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Oct 8, 2009

Survivor: Samoa Episode 4 Recap/Live Blog

7:03: And just like that, Jaison knocks himself off my Favorite Player pedestal. "Coming here was the worst mistake I've made in my life." Really? Bette Midler is less of a drama queen. Sure, Ben might have been an ass, and your tribe is losing, but you're in freakin' Samoa, on a TV show, guaranteed to walk away with at least a few duckets. Toughen up, Sally.

7:09: A challenge with only partial tribes? I would be pissed if I missed a challenge.

7:10: You know how at your local grocery store or Home Depot how they're slowly putting more and more automatic "check yourself out" machines in? With the first (?) Jeff-less challenge, are we seeing the Automatic Check-Out Machine of Survivor? I wonder if Jeff still gets paid for today's challenge?

7:13: Dave, please please please get a buzz cut and shave to complete your transformation into Kevin Spacey. I demand it, actually. Every time I see you, I think of Se7en and American Beauty. I guess that's better than thinking about Pay it Forward or The Big Kahuna. Oh, and congratulations to Dave on winning the bocce ball game.

7:18: Eric, getting the most screen time he's seen this season, uses logic and smarts and pulls a Russell, finding the other hidden immunity idol. Good on you, Eric.

7:21: So, how long do you suppose until Galu turns idiotic and kills their chickens rather than keeping them for their eggs? I say two days until they've killed one. In fact, it might be less than that; I seem to recall seeing footage of Eric running all around and getting clotheslined by a tree in last week's "on the next episode..." teaser. Though perhaps they're just gonna lose a chicken.

7:24: Am I the only one bothered by Russell's weird missing hair patches on his neck? It looks like he had three fingertips worth of electrolysis and couldn't afford to finish the job. Weird.

7:25: My thinking about Russell's neck just caused me to miss whatever he was talking about with that random blonde girl.

7:26: As expected, not only did a chicken escape, but I heard whispers about "what if we eat just one?" Suckers.

7:28: "This tribe sucks," says Eric after the Great Shambo Chicken Debacle. Another nugget: after ShamWow claimed to produce an egg, he tells us "You didn't produce the egg! The chicken produced the egg!" Eric is officially my new favorite player.

7:29: Oh, and Dave - seriously, cut the hair. You look like a chimo murderer with it down.

7:31: Foreshadowing, anyone? Yasmin, the tribe is speaking. Your days are numbered, lazy ass.

7:32: Hoorah, two challenges in one episode! What a concept. And the return of Jeff! What a concept. People running across nets is always fun, too.

7:34: Oh, thank god the teams weren't forced to solve some puzzle with their little building blocks there. I was all set to go on an "anti-puzzle" rant. They have their place in the game, but I'm sick of them already.

7:36: Brett? I swear I've never even heard of that person, much less seen him. Unfathomable considering this is the fourth episode.

7:38: I have to admit, I've never been so enthralled seeing square blocks standing still. Foa Foa gets its first immunity challenge victory, literally on the strength of Jaison's shoulders.

7:45: Monica, congratulations on getting to speak. Now go home (?). Nah, I can't see how it can't be Yasmin. Great strategy by Yas..."I do nothing so that no one can hold anything against me when I screw it up" (paraphrased). Wow. And I thought I was a pessimist.

7:47: Are these people seriously afraid of angering Good Russell? Gimme a break; he's just one man, and he's a paper leader. Someone needs to be knocked down a peg or two.

7:50: I don't care if you're working your ass off at the challenges; if you ain't doing shit around camp, you're not my tribemate. I'd be voting for Yasmin here as well. Survivor ain't a vacation with challenges - it's a 40-day (if you're lucky) job, and you best do your share.

7:53: Uh oh...I sense an angry little (ok, big) Russell next week. No surprise that Yas was fired, er, voted off for being an idiot by wearing high heels in the f*cking jungle. Ok, it was for being a do-nothing around camp. Same difference.

7:58: Sweet! The "Eat Nasty Food" challenge returns next week after a godknowshowlong hiatus. Oh, and did you see that Russell even voting for Yasmin? What a hypocrite. Until next week...

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Mrs Fletch said...

The editors must have cut the part where (mildly good) Russell flips from being a dictator, to a more democratic position of understanding that most of his tribe wanted Yazmin gone.

Buffett35 said...

You forgot the best line of the night, by Kevin Spacey. Pardon me if the quote isn't exact:

"Eric got clothes-lined... by the clothes-line! Pure comedy."

Bob Turnbull said...

Even better than Yasmin's description of her strategy was the raised eyebrow look she gave after stating it that essentailly said "Aren't I freaking brilliant to have thought of that?". No, no you aren't...I'm still amazed at the people who don't get the social game aspects.

Speaking of those people, Shambo was the only person (except for Yasmin) to have voted for Monica. Wonder if she'll realize that's not a good sign...

Save Ferris said...

I keep wanting to call Shannon "Shambles". If I were Yasmin I'd take that as affirmation that I am the most deep-thinkingest viewer ever.
But it's really just a sign of boredom when the liveliest response I can muster is to snark about a contestant's nickname. Everything about this season season has a dull "same ol' same ol'" feel and, excluding Jason, the standout personalities are only noticeable for being repugnant and dumb. Yeah we've had contestants fall into those categories before but somehow they managed to be amusing and give us enjoyable blindsides. (It's a stick! A stick with a face on it!)

Nick said...

You know, I finally saw the Kevin Spacey similarity last night.

Fletch said...

Mrs. Fletch - yea, quite the turnaround from Russell from being Mr. Grumpypants about Yaz getting voted off to doing it herself. I hate it when players do that.

Bob - damnit, I missed the raised eyebrow. Oh well - glad to have her gone either way. She didn't want to be there anyhow.

Save Ferris (love the name, of course) - it's a fair point, but don't most of the seasons start out pretty dull. It takes a bit for us to really hammer out who is who and who we like and all that. Sure, some larger personalities have come to the forefront, but when we're still BARELY getting to know players (Brett), you know it's just getting warmed up. I haven't given up hope yet.

Nick - what took you so long? It's freaking uncanny. The only thing different is the voice; otherwise, I might think Spacey were playing the role of Dave.

The Eric/Gil Bellows one I can see people not getting as much, since most probably aren't familiar with Gil by name only (he was Tommy in Shawshank, for starters).

And I'm thinking of calling Good Russell Vernon Davis, but only (devout) sports fans probably even know who he is.

Nick said...

I think the reason I didn't notice the Spacey thing before is because I didn't even know who he was until this episode. I remember seeing him for the first time this episode and going "who the heck is he?"