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Dec 20, 2010

Survivor: Nicaragua Episode 15 (Finale and Reunion) Random Thoughts

* First of all - yay, Fabio won! Though I never bought his "my strategy was to not piss people off" schpiel and don't endorse that type of game play, he was far and away the most likable of the remaining contestants coming into the finale. Holly wasn't necessarily unlikable, but she couldn't come close to his vibe. And I'm with the fellow players who thought Chase something of an idiot. On the other hand...

* Woot! Sash got zero votes. Though it's hypocritical of me since I think he actually did play one of the better strategic games, he was a totally hate-able (hatable? hateable?) buffoon and arrogant jackass. On the other hand...

* Speaking of jackasses, Shannon proved what a complete one that he is. A goat is a goat is a chicken is a duck. Or whatever. Loved Jeff's treatment to his answer.

* The "you're so boring you're not worth talking to" award sadly went to Yve, Tyrone, Jill, and "Purple" Kelly?

* Why why why why why did they continue to refer to her as Purple Kelly days after the only other Kelly got voted off? Ugh...pissed me off all season, in case you couldn't tell.

* How is it that the guy from St. Louis is the "surfer dude?" Never really thought of that until they reminded us of Fabio's hometown.

* I must say, I'm a bit shocked that Jane was the overwhelming winner of the Fan Vote for $100k. I could have sworn that was Fabio's in the bag. However, much as I liked the surfer dude, I'm actually glad he didn't win that, as I don't think the winner should be eligible for that award - spread the love around.

* How in the hell is Dan a millionaire? His ethnicity, looks, clothing and pinkie ring tell me that he must be in the mob. HAS TO BE. There were five people left including him, and he asks Fabio "How many votes do we need?" Easily the biggest WTF moment of the show.

* Redemption Island. It ain't a bad idea, but I really don't see how it's the "game-changer!" that Jeff would have us believe it is. It's a neat wrinkle, but really only one person will be coming back (and at what point?), and it's someone that got voted off earlier in the show. Why would they be any more loved upon their return? I guess it's a better idea than Exile Isle, though.

* Until next season...

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Nick said...

I was so happy Fabio won. I was rooting for him since the beginning. And I totally buy his strategy of playing it cool until the end, then gunning it. It takes a target off his back as a strong threat for the majority of the game, but then makes him invincible when needed.

Though I was super nervous when it looked like Chase could win. Really? I would rather Sash win over Chase.

I hated that they still continued to say Jane was one of the most likable contestants ever and that the reward went to her with an overwhelming majority never seen before. HOW? Even my father, who is a dog-loving, outdoorsy, country-sensibile farming type, thinks Jane was a total bitch. I just don't get it.

I (and the rest of my family) think Dan is mafioso, as well.

I really like the idea of Redemption Island, too.

Bob Turnbull said...

I just didn't get the love for Jane either...I will say that I did like her in the beginning, but the more she had the hate on for Marty (who didn't come across very well in the reunion show - let it go buddy), the more she started sliding in my estimation. But even then, I was pretty cool with her until her hissy fits near the end - first when Chase didn't bring her on that reward with her daughter and then when she doused the fire (an immature tantrum). But what really bugged me about her was at the final jury - that sourpuss expression was totally childish and whatever you think of Sash, her comments were completely out of line. It's a game lady - geezus.

And Dan? No respect for him. His comments at the final jury were also completely whiny. You're shocked and appalled that someone lied to you during the game of Survivor?

I had wanted Sash to win a few weeks ago, but he lied too much and he misplayed a few situations - so it caught up with him. Jane and Dan, that's how the game works - you suffer the natural consequences of your actions because it's a social game. You can lie to a certain extent, but too much will nip you in the butt.

However, I was glad that Sash didn't win in the end as I had kinda forgot about the whole Shannon incident. Sash's reaction to his question at the time was unfortunate - you don't acknowledge that kind of crap, but Sash wanted to prove he was just as "manly".

They didn't talk to Benry either I think...That's probably the largest set of ignores they've ever had on a reunion show.

JacksSmirkingRevenge said...

I pretty much agree with all the comments above. But the one thing I couldnt understand was all the hate directed at Sash. Especially when so little was directed at Chase. Chase stabbed just as many people in the back as Sash did, and at least Sash was proactive.

Man Im glad Fabio won, I would have been livid if it had been that cowardly wishy washy pansy.

Nick said...

Jack: I'm actually moderately upset (or at least I was) that Chase even came as close as he did to beating Fabio. That was just ridiculous. Between those 3 guys, it should have been no contest.

Kano said...

FABIO! FABIO! The only person left that I even remotely liked.

I was scared out of my mind when Chase got to four votes, but I knew they had to be doing that for drama. I counted after the jury questions that they each had 3 votes (I had no clue what Jane, Naonka or Purple Kelly were going to do).

I am happy they are now having the option of not allowing quitters on the jury panel though. I still feel they need to get back to a two person final. I have said it once and I will say it again, but it just adds that much more drama - imagine Fabio having to select who he wants to go against. That vote could have been a game changer. Bring it back.

I said the same thing about Jane winning the 100k. How is that possible? I couldn't stand the lady. I probably would have chosen Marty - he was probably my favorite player on the season.

I feel this season was a bit of a downer compared to the last few, but we still got some great characters that I wouldn't mind seeing down the road.

Nick said...

Kano: Ha! I said the same thing re: Marty. When they were advertising the 100k prior to revealing it was Jane, I was like "Marty!" Oh well.

simoncolumb said...

I just saw the CURB YOUR ENTHUSIASM episode with the 'survivor' ... very funny!


Robb said...

I hated Jane at the end and did not like seeing her get the 100K. I don't like Rupert (or James, or Ozzy) for the same reason though. They play this "nice" character, but when things don't go their way they suddenly get hateful - the true reveal of who they are.

The only difference between Sash and Chase was that Sash made his backstabs on purpose, while for Chase each vote was practically an accident, just in reaction to what was going on. I will give Chase credit for a good end tribal though. He is like the exact opposite of Amanda, he was a terrible player with a good end game.

Fabio was likable and played a great game at the end, so for such a bad season I'm fine with him winning, although with my preference for outwit I would have voted for Sash. But have you heard the rumors about why Sash got no votes? Apparently on the way to tribal to vote out Jane he told her if she would vote for him to win from the jury he would pay off her mortgage. That would be against the Survivor rules (no splitting prize money), but since there was no evidence he said any such thing they let him continue to play, but clearly the jury believed Jane that he said it. That is why Jane voted for him even though he had an immunity idol, and why she and Dan were so over the top hateful to him at the finals.

And I'm with you Fletch, I think the new format is interesting (and unlike the surprise of Outcasts is being played fairly), but doesn't seem THAT big a deal. I still want to see the two tribes compete separately but all live together at one camp, I think that interplay would be really interesting.

Fletch said...

Look at me with the late responses...tsk tsk.

Nick - The reason I don't buy Fabio's 'strategy' as a sound one is this: it's all predicated on his winning three immunities in a row to even reach the final, something he would have no idea that he'd be able to pull off (and barely did). There's too much bullshit luck involved for that to be considered any kind of great plan. That's not to say that there ain't luck involved in other means, but I'd like to see a mixture of physical dominance and mental play - the best players can do both.

Bob - Great points about Jane and her comments towards Sash. Unless we're missing out on some prime footage where he talks about killing her dogs or something, they were way out of line. The producers must attempt to spike the Jury with adrenaline or something before that final council.

Seriously, someone like Sash should win and be proud of their lying (like, you know, Dick Hatch did in season 1?) as that's what the best players do. Instead, it seems like every season those types of players are left to grovel and apologize for their lies. They should own them, and the jury should respect them for it.

JSR - Well, Chase does have that country star/N. Carolina charm to him, whilst Sash is a metrosexual New Yorker (who probably has a fair bit of money). On top of that, he's condescending and arrogant as hell - I'd probably direct some venom his way, too...

Kano - Yes, the option (why is it even an option I wonder, though?) to exclude quitters is something that no viewer would have had a problem with had they instituted it this season. Cut their money down to nothing, too - that ought to incentivize them to stick around.

Yeah, I don't know how well Marty rubbed America. I wanted to like him so many times this season only for him to continue to talk down to people and random idiotically and act all paranoid. He dug his own grave a lot of the time on the show.

Simon - lol. What timing! Though have you even seen Colby on Survivor? Does the show air in the UK or do y'all have your own version?

Robb - Hey there!

Good point about Jane and the nice/nasty thing. Two rebuttals, though - first, I can't say I recall Ozzy ever getting nasty...do I just have a bad memory? And yeah, James certainly did, but I maintain that that was the roid rage talking. It was bizarre.

Ha - "opposite of Amanda." No kidding. That poor girl, with her "look like I'm gonna cry" face all the damn time. So likable during the season, so unlikable at tribals.

Yep, I knew you'd be a Sash guy, and I can certainly see where you're coming from. I've come to appreciate and look for much more of what it is you like out of the show lo these many seasons. As I stated above kinda, we're still waiting for that great combination of physical stud and brilliant strategist. Boston Rob probably comes closest, but even he had flaws that sunk him.

TD - Well, whiny as they were, Jane and Dan still did get the last laugh in a certain respect. Sure, they took home less cash than Sash, but they helped make sure he didn't get his payday, either. Stuff 'em all in a boat is what I say...

Bob Turnbull said...

TD (or "Torrent Download") looks to be some kind of spamming id - their comment is an exact duplicate of the third paragraph from my comment, so it's obviously posted just to get hits back to their own site. Lame. Very lame.

I do agree that Chase had a very strong final jury. Dude didn't waffle at all.

Fletch said...

Dang...had to delete my good buddy TD's comment. :(

Buffett35 said...

I had some other stuff to say about this, but it's too late now, so I won't bother. I did want to elaborate on your comment about that idiot Shannon, though. Not only is he a homophobe and a jackass, but he's also ignorant and/or racist.

What he actually said is that he was only "calling a spade a spade," which, if you trace the roots of the phrase, is about as racist as it gets. I doubt if he's even aware of that, though. Jeff certainly was, which is why he cut him off immediately and moved on to the next person.

Between that and his not-so-subtle assessment of Naonka's mom's parenting skills, Jeff was really on his game at this reunion.