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Feb 14, 2008

Survivor: Micronesia (Fans vs. Favorites) Episode 2 recap

The second episode of Survivor: Micronesia was like a run-of-the-mill suspense film that's plodding along, keeping your interest but not doing all that much else, until - BAM! - a sick twist of an ending that you never saw coming that makes the whole thing that much better.

We started off innocently enough, with the focus on the Favorites, having just voted off Johnny Fairplay, returning from Tribal Council in a not-exactly sad mood. Ozzy's catching fish with his bare hands, and later, he's making out with Amanda around the shelter while James is snuggling with Parvati. The canoodling doesn't go unnoticed though, as both Cirie and Penner are awake and aware of the goings on, and aghast at the stupidity of the four. Somewhat interesting, but nothing we haven't seen before.

Meanwhile, over at camp Fans, the group of elder Survivors was being ostracized yet again. Krazy Kathy, Tracy and Chet, all outcasts in one way or another and feeling unwelcome, decided that they'd set up their own shelter away from the other seven. Apparently, the high of victory from last week's win over the Favorites has not lasted long. Also, even with the aid of flint, the newbies can't seem to make a fire. Yawn.

Finally, the Immunity Challenge came about and sparked some excitement, first with the audience (there's water involved? Sweet - we get to see the Ozz man in action!), then with Ozzy himself, when it was revealed that in addition to immunity, the winning team would be rewarded with the all-important fishing gear (as if he needs the gear, or for that matter, any additional incentive to whup ass at a challenge). Perhaps making up for the lack of a dedicated Reward Challenge, we were treated to a three-part challenge involving five swimmers, one "keymaster" and three puzzlers. I'll give you one guess as to which of the three Ozzy partook.

Disappointing no one, Fish Boy flew over some "lilypads," swam like a trout, climbed up a ladder like a monkey (because we all know monkeys climb ladders), smashed a tile, retrieved a key from the water and returned to shore in the blink of an eye. The rest of the swimmers went and came, with the only other interesting tidbits being that Jon Penner was the only other contestant to cleanly make it over the lilypads (shocking) and that Chet was unable to find his key and had to literally drag his sorry butt back to shore (not so surprising, but still noteworthy). Due in no small part to Chet's lagging, the Favorites quickly dispatched of the Fans.

Afterwards, Jeff laid out a "shocking twist" for the contestants, as they learned that not only a member of the losing tribe would be forced to Exile Island (Krazy Kathy), but the winners would have to send one of their own as well. Cirie, sensing herself in a losing position on her tribe, quickly volunteered herself for the chance to find a hidden immunity idol. Yada yada yada, it doesn't look like either Cirie or Kathy found it.

And that's when it finally got good.

Returning back to their camp, the losing Fans scurried about trying to figure out who they would send packing. It was quickly decided that Chet, already an outcast and now a leading cause for the team's loss, would be set aside. Mikey B., the latest Boston male to grace the series, took it upon himself to outwit everyone else, determining all the possible outcomes had Kathy (who was already in possesion of the immunity idol from last wek) found the hidden idol and shared it with Chet or Tracy. Innocent as his plotting may have seemed (never a bad idea to consider possible outcomes, right?), hulking firefighter Joel got his XXL panties in a bunch, thinking Mikey was being too much of a leader. His plan? Well, he started by planning to oust Mikey but quickly changed his tune and aimed at Mikey's strongest ally, Mary. The outcasts were surely for it, but who knew about the rest?

The council started off innocently enough, with Jeff questioning Chet about his place in the game and the rest about the fractured nature of their camp. Finallly, voting time arrived. As the votes were read, it looked like Chet was on his way out, having the first two with his name on them. But then...one for Tracy...and one for Mary...and another for Tracy....and another for Mary. This is the kind of voting I like to see - wild and crazy, with anyone having a chance to hit the road. But then, the votes for Mary didn't stop, until she had five, enough to clinch her ouster and send her packing. The cost of watching Survivor? Free. The cost of watching Mikey's jaw drop to the floor? Priceless. Aghast, he sat there with the same dumb look Jaime had last season when she learned her "idol" was firewood. Meanwhile, Joel was all smiles, but here's the kicker: when the votes were shown during the credits, we learned that Joel VOTED FOR TRACY?!?! Huh?

We're certainly in for some good drama with the noobs after all...

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Mrs Fletch said...

Not sure yet if I like Joel, but he should keep things interesting.

Nick said...

mrs fletch: my mom isn't sure if she likes joel either, but I agree with you. At least he's interesting. And I'd like to see a head-to-head between Joel and James.

By the way, is it just me, or does Mikey B. have a strong resemblance to Luke Wilson?

Robb said...

I don't know if I *like* Joel either (that is the Hulk, right?), but I sure LOVE what he did for this episode. More please!

I'm sure a one-on-one between him and James is inevitable. Assuming they both make it long enough.

James said...

I love Survivor and have been watching it since the beginning.

This year my favorites are James and Ozzy.

Freddy said...

The guy's jaw dropped because he just lost any chance of having sex with Mary and her fantastic rack. (And Mrs. Fernandez gives the Blog Cabins Survivor recap an enthusiastic "That was pretty good, your internet friend is a good writer." Sort of a combined compliment to you and a cheap shot at me. You should feel honored Fletch.)

Fletch said...

I'll feel even more honored because that recap was probably one of my worst. I was tired and just trying to put something up quickly. It was pretty much a straight recap with no analysis and no attempts at humor. So thanks, I guess. ;)