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Nov 18, 2010

Survivor: Nicaragua Episode 10 - Random Thoughts

* I was all set on doing a rare Live Blog of last night's episode from my Dad's house, but damn it all, couldn't find anyone's wi-fi connection to steal. If there's an ep next week, perhaps...

* Christ, Purple Kelly is a moron, and she hasn't said more than 40 words onscreen this season.

* Both sides screwed up pretty badly last night. Holly impressed me a bit by waking up from the blank stare that normally inhabits her face and formulating a plan, but they sure as shit weren't sly with it.

* Sash was thinking short-term, and though it might work out for him, had he given Brenda the idol, it'd now be him, her, Kelly and Chase vs. five instead of the current (maybe; Naonka's a damn wild card) six-three.

* Alina cleans up nicely.

* On the other side of that is this: with Holly et al screaming "Brenda" from the rooftops, they should have just voted out Chase on the down low. He didn't have a target, Sash wouldn't have given him the idol (had no one spilled the beans) and there wouldn't be any danger of one of their own getting surprised.

* Either way, I loved the way the show played out because Brenda's and Sash's heads were bigger than that volcano the Reward Challenge winners went to. They needed to be taken down a peg, and they got a hell of a lot more than that. Also, I'm rooting for Ben and Fabio at this point, and they seem to be more in power now, so yeah.

* #(*%^ing idiots...wood chests right next to a fire...

* I'm not positive, but I think Chase wanted Benry gone last night. Does that sound right? I mean, I could be mistaken; it's not like we heard him say that 49 times in 16 minutes or anything.

* Two solid challenges. The barrel-plank-rope one might not have been, but it seemed like something we hadn't seen anything like before (though I still have yet to figure out what the purpose of the ropes was). Meanwhile, you ought to know that I'm a fan of stamina, "how bad do you want it?" Immunity Challenges, and twice now the elderly-yet-strong-and-thin Jane has come out on top. Say whatever you want about her gristly personality, she's a gamer and a tough s.o.b.

Until next time...

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Nick said...

Yeah... I despise Jane, but even I had to give her props for winning that challenge.

lol, I have no idea why Chase wanted Benry gone, but damn it, he did!

I think they should have voted Sash. While Brenda was the mastermind, with their plan nearly ruined by stupid-ass Chase, Sash would have been a perfect blindside... especially if he had given his idol to Brenda.

And I'm all for Benry and Fabio to the end.

Anonymous said...

Whoa, I was just settling down to do another one of my KV two after live bloggings, good to have you back though Irwin...

I caught bits and pieces, thats the problem with having a 35 person alliance, everyone is going to tell everyone what happens, it was a savvy move to vote off Brenda, she was way too smug and annoying, what wasn't savvy was telling everyone in the tribe, even after they had the numbers. I thought Gay Boy would pass the idol for sure, but I've got to respect his decision not to.

After tossing Brenda under the bus, I've got to say I'm rooting for Sash the gay guy this season, he's played well, kept his word, and it wasn't his boneheaded decision to vote off Marty last week. With the idol he should be safe for another few weeks, he can bluff playing it next week, then play it the week after...

Also agree with my boy Nick, Jane is unbearable to watch, I think we were all rooting for her to break a hip in that break through a wall challenge last week...


Fletch said...

You guys shouldn't talk trash about Jane. I don't know if you know this, but she's from North Carolina, and people from North Carolina stick together and kick the asses of people that talk shit about other people from North Carolina. Also, she lifts dogs at her ranch, and that's what makes her so strong.

KV - you doin' TGITDNMAR today?

Kano said...

OK. Pretty decent episode without Marty. There may be hope yet.

Funny sidenote - I turned to my wife after the show was over, but before the confessional and scenes from next week. I said "This may be the first week I didn't despise Naonka." And wouldn't you know it that the entire scene from next week is how horrible she is. Go figure.

I am also on the Benry and Fabio train. Which can only mean Purple Kelly will win.

By the way, is there anyone more clueless out there - she was the ONLY person to vote for Benry. Even Chase voted for Brenda. She has to feel loved.

Nick said...

Ha... I felt the same way, Kano, about Naonka. Hell, she even confided in Fabio--and she *hates* Fabio.

Bob Turnbull said...

I'm not sure I've ever seen a more completely extraneous character on the show than Kelly Purple - if the show's editors can't even find a reason to include a pretty 20 year-old in the course of the show, she can't really be contributing much. Which would make her a smart choice to bring to the final, but how boring would that be?

Gotta give Holly credit - I thought she was a dunderhead early on, but that was the right time to take out Brenda. Brenda had the strategy, but forgot the social game (people have to like you to a certain extent) and she got cocky.

I'd like to see Sash win it, but Benry would be an OK second choice at this point.