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Mar 31, 2011

Survivor: Redemption Island Episode 7 Thoughts

Just some quick hits from last night's ep. Hopefully will get to live blog this puppy next week...

* Couldn't both Sarita and Dave get the boot? Sarita - who resembles Kristen Wiig more and more each week - would get on my nerves real fast. It's no surprise that she's flustered and anxious during the challenges; she acts the exact same way all of the time. The lack of confidence she displays in everyday conversation is staggering - she seems to be the kind of person that needs constant reassuring about her place within a group. "Yes, Sarita, we like you. You have nothing to worry about."

Meanwhile, Dave, who appeared to be on the outs, was wise and just sat back and let Sarita do all of the begging and pleading...only she didn't really need to. I've no doubt that the lack of strength she displayed after the challenge served merely to remind her tribemates how weak she was at the challenges.

That said, I'll be shocked if Dave makes it very far in the game. Actually, if people think about it, he might go far, but he certainly won't win. He's a great selection to take to the final tribal council since he's a completely unlikable person. Aside from the easy and obvious answer - he's a lawyer - the guy just seems angry at the world and bitter. He's a know-it-all with a sense of entitlement that needs to be smacked around a bit. The guy just bugs me.

* And now with that said, there's this: Dave should have been voted off and not Sarita. First of all, it's almost a moot point, since the tribes are merging next week and Team Human Sweater will be down in the numbers no matter how you slice it. However, suppose that they somehow get it evened up - who would you rather have if you're Steve or Sweater: the loyal gal who's no threat to really win any challenges, or the lone wolf angry guy who's a self-professed "Master Puzzler?" Regardless of whether or not Dave is actually any good at puzzles, I'd rather have Sarita on my side.

* Jeff was trying a bit too hard at council. All this talk of a lack of cohesion in the tribe and a lack of trust and yada yada yada?? Zapatera held the lead at several points during the challenge and barely lost, losing largely because (yet again) they were going up against a freak athlete in Grant. It was just plain dumb luck, and sometimes - I know this is hard to believe - when you lose, you just lose, with no further analysis necessary.

* Speaking of Grant...attention remaining contestants: Unless you want to see him in the final three, vote him off now. I wouldn't be surprised to see Rob turn on him once he's sure the numbers are in his favor (if that ever happens).

* Just for commenter Robb: How much did you absolutely love it when Rob threw the clue into the volcano? Another case of the Bostonian brilliantly playing for the camera, I'll admit. I was calling for him to do it mere moments before he actually did.

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Mayday said...

In Dave's defense, he never proclaimed himself the king of all puzzles. The whole thing started when Sarita pushed for Stephanie to do the puzzle in that blindfold challenge, and Dave said something along the lines of "I don't claim to be great at puzzles, but I know I'm better than her." From there it escalated into him being a "Master Puzzler."

I'm not saying he ain't a little smug, but I think he just has trouble communicating socially with people he is smarter than, i.e. everyone on his tribe. They made fun of him for suggesting they go fishing! Clearly it's about HOW he says it, not what he's saying. Hell, the only reason he's on the outs now is because he wanted to keep the tribe strong. It was a dumb move for sure, but I don't think his motive was selfish.

All THAT being said, I don't really like the guy either, and I'm positive he won't win. It just seems like the editors and/or other contestants have created this villain that's not really there. He's no Hantz or Hatch. By the way, if I ever become a lawyer and get on Survivor, remind me not to tell anyone what I do. You might as well just say "Hey everybody, I'm rich and everything I say is a lie! Vote for me!"

Fletch said...

@ Mayday - Well, I definitely agree with you on the point that it's about how David says things rather than what he's saying. And sad as I am to admit this, I get that, since I think a lesser version of the same thing affects me. I can be a know-it-all sometimes and that turns people off. I try not to be an ass about it (like Dave, perhaps), but shit, I'm sorry for knowing shit that you don't. ;)

Yea, telling people that you're a lawyer is a pretty bad idea. Then again, showing up to the island in a fucking suit and tie is about 50x worse. WTF was Mr. Smaht Guy thinking? And please don't try to sell me on the "he'll have more layers of clothes/tools" angle - I don't care if there's some truth to it - anyone that shows up on Survivor wearing a suit is automatically a jackass.

Robb said...

Of course I loved the volcano! lol Rob has those cameras (not to mention me) wrapped around his finger. He's gonna have a huge target on his back at merge, but I hope he lasts, cause he is playing better and harder than anyone else.

I don't give David any credit for being noble with his "keep the tribe the strongest" argument. That was just the convenient line to save himself. It proved to be an argument that worked, but he was hardly putting the needs of the tribe over the needs of himself.

David not going home was a mild surprise, which is better than no surprise so I liked it, but I don't find him very sympathetic. As far as wearing a suit goes though, I've read that the contestants are required to wear something representative of their real life, which is why you continue to see people in suits and dresses. Then their swimwear is waiting for them at camp. This is done to make it easier to distinguish people from each other - they don't want everyone showing up in cargo shorts. Guess it pays to have an outdoorsy type of job!

I can't wait to see the merge dynamics. So many ways it could play out. Both David and Phillip are ready to flip. I'm guessing that Rob and Grant will stay tight at least until they get a more comfortable lead. But where will Matt figure into it? (Assuming he wins again.) I think we have a tight group of four, a tight group of five, and then three swing votes that will probably lean to Team Rob at least at first but not necessarily. It's gonna be fun!

Fletch said...

@ Robb - If that's true of the clothing/what people wear to the island, they really ought to let the audience in on that tidbit. I'll have to pay more attention to that in the future. I don't recall the ice cream boy wearing his uniform. :P Even if that gives it some credence, I still think it's stupid.

Yeah, I'd say Matt winning again is a near certainty, even though they played up that he's got some injury. It is Sarita he's going up against, after all... I wonder how the producers feel about him winning five or six duels in a row. I'd think they'd want a little more of a changing of the guard there so that we'd never quite know who's gonna make it back.

Matt coming back will be interesting. Under normal circumstances, I might think that the players would harbor resentment and ditch the person that was already voted out again. But since they all went into it knowing that the person would be coming back, I don't think he'll be met with much hostility, and will likely be a sought-after vote.

Robb said...

It is stupid. But we are talking about TV producers here. (The only other person I can specifically remember wearing a suit was Andrew Savage who was also a lawyer. And I have no doubt that Dan wears $1800 shoes every day of his life too.)

I agree Matt's vote will be sought after right at first, and without any hostility. But I'm sure it won't take long for the others to make his epic winning streak a liability and target him for being a threat.

Who do you think Rob will want to target first? Steve? Ralph? I can see David making him really nervous even if his vote is more up for grabs.

Fletch said...

Robb - Good point about Matt. They will definitely see him as a challenge threat after a streak like that.

I'd think Rob would go after Steve and the generic guy (Dave? Mike?). They're stable, loyal..then again, they were chief in ousting Russell, so I don't see them cozying up to him all that much.