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Apr 6, 2011

Survivor: Redemption Island Episode 8 Thoughts

* Phew! I almost had a Grant Attack at the end of the show tonight. I would not be pleased to see my favorite player get voted off sent to Redemption Island so soon. (Yes, I know, Robb - he's not really playing the game all that much, or at least probably not enough to your liking. Then again, he hasn't really had to just yet.)

* Seriously, how did Mike not win that challenge? The silver lining, however, is that I called Natalie as the winner pretty early on. Even a broken clock...

* Speaking of Mike, here's a sad bit of trivia for you: I just had to ask Mrs. Fletch to confirm that that was his name. I refer to him as "the boring guy."

* As for R.I. - I actually like what they've done by keeping it in play. It would be a bit lame had it shimmied its way into the sunset after half the season with its tail between its legs. But no need for that, for while it's not the EXTREME GAME CHANGER or jolt of energy the producers might have been hoping for, it is a welcome and meaningful addition to the game. Sure, it takes some of the edge off the game at this stage since the supposed jury members will not yet become jury members (so, what happens with Ponderosa?), but that's a relatively small price to pay.

* God's plan is for you to leave the game, Matt. Be sure to thank him on your way out (and while you're at it, can you tell Grant and Steve to relay that tidbit to athletes who only remember to thank their gods when they win, too?).

* Sarita is so fucking useless. Matt could not have had a bigger disadvantage given the duel that faced them, and she still managed to lose.

* Then again, I call shenanigans. Why and how did Matt have a bandage for his wittle boo-boo? I say nay to first aid unless it's a medical emergency! And if he got an infection and had to leave the game, so be it - the same crappy fate has befallen better players than he.

* I don't recall seeing who voted for you...did Andrea vote against Matt?

* First the customary post-merge feast, and then we see the players building a new shelter with plenty of tools and nails? What the shit, Survivor? Stop pampering these people - if I were an early season player of the game, I'd be pissed. (Don't tell me - I'm sure the tribe had leftover tools from some Sears/Craftsman reward earlier in the game, but they should have had a set time to use said tools, after which they were taken away or something. I don't care if that's inconsistent or illogical - just tired of seeing these "survivors" get shit handed to them constantly.)

* In case you missed it, People.com did an interview with the legendary Coach, asking him primarily about his dingbat-in-arms Phillip. It's a must-read. Here's the highlight:
Will more players now adopt mythological lingo because they see it's a great way to get airtime?
When I went out there, I said I wanted to change the game. It's funny that I changed it in ways that I didn't want to or expect to. But I don't really think the stuff that Phillip is saying is a part of who he is. I think that a lot of it is just a shtick that he's come up with.

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Robb said...

I appreciate Grant's athleticism, and he has time to win me over if he actually were to make a move, but for now Rob is still playing him for the fool. We'll see. I don't buy the "he hasn't had to" argument. Rob hasn't had to either, but unlike so many of them, he isn't playing just to make it to the jury, he is playing to win. Big difference.

I'm still torn on RI. It is an interesting twist, but I'm more wary of what it will do for the jury. Not sure how I feel about someone getting voted off this late and still getting to come back somewhere in the finals. It is all just so anti-climatic.

As far as God goes, I remain convinced that God simply has no time to pay attention to Matt as his focus is, as is mine, on the gold mine that is Philip. Matt is a likable guy, and is good at challenges, but is absolutely awful at the game of Survivor. Clueless.

Still, I was surprised Rob targeted him at this point, it seems Steve would have been a safer choice. Matt MIGHT flip, but Steve is 100% against you. And I'd still be worried about Phillip. (Yes, Andrea voted for Matt. Scorned by him first with Stephanie and then again with Rob!)

Oh, and I saw an interview with crazy-eyes Eliza, and she was also calling shennangians for all the food and medical care the Survivors get now. I guess she cut herself at one point and when she asked for someone to look at it they told her she would have to quit first. Times have indeed changed.

And thanks for the link, the interview with Coach was awesome. A sea otter? ROFL

Nick said...

Even my mom, who is a pretty strict catholic, thinks the whole "I give this challenge to you, Lord" stuff is pretty ridiculous.

Also, is it just me, or is Steve (I think that's the one) looking more and more like Matt Frewer these days?

Fletch said...

@ Robb - Yea, Rob is playing him. What I meant by saying that Grant hasn't had to, though, is because Rob is the one that's been doing all of the thinking/planning (from what we've been shown, anyhow) thus far. By playing sidekick, Grant has stayed in Rob's shadow, and frankly, I'd probably do the same thing. For an athletic freak like him, laying low is pretty wise. Of course, now that he's seen his name a few times, I imagine his ears will perk up and he'll be on guard, and maybe, just maybe, we'll see what he can do.

(Of course, the previews showed us as much, so I'm not exactly breaking news here.)

So long as they don't let the 2nd RI person to come back too late in the game (like guaranteed 5th place or something), I'm cool with it. I imagine it'll only be around for a few more weeks. What do they have - 12 tribe players and Matt right now?

Never thought of it now (I don't keep up with these things), but is this season longer? With RI/Matt voted off twice now and not going home, I'd expect either a longer season or a few eps with multiple people going home.

Yeah, I think Rob had an ego moment. "Oh hell no - you don't tell me you're gonna get rid of me!" Could be a bad move. He could have used Matt this week and ditched him in a week or two when the numbers were more to his liking.

@ Nick - Bless your mother.

A Matt Frewer reference? Awesome! (Though I'm not really seeing it - it's just you.)

Nick said...

You don't think

This Guy: http://farm6.static.flickr.com/5179/5538315368_b356a06478.jpg

looks like

This Guy: http://www.canmag.com/images/front/lap2007/mattfrewer.jpg

at all?

Fletch said...

Eh, I can see what you mean, but I could probably pull up a picture of Michael Fassbender that looks like Steve, too, and I really don't think the two of them look alike, either.

Now, Sarita and Kristen Wiig, on the other hand, or Matt and Reese Witherspoon...

Robb said...

Now every time I look at Steve all I'm going to see is Max Headroom. ROFL