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Feb 13, 2008

Completely random, non-movie related thought of the moment

If I were so inclined, this would be my plan to destroy Microsoft:

Surely you've seen the Ford Focus commercials that feature Microsoft's Sync system, an in-dash computer that takes voice commands to do such things as play music from an MP3 player and utilizes Bluetooth to make telephone calls via your mobile phone. The commercial is here:

Apparently, to play a song, all you have to do is say "Play artist: X," and immediately, a song from "X" will start playing.

As such, I've decided that, if and when I get any musical talent, I will start a band called "Play Artist." The band will become highly popular, thus leading to a similarly high demand to listen to their songs. By this time, the Sync system will no doubt be featured in hundreds of thousands of vehicles, and when the Sync user instructs the system to play a song, the Sync will be unresponsive, leading to consumer dissatisfaction, rage, and ultimately, destruction of the unit. In turn, stock prices for Microsoft will plummet while their engineers wildly run about attempting to solve the problem. However, by then it will be too late, and I will have successfully brought the mighty Microsoft to its knees.

Play Artist's sister collective, Play Song, will be a zydeco-tejano-rockabilly outfit that wears nothing but bandanas and pajamas. Play Album, meanwhile, will be a high school stlye orchestra specializing in re-creating tunes from Rush's catalog.

Then again, I'm not particularly inclined to take down Microsoft, so maybe I'll just stow this idea away just in case I ever change my mind.

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Nick said...

LOL... that was hilarious. I'd totally listen to Play Artist! Heck Yeah!

Daniel G. said...

Ha, great. I hate those commercials. Really, I'd just rather press a button than talk to my radio every time I want to hear a song. Plus, you know it would be like those automated operators:

"Play Artist..."

"I'm sorry, I do not understand. Please repeat.."

"PlAy ArTisT..."

"Did you say...?"


"I'm sorry, I do not understand. Please call..."

Nayana Anthony said...

tee hee...

!!!Nerd Moment!!!

This totally reminds me of that episode of Star Trek when Spock disabled the evil androids by saying "I am lying to you right now." The android couldn't handle the logical paradox and its head totally exploded! Yeah, man.

OK, I'm breathing again...

shea said...

Ha...amazing concept.

Anonymous said...

if you think about it, naming your band Play Artist wouldn't work because you actually would have to say it twice. Once for the category of "Play Artist" and then the name of your band "Play Artist". so it really wouldn't work to your advantage of having your band called Play Artist. You would just have a goofy named band.

Fletch said...

Uh...that's exactly the point. Good job.