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Oct 16, 2009

TGITDNMAR (10/16/09)

It's that time again for TGITDNMAR, which (obviously) stands for Thank God It's The Day New Movies Are Released.

It's my birthday and I'll see a movie if I want to, see a movie if I want to...

Well, I do, but I've been a slack-ass all day (took the day off) and duty (and dinner and presents and cake) call tonight, so it's not in the cards. Don't fret, though, a full helping of movies is in order for tomorrow, as Mrs. Fletch and I are likely to see the first entry below, and the recording the 3rd LAMBcast is lined up. In the meantime, some snarky and/or insightful and/or dumb opinions from the man with the Insider's Insight (...

Where the Wild Things Are
In case you haven't noticed, this has been the top entrant on the "8 Most Awaited Movies this Moment" widget I setup since its inception about a month ago. It's strange - I barely recall the book, barely know who's in it aside from Catherine Keener, James Gandolfini's voice and a kid named Max, and by all accounts, it's probably meant more for kids than adults, but I'm psyched for it. Blame the awesome teaser trailer, Spike Jonze's involvement, and the Arcade Fire.
Fletch's Chance of Viewing (in the theater): 100%

The Stepfather
So is this a horror remake or a remake of the vaunted Seann William Scott-Billy Bob Thorton flick Mr. Woodock?

Can't say that I care that much either way. Haven't seen a trailer. Terrible poster (though not as bad as this one for Takers, which appears to have some really, really sh*tty Photoshop work on it). And I'm wondering: is anyone a fan of Dylan Walsh? My shared name notwithstanding, the guy has just been a bore since I can first recall seeing him in Congo. Blah.
Fletch's Chance of Viewing (in the theater): 1%

Law Abiding Citizen
I saw the first trailer, and I thought it looked like fun, like it might be pretty good, even. Then I saw that F. Gary Gray was the director.

Can someone please explain this man's "success?" His career started off great with Friday, a cult hit and deservedly so. Set It Off got good reviews if I recall (never saw it; I generally avoid Queen Latifah in film if possible). The Negotiator is a great terrible movie; a basic cable classic with an awesome all-around cast, and maybe the coppiest of all cop movies ever made. I've seen it scads of times.

Since then? Crap on a stick. A Man Apart. Be Cool. The Italian Job. Clearly, his true colors are showing, and I just can't support this.
Fletch's Chance of Viewing (in the theater): 9%

New York, I Love You
Readers with good memories will recall that I loved the prequel (not really, but spiritually) to this, Paris, je t'aime. As such, I'm more than willing to give this a try, even though my expectations have been tempered vastly by the comparatively inferior talent on board. The cast looks pretty good, if not a lot younger across the board, but the directors they got are clearly from the "B" bin. Shekhar Kapur (Elizabeth and its sequel)? Good. Natalie Portman? WTF, but okay. Mira Nair and Allan Hughes? Sure. Brett Ratner and a bunch of other people whose names I don't recognize? Gimme a break. No Tom Tykwers or Alexander Paynes or Coen Brothers to be found here. I'm hopeful, but not expecting a ton.
Fletch's Chance of Viewing (in the theater): 88%

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Nick said...

Happy Birthday!

I'm gonna go see "Wild Things" tonight. I wanna see Law Abiding Citizen, too. I guess I just need to see Italian Job again, as I haven't seen it in forever, but I don't remember disliking it. Nor did I dislike Be Cool. Or A Man Apart (actually, I'm not sure I had strong feelings one way or another about that one). And "The Negotiator" was fun, as you said. I haven't seen "Friday" (to the horror and dismay of my students). But this looks right up my alley, so I wanna see it eventually.

To me, "The Stepfather" is akin to "Disturbia," if the neighbor lived at home, there were no high tech gadgets, and the trailer told you exactly whether or not the guy is good or bad (seriously... they're not even trying with trailers anymore. They just let it all out). In other words, I don't really care to see it anytime soon. (For the record, I do like "Disturbia.")

Justin said...

Yeah, see I liked The Italian Job. Quite a bit actually. It's solid, despite Marky Mark's bad acting in it. I have Law Abiding Citizen as a solid rental, but I'm definitely interested.

Happy Birthday sir - - -

Kano said...

OK, is that poster you found of The Takers seriously released from the studio. It was like they had a photo taken for the film without knowing who was starring in it. Then slapped heads on it afterwards. Crazy stupid - Paul Walker looks almost beheaded.

Happy B-Day again. Enjoy WTWTA, it was my favorite book as a child, but I never get to see movies in the theater anymore - I will be waiting for the DVD.

Nick said...

Ugh... got back form seeing "Wild Things." I'll be interested to see your take on it, but... for me, it had some pretty unfortunate issues. But it also had some brilliant things about it (mostly visual-wise).

Books, said...

Bonjour! Fletch,
Happy Birthday! to you and yours,...Fletch, I'am so "happy" to see that you gave Where the Wild Things Are a 100%
approval rating.
And when it comes to your approval rating for the film The StepFather...LOL!!!!
Merci de Partager!
DeeDee ;-D

bd79 said...

Ever seen the original Stepfather, Fletch? Actually not a bad 80s suspense movie, starred Terry O'Quinn aka Locke from Lost.

Agreed with other positive assessments of Italian Job, that wasn't a bad movie.

Bob Turnbull said...

Tread carefully with New York, I Love You...I saw the working print a year ago at TIFF and I just don't see how they can save a decent movie out of it. I'll give some benefit of the doubt - I would actually be curious to see it again and figure out what they changed - but the stories are just not very good at all. And I really liked Paris Je T'aime as well.

Hopefully I've helped set your expectations even lower so that you may actually enjoy it more. That's my birthday gift to you...B-)

Fletch said...

I'm gonna kind of respond to everyone all at once here, as there are a bunch of overlapping themes.

The Italian Job: I hated this movie. It's the kind of supposedly fun heist flick that I should love, with a bunch of hip(ster) actors that I do enjoy, but I thought it was awful. It was a cash grab by Norton and Wahlberg.

A Man Apart and Be Cool - I've not seen these. I was trusting the power of the internets (sub-6.0 ratings on IMDb) and the reviews I recall reading at the times of their release. I love Get Shorty and I still don't want to watch Be Cool as I heard it was so bad. I don't want it to taint my feelings on the first one.

The Stepfather - nope, never seen the original. Or that Domestic Disturbance w/ Vaughn and Travolta (wasn't it basically a remake as well?). Or that one w/ Elizabeth Banks that came out last (this?) year. I think we've all seen a variation of that movie waaaay too many times. Though it would be cool to see Locke in another pre-LOST role. That's always fun.

NY, I Love You - Expectations are definitely tempered. Thanks for that, Bob.

Wild Things - sad to hear that, Nick. Saw the grades from a few other reviews as well, and they ran the gamut from 3.5 stars to an A (or A-) from EW.

Birthday wishes - Thanks all! 'Twas a good one.

Branden said...

Happy belated birthday, Dylan!

I can't wait to read your review of the latest Spike Jonze joint.