating, but is still pretty helpful.

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simoncolumb said...

and to think - the next 007 film i am watching is DIAMONDS are forever!