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Oct 15, 2009

Survivor: Samoa Episode 5 Recap/Live Blog

7:01: Isn't the voting supposed to be secret? How come everyone knows who the loner is when one person is the only one to vote against the rest of the tribe? Why do they even bother with the supposedly closed ballot voting? Why not just do it as a formal, spoken part of Tribal Council? I know Jeff would love that...

7:07: Finally! The Eat Nasty Food Challenge! It feels like forever since we've had one of these; I'd given up hope that we'd ever see one again. By the way, when I get on Survivor and they have this challenge, I will lose. The only way I might not is if we've been there for 30-something days and I'm friggin' starving, and even then, if a spider made its way onto the menu, I'd be out of sight. Yes, I'm a pansy when it comes to bugs - sue me.

7:09: Is it just me, or does (Bad) Russell's head look freshly shaved? And that reminded me, whatever happened to the players' luxury items? I haven't heard a peep about a luxury item in years.

7:11: Adding a blender to the equation is way too kind. Takes away the mental aspect of having to look at a nasty ass bug - especially one that's alive.

7:17: Yeah...I have no words for this, aside from the random "Oh!! That's just wrong!" and "Gross!"

7:18: So, after drinking 3/4 of her Sea Slug Guts Slushie, Ashley quits? Nice job killing your tribe after all that.

7:20: Shambo bitches and moans after being sent to the other tribe post-challenge. Gimme a break - aren't you the same person talking about how much you love the other tribe and yada yada yada? (Wo)Man up and deal with the fate that you've been dealt.

7:23: "I'm so happy you're out here, my Bleach Blonde Friend."

"I'm so happy you're out here, too, Bleach Blonde Friend! Let's call each other BBFs!"

"Yeah! You're my favoritest BBF ever!"

I don't even know the one that's not Ashley's name, but I can't say that I care all that much.

7:25: (Good) Russell has quickly transformed himself into (God) Russell, which has turned even faster into (Assface) Russell. I'm ready for "the Chief" to hit "the road." Danger Dave might be patronizing to the big boss man, but he's warming up to me. Kevin Spacey FTW!

7:29: Dare I say it and not be labeled a flip-flopper? I do dare say it: (Bad) Russell's the best, Jerry, the best! That guy cracks me up more and more every week.

7:34: Who's Kelly? Are they adding new people each week? I feel like I'm being f*cked with here. I'm observant, damnit (though I am busy typing while I watch the show each week...).

7:35: Poor Brett. He obviously doesn't grow facial hair. That's gotta be just a tad emasculating.

7:36: Eric with the bank robber look - awesome. Dave with the Kevin Spacey look - equally awesome.

7:38: Ashley = useless. Be gone with you.

7:39: Well, with a Galu win, perhaps it will be Ashley after all. We know that (formerly Bad) Russell has it out for Elizabeth, but she just kicked so much ass at the challenge (with Ashley stinking up the joint at the second straight challenge) that there's no way that he could bring up her name without being looked at sideways. I'd be shocked if Ashley doesn't go home.

7:44: I could take rain all day and all night, but I do not like having pruney fingers and toes. That would creep me out after about an hour.

7:46: However, the rain has turned into the best friend that we the audience could wish for, as it has left the Foa Foa tribe incapable of scurrying off into several cliques and hush-hush secret meetings to determine who everyone is going to vote off. This is the best thing that could have happened; six people stuck inside a waterlogged shelter, unable to get away from each other. Excellente! Should make for a terrific Tribal Council.

7:50: Exchange I'd like to take part in:

Jeff: Who do you trust, Fletch?
Fletch: I trust Bob, but that's it. Everyone else here is a goddamn liar that I wouldn't trust with a dollar.

In other words, Jeff's "Who do you trust?" question is retarded. What are people supposed to say?

7:52: The vibe says Liz is gonna be out.

7:53: The vibe is...incorrect. Yay - Ashley is gone. And, judging by the votes we saw and Natalie's ashamed reaction shots, I'd say that every vote was for Ashley aside from her own.

7:57: Yep, she voted against her buddy. Some BBF Natalie turned out to be...

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Nick said...

Yeah, Bad Russell is growing on me, too. And I *loved* the twist of them having to stay in their little shack thing, unable to "scramble," as they put it. The dynamic was awesome.

However, I believe for me, it was Brett that came out of nowhere (I think that's him... the young "t-shirt designer" guy?). When he showed up, I looked to my mom like "Who is this guy? Have we seen him before?" She didn't know, either.

Unlike you, though, I got the Ashley vibe from the tribe, not the Liz vibe, so I figured it would be Ashley. lol... "BFFs forever!" *writes BFF's name down*

Fletch said...

I said that about Brett last week. This week, I was at least able to say, "Oh, that's the guy that I didn't recognize last week!"

The vibe at Council seemed to flop back and forth; whatever, though - I was pleased with the result.

Mrs Fletch said...

So, who's your pick for random wounded person next week?

Kano said...

My wife looked at me during the show last night and said, "Why does (that guy) have absolutely no facial hair?" My only comment was "Because he is 12." Very funny that we have the same observations.

I am sorta sad to see Ashley go as a male. The other girls left are just way too skinny for my taste - Ashley at least had some body to her body.

My vote for the random wounded person is Jaison. It looked to me like there were some wooden fences or something up, and I can just see him, as tall as he is, trying to leap one and not making it. Just a guess though.

PS- I know I havent been commenting as much on this show, but I love the live blog - don't ever lose it. I usually don't get to watch the show until Friday on DVR, but we were able to watch it last night.

Fletch said...

Mrs. Fletch - my first bet is (Formerly Bad) Russell and my 2nd is (Formerly Good) Russell.

Kano - Speaking of which, we watched the previews for next week multiple times to try and figure out who it was, and (depending on how they edited it) it looked like Jaison was in the background (safe) when Jeff called of the challenge. So I don't think it's him.

Good point on Ashely. But hey - you want some body on a female body? I give you Shambo!

Many thanks - I don't see the live blog going anywhere soon. I got my mojo back.

Kano said...

I may have just thrown up a little in my mouth. Thank you for that.

You can take Shambo back.

Robb said...

For me, Evil Russell is still the only person worth rooting for. I'm sure that is editing, but he is the only person who doesn't seem miserable. I have little patience for people who get to do something awesome and then just whine. (I'm looking at you Jaison.)

Anonymous said...

Ir, what do you have against hot bleached blond girls, poor work. Also nice work on finally flip flopping on the two Russels, you should switch their good to bad statuses next week, it might also set up some sweet racist jokes...

The lame, black, leader Russell clearly let the power go to his head, the guy becomes more of a douche weekly. Keep up the good work though.


Fletch said...

Robb - true, true, true. Jaison needs to man up and stop whining. As does Shambo. As does (black) Russell. (White) Russell is really the only person playing the game and is the most entertaining one there, with Shambo and Danger Dave way behind.

Gay - The lines between Good and Bad Russells have been blurred to the point of invsibility. I think they're just gonna be black and white Russell, or maybe bald and dread Russell. Then again, one of them might be the one that gets deathly injured on the next ep.

I have something against lazy do-nothings on Survivor, hot or not. Besides, nice a perk as they can be, I certainly don't watch the show for the ladies. If I did, I'd be pritty, pritty let down year in and out.