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Nov 5, 2009

Survivor: Samoa Episode 8 Recap/Live Blog

I don't know if it's just because I've had a busy week, but it feels like it's been two weeks since the last episode. Thankfully, it hasn't; it's just my memory that's going.

7:02: Russell is sleeping with his shoe acting as a pillow. Don't even let anyone tell you that Survivor is phony. If I never have to use my shoe as a pillow it will be too soon.

7:06: Laura (and her bolt-ons) is almost pretty, but there's something very skelton-y or something about her. And I find her really annoying. I know, this is the kind of insight you've come for here on the Survivor live blog. What can I say - we all know there's a merge happening; until a challenge or the merge actually happens, there's only so much of the Shambo-Laura Snip Fest that I can take.

7:07: Erik in his Tree Cave Hole! Take a shot!

7:09: Uh-oh, Jeff got his job outsourced once again. In other (totally unsurprising) news, the tribes have now merged. Let the show (and maybe strategy?!?) begin. Finally, now we might be able to learn about the members of Galu (or was it Foa Foa?).

7:11: As usual, Russell is the only one we hear talking about strategy post-merge. Shhhhhhhocking.

7:12: Before I forget, I'd like to remind you all to head to your local theaters this weekend and support Danger Dave's new movie, The Men Who Stare at Goats. Dave co-stars in this zany comedy with George Clooney, Jeff Bridges, and Ewan McGregor. A great time to be had for the entire family!

7:15: Time for a Brett Facial Hair Status Update! It is currently rated as "Not Quite Equal to a Hispanic Ten-Year Old." Congrats, Brett! In no time, you'll be upgraded to "Chin Pubes."

7:17: Aiga? Did I miss the new tribe naming? Where was the team-building exercise?

7:18: As it turns out, I totally missed it. I tell you, typing while watching might not be the best way to experience Survivor.

7:18: Oh...SaaaNAP! Did Laura just have the gall to not kiss Russell's ring? Consider her D-U-N in this little game. Turns out Laura might not be so dumb, letting Russ know that, contrary to his beliefs, he does not in fact hold any cards, trying to win at poker with a busted straight. Lucky for him, the "rocket scientist" and Monica aren't exactly brainiacs, as it seems as though they've bought his act hook, line and sinker. I have to say, I hope Russ's plan works, and not just because he's targeting Laura (though that ain't hurting).

7:25: I'm starting to get suspicious: either Russell is gonna succeed at whatever his plan is, or he's going home. The ENTIRE show has been about him thus far. I know he's interesting (compared to some of these stick figures) and all that, but c'mon, there are plenty of folks out there that we barely know. This is too much.

7:28: The players only get one swing in this Tee Ball Challenge? Weak. A strange bat, a foreign ball, a small course that is easily hit out of - give 'em three swings each, let 'em get a feel for the field, huh?

7:31: Nice to see that the ball is made of that most natural of island materials: painter's tape.

7:33: Russell's attempted marks - John and Laura - each win immunity. I must say, I'm disappointed - probably my two least favorite people there. Will this spell doom for the millionaire (snake) oilman?

7:40: Watch out, contestants - there's a new sheriff in town, and his name in Erik. There's some crazy scrambling going on at Chez Aiga tonight, as members of both former tribes have their heads all over the damn place trying to determine their battle plans for the next several tribal councils. John convinced Erik of his plan to flush Russell's idol out in order to go Monica >> Russell. Jaison (and much of the former) is now desperate to get Erik out of the game. Russell is clueless as to what's going on. Good God, man - we've got some strategizing going on! The only real downside? All this talk about/from Erik, and no sight of the Tree Cave Hole thing. My emotions are all over the place.

7:47: Erik might be being an ass (and sabotaging his own place in the game), but he's dead right about Jaison: he hasn't done a damn thing in this game. Success in the real world doesn't mean a goddamn thing in Survivor, friends - just ask the doctors and lawyers and former NFL quarterbacks that have been ousted solely because of their positions in life. Jaison's been mostly useless, and at this point, I can't say that I'd be sad to see him go. As for Erik - what with Russell's hero turn over the last several weeks, we could use a new villain (and of course, I need my Tree Cave Hole, but you already knew that).

7:50: This is easily the most exciting vote in years, and that includes final episodes. Okay, maybe that's slight hyperbole. But it's good, anyway.

7:52: Good for Russell. I think playing his hidden idol was a smart choice, and I think he'll be fine long-term in the game.

7:53: Ok, maybe playing the idol wasn't wise. And then again, maybe he won't be alright - he obviously hadn't a clue as to what was about to go down. Not a single vote for Russ thus far.

7:55: Meantime, Erik and my beloved TCH are gone! He's been BAMBOOZLED!

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7 people have chosen wisely: on "Survivor: Samoa Episode 8 Recap/Live Blog"

Nick said...

In this episode, Russell went from "possibly one of my favorites" of the season to "my favorite of the season." It sucked that Laura got immunity, because that would have been one awesome strategy had it worked. And now that people are actually, you know, starting to like Russell, it looks like he could be in danger next week. Blast it all!

You know who that leaves us with? ShamWow. And when she's the most interesting person left, that's saying something.

Fletch said...

Agreed on the first part. As for ShamWow being most interesting...I still can't join you there. Much as I dislike Laura, Sham comes off as condescending and kinda dumb when she attempts to act leaderly. It's not becoming on her.

If Russell were to go, I have no idea who I'd root for, though. John, possibly??

Robb said...

This was by far the best episode of the season. Maybe we should merge a lot earlier, but I was loving all that scrambling. I agree with all counts about Eric's tree hole, but watching arrogant bastards get blindsided is one of the most satisfying parts about Survivor. Simply delicious.

Russ has been making huge gambles all along, and only time will tell whether it backfires on him or not (the previews make it seem like it might), but wouldn't it be great if everyone played like him? Doubt I'd ever invite him to dinner, but I can't shake the feeling that this season would have been a total wash so far without him.

Anonymous said...

Russ had to play his immunity idol, everyone knew he had it, and he wants to keep their trust.

The Rocket Scientist seems like he is the only one who has any idea whats going on, or any idea that 8 is a lot more than 4. It was a good time to add him to the island as a supporting character.


Nick said...

Fletch: By 'interesting' I meant personality. I really don't care about any of the girls because I don't know much of anything about them. And the majority of the guys are the same way... with the exception of Russell, Dave, and Jaison, they even *look* similar.

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Fletch said...

Robb - "I can't shake the feeling that this season would have been a total wash so far without him."

Seems like that's been happening every season for the least 4 or 5, no? We get one interesting player that also happens to be an asshole (Randy?) and 15 bores. I feel the same way.

Gay - Russ playing his idol had zero to do with gaining trust and everything to do with self-preservation. For the first time, he was scared.

Yeah, the Rocket Boy actually said 15 intelligent words in this ep...more words than we've probably heard from him in the previous 6 eps.