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Jun 9, 2008

New poll

Bad news for Mike Myers, as even against lesser competition like Zohan and Postal, his Love Guru only managed to snatch up one vote out of 30. On the other hand, perhaps I'm one of the few (and not the majority as I had suspected) that thinks the Hulk redux looks awful, as the Ed Norton vehicle trounced the competition here, winning the poll hands down with 53% of the votes.

Meanwhile, I was the only person that chose the "other" option, voting for everyone's favorite misfit toy, the Charlie-in-the-Box. Don't tell me you all didn't love him!

This time around, let's see which disgraced former action (and more) star you'd like to see back up on the big screen, winning good press and vibes via a Pulp Fiction-like comeback. Ought to be a, uh, fight to the finish.

I know...that was terrible. Boo me.

1 people have chosen wisely: on "New poll"

Daniel G. said...

For the new poll, I'd like to vote for None of the Above.