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Nov 12, 2009

Survivor: Samoa Episode 9 Recap/Live Blog

No, I have not gotten over the loss of the Tree Cave Hole since last week. Regardless, I will soldier on.

7:00: The Foa Foa Four? I wonder if they were ever in league with the Seattle Seven...

7:01: Is it possible that the episode will play out exactly as Laura mentioned, that "Russell will be voted out next?" Despite the obviousness of it, or more like because of it, I just can't imagine it playing out that way. The savvy CBS producers will rig the immunity challenge to favor a Santa-bellied Southern oil man, I'm sure of it. That or they'll inject another player will some illness to force them out of the game. Yeah, we'll go with that theory.

7:06: Poor little rat. All that drama for 3 oz. of food? They should have captured it and fed it food to plump it up to at least chihuahua size. Then they each might've gotten a bite or two.

7:11: These are some of the worst runners I've ever seen. I mean, just awkwardness all around, save for perhaps John and Mick. Jaison and Russell running next to each other...wow, I think I could watch that all day.

7:19: Hi, Kelly. Nice to meet you. Welcome to the game of Survivor.

7:20: Here's your top secret reward clue for the re-hidden immunity idol: there is an immunity idol somewhere at your camp. You know, just like there was last time. And it's hidden, just like it always is. Your clue is information that you'd be a dolt for not knowing in the first place. Congratulations!

7:22: Will Russell find a second idol without a single clue?

7:22: Of course, just as I'm typing that, he finds it. What a f*cking awesome son of a b*tch! (Sorry, but that was just awesome.) What the hell is wrong with all of the other players in this game? Remember how I (jokingly) called the producers of the show savvy? I take it back, I take it all back. They are now idiots for having not thought as intelligently as one of their own players. There's only one of him and god knows how many people working behind the scenes with input on such matters, and yet this one player knows how predictable they will be and finds a 2nd idol sans clues. Sharpen up, people!

7:26: Damn it all - I have to backtrack yet again. Russell's an idiot. I disagree 100% with his strategy of telling someone about his find. You know they all want to vote you off at the next tribal - why not truly blindside the other players in the game and let them vote for you like they planned.

7:27: Making matters worse, the above scenario I just mapped out is Russell's plan. Newflash: you didn't need to tell anyone anything to incentivize them to vote you out, dummy. Now there's the possibility that she turns on you, tells anyone, and all of a sudden you're potentially playing another idol for nothing.

7:30: My anger at Russ on his plan notwithstanding, of course I am really pulling for him to win this Immunity Challenge. That would be nothing short of beautiful.

7:32: Sheeeeeeiiiiiiitttt. Too busy smirking to pull your bag back in time, and now you're out of the challenge. Nice going, Russ.

7:36: Channeling Indiana Jones: Laura? Why did it have to be Laura? C'mon, Jacque.

7:36: Then again, Laura's confidence that Russell will be going home almost made it worth it. Not quite, but almost. Though it really would have been great to have seen her go home.

7:40: There goes Russell again, now telling Jaison about his find! "The idea is to surprise them with it," tells us about Russ's plan. That's gonna be pretty damn hard when they all know about it. How many other people know now - four? What are the odds that Jaison, Natalie, Mick and Shambo allll keep their mouths shut?

7:43: "That's not rocket science," says John. Haha. Nice one, Mr. Rocket Scientist.

7:45: Russell doesn't want to play his idol and not need it, but he also doesn't want to not play it and then need it. Screw your doubts about whether or not they might be writing your name down, son - better to go with the latter scenario than the former, no? Besides, what's to stop you from finding it again?

7:47: I have decided that I shall deem Mick "Steve Young" and Erik is now "Dave Matthews." Just thought you should know that. Not that there's a tribal council going on right now or anything.

7:49: Really, all that banter was much ado about nothing. "Galu is tight, Foa Foa is helpless, Erik was a snake." Been there, done that.

7:50: Good for you, Russell!!! Played it after all.

7:51: Yes! They voted for him, to boot. This is gonna be great.

7:52: Excellent...with a Shambo flop, it becomes a 5-5 game in terms of alliances. The entire drama remaining in the season hinges upon that flop. Meanwhile, Jaison, Mick, and Natalie need to start worshipping the ground Russ walks on. Finally, I can't wait to see all 10 players running around camp like chickens sans heads looking for the soon-to-be-rehidden (again) idol. Expect it to be floating in the air some 100 feet high where no one will find it; it would be embarrassing if any of the players found it with any ease whatsoever.

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Nick said...

Alluded spoiler follows (wait until you finish the episode to read this):

Russell has officially gone from my favorite player of the season to possibly one of my all-time favorite survivors.

Nick said...

Oh, and I saw Russell's plan as more genius than you did, I guess. I had no problem with him telling the others about it. It was either that or 1) risk them flopping to Galu to stay in the game longer or 2) have mixed votes and end up losing one of their own. I think uniting them through the one use of the hidden idol was a very smart move. It's not like he was wanting to keep it hidden long.

And part of me thinks he purposefully threw the immunity challenge so he could pull the blindside. If he won immunity, they would vote off another one of Foa Foa, and he wouldn't know who to give the idol to. As long as he didn't have immunity, he knew they would aim for him.

JacksSmirkingRevenge said...

Jaison on Russell: "I'm beginning to love that guy."
My sentiments exactly sir. What a Bad@ss!

Anonymous said...

man that was a great episode, Russ rules, and of course their stupid immunity idol hide is wicked predictable (as I stated the first time around) but at least it worked out for the best this time, the Shambo flip next episode should be interesting...

Also good god Laura is freaky looking, and how come the Dctor couldn't figure out that shape game, i mean isn't that a toy for like 5 year olds??


Fletch said...

Nick - yes, I've become a convert, a flip-flopper, to the church of Russell as well. Aside from being the only player there, he's been pretty damn funny to boot.

I think he risked more by talking than by not talking, especially if he was gonna play it regardless.

I've heard two people now claim that he possibly threw the challenge. I don't buy it. I'd like to think that he's playing 8 steps ahead of everyone and all that, but he's worried more about self-preservation than anything, and two immunities is better than one.

Gay - well, doctors are also incapable of writing legibly, so maybe it's the simple things in life that they're retarded about.