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Sep 30, 2010

Survivor: Nicaragua Episode 3 - Random Thoughts

* Marty might have won the battle, but methinks he is going to lose the war. He seems like a generally smart guy, but his Jimmy Johnson paranoia was truly bizarre, as was his unflinching desire to oust him from the team as soon as possible. For starters, I don't for a second believe that anyone - anyone - would grant Johnson the million dollars. But let's suppose that Marty is correct in his assumptions. Why not dump Dan this time and Jimmy next time? Clearly, there was enough support to get rid of Jimmy. Congratulations, your tribe is now weaker.

* It's early yet, but I'm fairly certain that my two favorite players thus far are Tyrone (aka "The Eyebrow") and the woman that looks like she should be playing Peter Pan in a stage production (Jill?). Sadly, there's not a single appealing player from the younger tribe.

(This is the part where Kid Vegas will come in and comment about some nubile young female from that tribe and say how I'm not salivating all over her because my wife might read this post or something like that. Sadly, this is not the case - there's really no one that stands out, aside from the really annoying people like Naonka ow whatever her name is. Jud, while an idiot, is at least an entertaining idiot - he hasn't really gotten on my nerves yet. Anyway.)

* The Jimmy T. vs. Marty struggle for power ought to be mildly grating; each is wildly insecure, and each is most likely willing to ostracize themselves from the rest of their tribe in an effort to prove their dominance. How predictable and boring and lame - I won't miss either of them.

* I feel genuinely bad for Dan, but he has no business being there, much less claiming that he's a "strong player" (more on this in a sec). Your guns aren't doing you a damn bit of good, Danny Boy - unless there's a bench press competition coming up, you and your bum knee and arthritis and general old-man-ness (he's 63) are doing nothing but dragging your team down.

* The most telling part of the show for me was towards the end of Tribal Council. Probst asked each and every one of the tribe whether or not they thought they "were one of the weaker players on the tribe."

Not a single one of them responded with "weak in what way?" or answered anything like that - they all claimed that, no, they were not weak, which indicated to me that they all assumed he meant physically, and no one would claim to be that save for Jimmy, something that I predicted. A true leader will admit to their strengths and weaknesses. Remember, the fools that claim "I'm too weak to play the game" are often the same people that end up sticking around for awhile; the vain ones fooling themselves by claiming strength are sent home. Yes, Jimmy went home, but I think his fate was sealed prior to giving that answer.

* I still can't believe that guy's name is "Benry." Next year, I demand a player named "Billiam."

Until next time...

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JacksSmirkingRevenge said...

Wasnt this episode 3?

And I agree, tyrone is my favorite so far as well.

Robb said...

It was episode 3. Fletch is becoming a slacker. ::grin::

I agree about Marty and his best friend, paranoia. I mean, I don't really care about Jimmy Johnson going home, but there were definitely weaker players that should have gone first just to keep the tribe strong. (The irony being that if Jimmy J. hadn't been a good leader, it was very possible Holly would have quit, which sure would have changed things.)

Funny how so many players now feel such a need to get rid of strong players early, a gambit first used by Boston Rob when he blindsided Hunter back in the day. This can work if used judiciously, but more often it isn't a smart strategy, it is a desperate one. Marty is saying all the things I want players to say, I want players who are there to play and strategize, but what I really mean is that I want them to play and strategize well.

The formula is still sound. But I'm having a hard time rooting for anyone either. Tyrone has good presence, and Judd makes me laugh, but everyone else is either kind of pathetic or still invisible. Naonka seems desperate to be famous on TV. She had a few good one liners in earlier episodes, but she is quickly getting tedious. But then, I still hated Russell this early in his first season too. I always say the first four episodes are a write-off, hopefully it will get better.

Fletch said...

Sorry, sorry...yes, it was ep 3. My bad.

Robb - Good call on Naonka - either that's the case (she wants to be famous) or she really is hilariously out of touch with how society works. Soon enough, she will rub everyone the wrong way, if it hasn't happened already. I really don't see me coming around on her.

I don't know how you can remember things like Boston Rob/Hunter. My memory for this show pretty much gets wiped two weeks after each season ends.

I read somewhere that Probst really sees Marty as a "villain" - I haven't seen that too much, at least not explicitly, so we'll see what else he does to vex his tribemates. Dumb decision-making here, but I thought him still capable of rebounding.