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Jan 20, 2010

My turn to be Cree8v

I got some Kreativ Blogger awards - go me! Problem is, I don't get the Kreativ Blogger award. First of all, it's not been spawned by one originating site (that I'm aware of) that demands you to link back to it - what's the point of a meme if it doesn't create a massive link trail to the person that dreamed it up (you know, like the Alphabet Meme)? I'm just a simple cavemen - your apparently selfless and kind ways frighten and confuse me. Also confusing me is the "logo" for the Kreativ Blogger award; I suppose it's meant to be ironical a la the HI-larious spelling of the word "creative," but it looks like a patchwork, scrap-booking nightmare. I'm just a young, straight male - your elderly woman-loving logo frightens and confuses me.

Anyway, my appreciation goes out to Blake from Bitchin' Film Reviews, Steve from The Cynical Blog aka The Film Cynics (who awarded Blog Cabins) and Darren of the m0vie blog (who awarded the LAMB) for their gift to me. If anyone else gave it to me and I was too crappy to notice, thanks to you as well.

Here are the rules that come along with it:

1. Thank the person who nominated you for this award. -
2. Copy the logo and place it on your blog. -
3. Link to the person who nominated you for this award. -
4. Name 7 things about yourself that people might find interesting. - see below
5. Nominate 7 Kreativ Bloggers. - see below
6. Post links to the 7 blogs you nominate. - yeah, I'll do that when I nominate them
7. Leave a comment on each of the blogs letting them know they have been nominated - no problemo

Seven Wildly Interesting Things You May or May Not Already Know About Me
I more or less already did this over a year ago, so I suppose I'll have to come up with seven new things. Christ, how interesting am I supposed to be?

1. I've set foot (or tire tread, at the least) in at least 38 states, thanks largely to two loooong driving trips my parents took us on when I was a child (San Jose to Washington, D.C., San Jose to Disneyworld). I've also spent time in a whopping five countries (USA, Canada, Mexico, France, Spain).

2. I go to a pub quiz every Tuesday. Our team name is boring (Bloody Hell - it had that name before Mrs. Fletch and I "joined"), though our results are usually not (we finish somewhere between 3rd and 5th 80% of the time, out of ~20 teams).

3. Mrs. Fletch is seven years and ten months my senior.

4. I am the youngest of four children and due to the state in which I started school and my birth month, almost always one of the youngest in my class. These tidbits may or may not be related to #3.

5. We have five pets: two cats (Franklin, Roo) and three dogs (rottweiler mix Bailey and pugs Scooter and Ted, our latest edition). We got Ted in November '08 when he was a year old; we discovered after having him for a few days that he was deaf. No one knew this (or at least shared it with us). He also had severe hip dysplasia in both hips. Ted now knows many hand signs and can run and jump like most any other pup.

6. My favorite author is Chuck Klosterman.

7. I am fluent in over six million forms of communication and can speak bocce.

Seven Kreativ Bloggers That May or May Not Have Already Earned This Award
I tried hard to think about the word "creative" and how it might apply to my movie blogging buddies (what? there are other types of blogs out there?). I'd love to grant this honor to every site in my feed reader, but them's the breaks. These are the sites who go beyond great writing to come up with stuff that I get jealous about. To use a pointless movie reference, they make me want to be a better blogger.

1. He Shot Cyrus - Scott's site has run into a patch of inactivity as of late (last post: Dec. 7), but when I think of creative bloggers, and ones in which I often smite for coming up with articles/features that I wish I had thought of first, it's near the top.

2. when is evil cool? - Yes, it's true - wiec? have me an award recently as well (the One Lovely Blog award, which has just as bad a logo image as the Kreativ one does - who makes these things?), but that's not why he's getting this one. His site bleeds creativity from every pore. He claims that he's from the "boring part of Brooklyn," but I'd think someone with this much passion and this many interests would surely liven up the joint.

3. Invasion of the B Movies - You all ought to know and love Jason, even if you might love savor the B flicks like he does. He's always trying something new and just started up a podcast of his own (and has made a short film of his own, too - ask him for details).

4. No Smoking in the Skull Cave - Becca's been mighty busy as of late, which has already produced a downturn in her blog's output, but that's probably a direct correlation to her creativity (she's an artist), so I think it can be more than forgiven. Bonus/warning: her site is NSFW.

5. Random Ramblings of a Demented Doorknob - I've gotta give some love to the Commander Riker to my Picard (geeks), the VP to my POTL (President of the LAMB). Nick's R2D2 covers it all, from books to TV to film, and even delves pretty deeply into his own trials and tribulations as an English teacher. And guess what - he just made his own short film, too. Head over to his site and check it out (I need to as well...).

6. The Dark of the Matinee - The whole naming each post using a song's title had me smitten when the Hatter's site first arrived on the scene. It has yet to get old, and he's even continued the trend on his podcast, giving segments such names as "New Slang" and kicking off the 'cast with "Welcome to Wherever You Are," though I had to chide him for using an album name and not a song in that case. And oh yeah, the blog covers it all, from awards coverage to lists to link love for his fellow bloggers. Become one of his six seven eight fans.

7. Nic Cage as Everyone - I can't tell you how much this site pisses me off. It is so goddamned brilliant that it makes me seethe. Every time I think about it, a rush of emotions, um, rush through me. This is what I want to do - come up with a brilliantly simple, meme-ish site upon where the vast thousands of others send me their inspirations. NCAE currently has 273 posts in January alone, and yet how many of the creations were those of the site's author? Throw in the fact that the subject is Cage (it could really be any number of people and still work) and it just makes me love/hate it all that much more.

My obligation is complete. Or at least, it will be once I leave that comment on all my honorees' sites. Thanks again to Blake, Steve, and Darren.

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Univarn said...

As I was told Kreativ is german for the word Creative so there is that. As for who made, or was the origin of it, I'm not sure anyone knows, mostly myths. Nice to see these passed along though, I don't think you can ever pass up the opportunity to congratulate, and show your appreciation, for fellow bloggers :).

Of course I think this is the 5000th time Mad's gotten one of these (just goes to show how great of a blogger he is).

Heather said...

Thanks for Nic Cage As Everyone. I'm going to spend entirely too much time on this site. It is utterly brilliant.

And congratulations to you as well.

Anonymous said...

As far as I'm aware, the original was hand-stitched...


Oh... there's that link back!

The Mad Hatter said...

Nine! My preist listens to it now...though I took your advice and let the self-depricating joke die with episode four.

Thanks a million for this man. I've had a really rough few weeks at the day job, so moments of encouragement like this for my alter ego have really been a shot in the arm.

(Psst...I alternate between song titles and album titles...today's post for instance is a Wilco live LP :)

wiec? said...

thanks for the kudos Fletch!

and to explain "i live in the boring part of Brooklyn", it's not boring because of me (i'm awesome), it's boring because we don't have a movie theatre nearby, a Best Buy to shop at, nice bars to have a drink in, good pizza, ... nothing. it's like i live in the Amish section of Brooklyn.

and this particular award image reminds me of the table cloths in my sister's old Barbie Dream House. not a bad thing, just observing.

Who Is Tim Burton? said...

Bonjour! Fletch,

Félicitation! on receiving the Kreativ award.

Fletch said, "Seven Wildly Interesting Things You May or May Not Already Know About Me..."

Hmm...Interesting, I wasn't aware of any of those facts about you the Misses and your family.
Merci de partager...

... Fletch said, "We have five pets: two cats (Franklin, Roo) and three dogs (rottweiler mix Bailey and pugs Scooter and Ted, our latest edition). We got Ted in November '08 when he was a year old; we discovered after having him for a few days that he was deaf..."

Hi! Ted, keep well!... What? No panda bear?!?
Go figure?!?

Once again,
DeeDee ;-D

Film Gurl said...

I just heard of this award too! I'll be sure to check out the sites mentioned. Good info, thanks for sharing!

Fletch said...

Univarn and Darren - thanks for the background info. I think. I might be even more scared now with the knowledge that someone hand-stitched something that says "Kreativ Blogger" on it. Wacky Scandinavians.

Heather - yes, NCAE certainly is brilliant. Here's hoping they keep it going for some time - they've really come out of nowhere to become quite loved in a short amount of time.

And thanks!

Hatter - good call. ;) Congrats on the priest - no pressure now. As for the album titles - duly noted. I swear it was only songs for the longest time.

wiec? - That stinks, but help me out here - I know New Yorkers think that nothing exists beyond their own 2-block radius, but how big can "your part" of the Bronx even be? How big is the Bronx in general? I work 20 miles from my house, for comparison's sake (I know that's not terribly far, but considering all of Manhattan is like 8 miles long, it warrants mentioning).

DeeDee - no, I'm afraid we're just about maxed out for now. Though the Mrs. is constantly pressuring for more...

Buffett35 said...

It sounds like the blog version of a chain letter. Were you promised good health for you and your family after nominating 7 more bloggers? Congrats anyway. Oh, and you confused Brooklyn with the Bronx up there... you could get whacked for that.

Fletch said...

Buffett35 - It's less a chain letter than navel gazing. A way to (in a roundabout way) pat ourselves on the back. But it's all in good fun, and there are no consequences for not participating.

You know, I thought for a second that it was supposed to be Brooklyn, but then psshawed it off without checking. Oopsie.

THN said...

Seven years your senior? I am not sure that I ever knew that. Maybe we could double with Mrs. THN, and then we would match up age-wise. Though I am nine years her senior.

wiec? said...

Bronx. Brooklyn. honest mistake. no need for any wacking.

Brooklyn is a borough of NYC but Brooklyn is also the 4th biggest city in these United States. much bigger than the isle of Manhattan. Brooklyn is also spread out and less densely packed with people and buildings than NYC. It has it's busy parts (Downtown Brooklyn) and it's trendy spots (Williamsburg Brooklyn) and it's super rich sections and it's super poor sections. I live in the Kensington section of Brooklyn which is none of those things. it's not bad or anything it's just boring sometimes and in desperate need of a good pizza spot.

Fletch said...

THN - I'm not sure it's ever come up. A double-date sounds like a plan. ;) We'll come watch one of your shows, though you said Mrs. THN doesn't even go anymore, so she'd have to make an exception.

wiec? - Thanks much for the geography lesson. Prompted me to go to Wiki and edumacate myself even more on the 5 boroughs. Living out West, I can't say I've ever had much reason to know much about them beyond their names. Like many other ignorant folks (I hope), I've always thought it was mostly just Manhattan and some smaller areas; to be honest, I thought at least one or two of them were a part of Manhattan (I know, that's dumb). And I certainly thought a vast majority of the population was there. D'oh!

Been to NYC once, but only spent time of Long Island and Manhattan.