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Aug 15, 2010

Stained Glass Cinema Sunday (#105)



J.D. - 30
TheGreatWhiteDope - 19.5
Dreamrot (smacdonn) - 7
Nick, Wendymoon - 6
Clive Dangerously, Justin - 5
simoncolumb, Steel11Kane (Kano), BD79 - 4
Jason/Daniel, David Bishop, Rachel, JLG - 3
TJMAC510 - 2.5
Evan Derrick, Jason Soto - 2
TonyD, Luke Harrington, Adam Ross, Anders, Dave, Big Mike Mendez, Nic Cage, CaptainRon19, TheAnswerMVP2001, Anh Khoi Do - 1

Here are the altered/actual posters from last time:

5 people have chosen wisely: on "Stained Glass Cinema Sunday (#105)"

Anonymous said...

Beginner: Sabrina

Expert: Eggplant Boy (could you tell that one was a guess?)


Anonymous said...

Okay, then...

Expert: Whip It

Thank you and good night, Internet!


Alex said...

Goddammit I totally 100% knew Whip It right away. I swear one of these days I will both know a poster and get here in time.

Fletch said...

TGWD - Yes, yet again. You're now within 10 points. Congrats.

Alex - so close - you only missed it by 23 minutes!

J.D. said...

Dang, spam overload.

I keep forgetting these happen, and I knew them both within in 5 seconds. Yay?