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Nov 18, 2008

Intermission - get to know your Fletch

That alphabet thingy has brought a bit of a spike in visitors lately, and though they (you?) are most likely reading that particular post and that one only, I thought now might be a good time to tell you a little bit about myself....things that are just off the beaten (movie) path. Also, I've had this post in draft for months waiting for a good time to put it now - now seems pretty good to me.

* I'm left-handed. I do just about everything left-handed, save for cutting meat and mousing.

* I'm a Libra (October 16).

* I'm flat-footed.

* I'm near-sighted. I can't even think about getting contacts or lasik or anything like that; I have eye issues so bad that I can barely put drops in. The Ludovico scene from A Clockwork Orange = my personal hell.

* I can move my ears. It's wiggity wild. I can also do that "tongue U-shape" thing. That's not so wild.

* The last time I played football, it was with flags and friends. However, I do enjoy golf, tennis, bowling, and softball. I'd say basketball, but I haven't played in years, and the last time I did, I dislocated a finger, and it never healed right. Yeah, I'm bitter.

* I was named for a folk singer formerly known as Robert Zimmerman.

* Those who can, do. Those who can't - wait a sec. I've made a film. Oh yeah. It was for a college course. Two minutes long. Silent. Filmed on a Hi-8 (Super 8? I can't recall). Starred my dad, with my mom and I as co-stars. 'Twas titled Jack the Car and featured a brilliant comedic performance by my dad as a guy that gets...car-jacked (by me). It was set to the song "Stink" by John Lurie (from the Get Shorty soundtrack) and won "Best Comedy" according to my peers, er, classmates. Eventually, I'll make something else.

Alright - back to the show. Reviews resume Wednesday.

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Farzan said...

Good info Fletch, never knew you were flat-footed

William Daniels said...


This is Bill from the UCafe trying to be a more sociable blogger these days. I was in a blogging vacuum for a long time and well, it is time to just come out of my shell before I turn into the Emily Dickinson of bloggers. This is my first shout on your blog and usually you have so many comments... haha... I don't want to be #18... a man thing. I check out your site often enough that I can say hi. Hi.


Anders said...

Ah you are also one of those blessed with being left handed.
Do people flip out when they realise you mouse with your right hand? They do when I do....can't rap their head around it.

Rachel said...

I have an eye phobia too! It took me forever before I would wear eye makeup and eye drops are a huge no-no, as well as contacts.

And the really ironic part? My husband is going into ophthalmology when he officially beocmes an M.D. The first time he told me about his paper-clip-to-the-eye injury in full graphic detail, I almost broke up with him.

Fletch said...

Farzan - if you did already know that I was flat-footed, I would probably be really freaked out right now. :)

Hey Bill! China letting you out of the box? Good to see you!

Anders - not really on the flipping out thing. I think there are a lot of lefties like us that mouse right-handed. It's just what you accept as the norm early on and get used to. Same reason I don't drive stick left-handed. ;)

Rachel - that's hilarious. You two could be in a sitcom. I picture him coming home and telling you awful stories after work in a few years. I'm the worst with drops - Mrs. Fletch practically has to strap me down, and even then I'm wriggling around. It also freaks me out when people touch their eyes (directly) for more than a second. Ewww.

Rachel said...

We've actually struck up a deal: he won't go into detail about work and I won't poison his dinners.

elgringo said...

Fletch, please tell me your real name is "Zimmerman."

Stacia said...

Hello fellow Libra! October 15th for me. October is the best month ever. All the other months? Wicked jealous.