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Sep 15, 2010

Survivor: Nicaragua Episode 1 - Random Thoughts

Alright, I might not be doing the live blog, but that doesn't mean I can't/won't have something to share every now and then (or every week - who knows, we'll see) about the latest edition of Survivior. So...

* Wow. I thought that bartender guy from Arizona some years back (I wanna say his name was Rob) was the dumbest player ever to be featured, but Jud/Fabio takes the cake by far. Not only is he functionally retarded, but a spaz to boot - what a player. I really hope he sticks around for awhile, if only to keep me entertained.

* I've been largely opposed to them bringing in a famous player (caveat: unless the entire cast was of famous folks), so I wasn't too thrilled with Jimmy Johnson (who aged 10 years in the past two - or, more likely, just looks older without the benefit of makeup) being cast. However, I must say that I loved the attitude he brought to the table. Unlike the paranoid players in the game who think his "I won't win" speech is all a part of some strategy (c'mon, really?), I really believe he's just there to test himself and have a good time, and despite being exhausted, he appears to be doing just that.

* I felt really bad for the goat rancher that got sent home - she seemed like a nice lady and all that - but seriously, you can only shoot yourself in the foot so many times before it starts to bleed.

* Not one but two sad stories in the opening episode? Between the amputee and the recently-widowed, I didn't know who to feel worse for. That widow/dog trainer lady sure is a character, though, no?

* I don't know his name yet, but the older black guy that was at Tribal...I haven't seen eyebrow magic like that since The Rock.

* That North Dakotan swim coach has to stick around - she's gonna drive my mom crazy with her Marge Gunderson accent.

* A swim coach in North Dakota? That sounds like either a really secure job or one in constant danger of being eliminated. How many swim coaches would you say there are combined in the Dakotas? Over/under 20?

* Seriously, WTF, Survivor? You got something against people in their 30s? "People 40 and over, go right, people under 30, go left." I smell a discrimination lawsuit.

* Medallion. of. Power. Well, at least Exile Island is gone.

Until next time...

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Nick said...

Exile Island is gone... as far as we know so far :P .

I noticed that, too, about the 30s bit. Maybe they meant 39 and under?

You know I love when goofballs/idiots play, so I'm rooting for Fabio at the moment.

It's interesting that they got both a former coach and a former cheerleader for the Miami Dolphins.

Robb said...

Fletch -

I'm back in the country and will be following along with you this season, so don't stop writing! Just finished a marathon of Heroes vs Villains, which was awesome (even if my girl Parv didn't clinch it.)

I'm a little terrified of the Medallion of Power. It seems...desperate. I'm all for twists, but don't fix what ain't broke. The girls finding an idol clue totally randomly seemed...random. And did no one from the old team find one?

After an all-star season, it is tough to adjust back to getting to know strangers again, which always takes a few episodes. I think Fabio could be entertaining (stupid, but endearing at the same time) and I love the lady who started the fire. I can never understand how you could go on Survivor and NOT know how to start a fire, and yet most of them can't, so kudos to her for reminding everyone else how pathetic they are.

Fletch said...

Nick - Jeff would never make a mistake. I'm not gonna check all their ages, but I'm assuming he's right. That and they probably wanted a significant gap in the players' ages.

Robb - Great! I was wondering if you were still a watcher.

The MOP doesn't seem too desperate to me - the twist itself is pretty good and will lead to some decent strategizing...it's just that name.

Yeah, the fire-starting lady ought to be great, and good on her for calling everyone else out. The other people that kill me are the ones that claim to not be able to swim. Um...learn to, idiots. It ain't that hard. An adult could pick it up in a day.