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Feb 23, 2011

Survivor: Redemption Island Episode 2 Thoughts

* A good and bad episode for The Rooster (I forgot his name). Good that he found the hidden idol, despite his finding of it to be more accidental than a thought-out plan. As for his confrontation with Russ, it was good and bad. We all know that he has the idol - if you wanna tell people that Russ bogarted the clue (to the idol that you already have), go right ahead, as that only makes Russ look bad. But being the chief interrogator of the big stink? What purpose did that serve, outside of perhaps acting as a penis measuring contest? Now you've made an enemy out of a guy that, arrogant as hell or not, manages to do pretty well in the game. Yet, at the same time, I think it might work for The Rooster, in that if it was just a measuring contest, I think he won, or at least will get the last laugh. Russ' ego is out of control, and unlike his previous two runs on the show, these folks know his game. I'll be surprised if he lasts very long.

* Although I don't like Rob's plan since I'm a Christina fan, you have to respect how well it played out for him and how much control he has over his faction of his tribe. He's made an enemy of Andrea, but that seems more like entertainment for us than a threat to him.

* "I....am an EFFF BEE IIII...agent!!!" Yeah, that's pretty much all that runs through my head when I see Philip. Well, that and "Wow, just shut up, dude...."

* Speaking of Point Break, does Matt remind anyone else of James LeGros circa his surfing and bank-robbing days?

* OMG! Grant speaks! I knew he was soft-spoken, but I hadn't anticipated just how soft-spoken indeed. Despite him being little more than a Team Rob supporter at the moment, I think I'm gonna like the guy. He's gonna make a move at the right time somewhere down the line.

* Redemption Is-yaaaawwwn...

But really, I wasn't expecting much from R.I. this week. It'll start to get interesting next week when we have our first duel!

* Overall, a mostly uninteresting setup show, in fact. Tribal Council was another yawner, brought on possibly by the downpour that started up. I'm looking forward to the inevitable Rooster/Russter showdown, but who knows when that will be. And as I mentioned, seeing Andrea get in a hissy (the reaction shots of her after Matt was ousted were priceless) ought to be fun. Stay tuned...

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Robb said...

Maybe it just speaks to how I wouldn't be nearly as good a player at this game as I want to think, but again I can't help but to see Rob's big move as a good move that comes way too early. Besides needing Matt's strength at challenges, you've now reduced the power of your alliance from six strong to four, although maybe five if you include Special Agent Shephard. Which I wouldn't. ;)

But by sending someone like Matt to RI, you are pretty much guaranteeing that he is going to win a challenge against Francesca, and probably Philip, or Christina, or anyone else you eventually vote off. Though it would be very interesting to see him have to duel against Andrea!

Russell, on the other hand, and as much as I love him, it is pretty delicious watching him get pwned by the man sweater. I'll be surprised if either Rob or Russell makes it to the end, but even with his big losses I think Rob has a better shot than Russ.

I'll agree with James LeGros. Although there was one shot that came around from behind and I was genuinely surprised when Matt wasn't Fabio.

Pikko said...

I agree, this week's was a total snoozer. Funny you call him Rooster, as I can't stop thinking of him as "Man Sweater".

Anonymous said...

Rusty is the best, and agreed Rob is a massive d-bag.


Fletch said...

Robb - no, you make a solid point about Rob's big move coming too early. In this case, I don't really see it coming back to bite him in the ass, but it was largely unnecessary at this stage of the game as well. They could have just been rid of Philip this time, then Christina, and then Matt.

Totally agreed on Russ. His ego is gonna be the death of him this time out. He's too brazen and has too large a target to act like that. Then again, the Survivor PR Machine does not want either Rob or Russ out the game at all.

Pikko - Haha, yep, "Man Sweater" is pretty damn apt a nickname as well. Thanks for the comment!

KV - what up?? Yeah, we'll see how your boy Rusty fares....

Nick said...

Yeah, Matt kept reminding me of Fabio (until he opened his mouth).