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Mar 24, 2010

Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains Episode 6 Recap/Live Blog

I'm pretty sure that Kid Vegas knew that Survivor was on tonight rather than its usual Thursday spot and is waiting to post the recap from last night's LOST episode just to that he can steal my thunder and post his TV show recap after mine. Well, that or he's just being a lazy ass. (Or maybe he's just busy. It's all speculation with K.V.)

Anyway, Survivor's back after a two week hiatus (and the live blog's three week hiatus)! Do you remember what happened? I'll attempt to be your guide through yet another episode.

6:58: Wow - 15 left? Seems like there should be fewer.

6:59: "Jeez, Candance - stop being so quiet and invisible. It's damned annoying!" In other words, I don't get the Candace hate; if anything, she's the most boring player out there not named Danielle. What's there to latch on to and dislike?

7:06: Why is James allowed to have a brace? I understand them not wanting to kick him out of the game, and I'm fine with that. Getting medical care is iffy in terms of the sportsmanship and spirit of the game, but I can even get over that. But "3rd-party" medical objects that the players are able to keep beyond the scope of their immediate injury? Seems unfair to the uninjured.

7:07: Jeff is saying a lot about this immunity challenge, but all I'm hearing is "we rigged this challenge to ensure my good buddy Colby's place in the game." Not that I really have a problem with that.

7:10: Well, so much for Colby's escape from being voted off.

7:12: Some creative editing there with the Villains turn at the challenge, as they attempted to make it seem a lot closer than it was. Jeff's play-by-play made it sounds as though Tyson, Coach and/or Russ were right behind Rob, but the video wasn't matching the audio at all. Didn't look even close.

7:15: I saw a post from Jeff/Survivor on Facebook earlier today talking about what an epic Tribal Council(s) this was going to be, and I guess I can see why - it has to be! There's 45 minutes left in the show. I know there'll be scrambling on both sides, but we know Colby is pretty much out (it would take a miracle). I guess there'll be drama on the Villains side, but I guess what I'm saying is...I don't know, I have no point. I just like two challenges per show.

7:18: So, who else has bought their tickets to J-Lo's new movie, The Back-Up Plan? I gotta say, I'm excited!

7:19: A bit of hubris from Rob...I hope it doesn't come back to bite him in the ass.

7:20: So what is Russell's plan, exactly? He has the Hidden Immunity Idol, but is choosing to give it away...for what reason? Color me confused.

7:32: Mrs. Fletch and I had hot dogs (from Costco!) for dinner tonight. Just thought that you'd like to know that we eat like Survivors! I might even have a banana later to feel more James-ish.

7:33: Oh, and I feel like I should tell you that Tyson appeared in a dream of Mrs. Fletch's a few days ago. I'll let her explain it to you sometime.

7:34: Speaking of Tyson, he's one of the few names up for ousting tonight from the Villains tribe, along with Russell and Parvati. You might think that Russ's head is the one that's really on the chopping block, but the man has proven to be too smart for such an early exit, no matter the circumstances. Time to vote...

7:36: Sandra: not a fan of mincing words, apparently.

7:37: A commercial in the middle of Tribal Council? You bastards.

7:42: So Russ gives it up to Parvati. What if she didn't want to play it? Either way, I can't effing believe that he put his neck out on the line when we all know he coulda played it, then just found it again.

7:43: Wow...and that's why I'm not playing and Russell is. What a goddamned genius. An all-time moment in the game's history. Even better yet, I don't like Tyson, so I'm thrilled to see him go. And "he's still pretty awesome," as he'll tell you.

7:44: And, no surprise, Rob does not look pleased. The good news for us is that the Villains have to sit there and seethe and/or gloat amongst themselves in silence while watching the Heroes' council. Good stuff.

7:47: Also no surprise - Amanda looks like she's about to cry again. Though at least she's not to blame this time - the rain is coming down pretty hard on them. But christ, I swear that girl always looks like she just got finished chopping a bunch of onions.

7:49: Colby sounds 100% defeated. Underperforming or not, to just sit there and be called a lazy fat ass (I'm paraphrasing) and not put up a fight at all, either to stay in the game or just protect your pride? Go home, dude.

7:51: I call shenanigans. Aside from the one bit of doubt instilled by J.T. earlier on in the show (and post- the J.T./James race), we were given almost no indication that they would actually follow through with voting off James. Is it just me? I got blindsided there! Colby got blindsided there! Amanda was in tears (okay, that's not shocking at all). J.T. appeared to be in tears. What the hell just happened?

ETA: I can't believe this, but amidst all of the craziness of the two-person-ouster, I neglected to post my Official Question Requests for Travis' interviews with the castoffs and had to be reminded by the man himself. This is what happens when I go three weeks without a Survivor post. Anyway, here they be:

For Tyson: Were you raised in Europe or something? What's with the kissing? Continue being "awesome" at Ponderosa, buddy.

For James: Do your biceps measure larger than your thigh muscles? 'Cause it sure looks that way.

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Nick said...

Do NOT read the following until you finish the episode (big spoilers):

- I... LOVE... Russell. He's a freakin' genius, and Boston Rob has no idea who he's messing with.

- I loved James tonight, too... the whole Banana Etiquette thing.

Really... that's about it. Kinda shocked that Danielle seemed to flip her vote for no apparent reason.

TJMAC510 said...

Yeah a good episode overall.

=( you didn't have a survivor question for either of them...oh well I'll think of something.

Fletch said...

Nick - first, thanks for the spoilerization. If the reading pane on my Yahoo account was any bigger, it might've been spoiler, but thankfully, it was not.

Anyway, yea, Russ was tremendous. Big, big, big risk, but it worked, so you gotta hand it to him.

James alternated between dickishness and his usual blunt-yet-hilarious self. Pretty good overall.

Danielle flipped her vote? Huh? Tyson did, hence his ouster. He went against the plan.

Travis - oh my garsh, I totally spaced! I shall edit the post and add my questions to it. A horrible mistake.

Nick said...

Yeah. Danielle voted first, and it showed her write down "Tyson." I'm pretty sure she was in Boston Rob's alliance. And I know I'm not crazy, because my mom saw it, too.

Nick said...

Also... sorry for the spoiler, but now that you're 2 hours behind me, I couldn't wait to show my excitement. Also, I tried to give enough space between the warning and the actual post to help avoid it.

Fletch said...

Danielle was with Russ and Parvati the whole time - that's why she voted Tyson.

Fletch said...

No, no problem at all - you did good with the spoiler.

Fnord said...

Best Episode EVER! Russell is my hero!

JacksSmirkingRevenge said...

Even if he goes home next week, Russell is the GREATEST player in the history of this show.

What a badass!

Prince Bollywood Movie said...

Hi, I enjoyed reading the entire episode. It is nice to be here reading nice entertaining news. I really loved Russel because he is great and too intelligent, I believe.
Thanks and keep posting more please.

Kano said...

Russell constantly looks as though his head is spinning as other players continually try to get one over on him. But, for some reason he is always calm and collective and makes the most brilliant decision.

How would he know to tell just Tyson that he was defeated and would be voting for Parvati? With that simple move it swung the numbers in his favor.

The whole speech he gave when giving the idol to Parvati also may have swayed Coach. The hole noble thing is right up Coach's ally.

Unbelievable tribal council. I knew one was coming and thought either Russ or Rob was heading home - but when Ron won immunity I was not sure what would happen.

Happy James is out though, only for the reason of being injured. It is stupid to keep someone around that cannot do anything to help in challenges. They finally wised up.

Kano said...

Wow - misspelled words all over in that post. WHOLE (instead of hole) and ROB (instead of Ron). Sorry, that had to be fixed.

Fletch said...

Fnord, JSR - too many eps seen (and forgotten) for me to declare this the best, but it's definitely up there. Russ's call reminds me of Bill Belichick's 4th and 2 call vs. the Colts last year - had it backfired, we would be BLASTING the shit outta him for giving away his idol and getting tossed, but since it worked out, he's a genius and cements his "one of the best to play the game" status.

Prince Bollywood Movies - your spam comments are amongst my favorite, because they do such a great job of tying back to the original post. You have very smart programmers.

Kano - well, Coach had said previously that he wouldn't vote for Russell, and he held true to that. Tyson alone is to blame for not only going home, but possibly busting up his alliance. If Coach truly flops, he'll join Russ, Parv and Danielle against Rob, Sandra, Jerri and anyone else I feel like I'm forgetting.