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Apr 26, 2010

10 Movie Facts About Me Meme

I slithered this way and that, like a cat one might say. But in the end, I still got tagged, this time by Scott aka elgringo of He Shot Cyrus for the titular meme you see above (I've been subsequently tagged by The Movie Mistress as well).

Luckily for my laziness, I've more or less done this twice already, just not with the number 10 attached, so you'll be getting some green (read: recycled) responses, though I'll update where needed.

Shit. Here I thought I was getting off easy, but the two separate times I posted "interesting" stuff about myself, hardly any of it was movie-related. So you get fresh facts after all. Rejoice!

1. The movie I've seen most in the theaters is Pulp Fiction with six viewings. Haven't seen anything else more than three times, and I think I only did that once. Ah, college!

2. (Aha! I get to recycle this one) Those who can, do. Those who can't - wait a sec. I've made a film. Oh yeah. It was for a college course. Two minutes long. Silent. Filmed on a Hi-8 (Super 8? I can't recall). Starred my dad, with my mom and I as co-stars. 'Twas titled Jack the Car and featured a brilliant comedic performance by my dad as a guy that gets...car-jacked (by me). It was set to the song "Stink" by John Lurie (from the Get Shorty soundtrack) and won "Best Comedy" according to my peers, er, classmates.

3. I own X number of DVDs. C'mon, really - I'm expected to count them all? Let's just say it's somewhere between 200 and 400 and call it a day, shall we? It's more than many but less than a lot of others. Though I did come across this site the other day that can and will eventually assist me with this task. It's not perfect, but it's a start.

4. Bob Hope once walked right by me as I was sitting inside the lobby of The Empress Hotel in Victoria, B.C. I was probably 10 at the time.

5. A second (or more) cousin on my father's side "played" (read: flew) one of the Mig pilots in Top Gun. He's credited as James "Jambo" Ray. To my knowledge, I have seen him at a family reunion some 20-something years ago, but I couldn't pick him out of a lineup.

6. Every trip to the theater = one "regular" sized bag of popcorn (free thanks to a Harkins loyalty tee-shirt), a half a box of Raisinets (gotta watch my girlish figure) and a 32 oz. soda ($1.00 in a Harkins loyalty cup). All too often, a trip to the theater = dinner for Mrs. Fletch and I, and we like it that way.

7. I've only walked out on one film ever: the not-even-gratuitous-nudity-could-save-it-bad Strange Wilderness.

8. The three movies I could probably do the best at in reciting line-for-line would be Fletch (natch), Ferris Bueller's Day Off, and Office Space.

9. When I was a teenager, I carefully cut out select ads for movies in the larger-than-standard Premiere magazine (basically getting miniature one-sheets) and made a collage of movie "posters" on my wall. [/geek]

10. (Not really about me but still pretty cool) Mrs. Fletch once gave George Clooney a ride from the Phoenix airport to the Planet Hollywood restuarant that used to be open. Just the two of them.

And that does it. This is the part where I say that everyone in the entire blogosphere has already been tagged, thus removing the chain of that responsibility from around my neck. Whoa, that feels better!

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TJMAC510 said...

These are some really awesome facts. And I actually didn't know any of these (save for Fletch probably for obvious reasons).

That DVD anthology might actually come in handy for me so thanks.

Yeah I've never walked out of a movie but I left during the donkey scene in clerks 2 and came back when it was over (beastiality even at it's most innocent i.e. not showing anything is still weird) although I ALMOST walked out of American Dreamz

Yeah I still do the cut out poster stuff but keep it in a notebook...and only if it's cool.

And number 10s awesome and it's weird cause in the 80s (mid I think) the same thing happened with my mom except it was Bruce Willis and in California

Cool list

Nick said...

Fletch: Cool facts! I actually tagged you, as well. And how did she give him a ride? Is/was she a cabbie or something?

Travis: You walked out of the donkey scene? Lame! (And it's not bestiality. It's Inter-species Erotica... fuck-o).

Fletch said...

Thanks, Travis.

I'm actually really disappointed in the internet for not having a better site for cataloguing which DVDs/CDs a person owns. There's a software I've been told about that's pretty good, but c'mon man, it's 2010 - cloud computing! I don't want to download your special software when the same thing could/should be net-based. I'm sure all of the sites that do do it have a bunch of movies in their database - that's not the problem. The problem is that you more or less have to search for them one by one. I want to combine them with Flickchart, so I can start with my list of ranked movies and check off the ones I own. Get on it, Flickchart.

Nick - sorry, ain't seen it yet. Haha, no, Mrs. Fletch was not a cabbie. Something about the place she was working was hosting/putting on a party/premiere/something at PH and the scheduled driver cancelled at the last minute or something.

Buffett35 said...

Didn't we walk out of "The Big Hit" together, or was I with someone else?

Fletch said...

Buffett - it was you, me and Carly, but we didn't walk out. We thought (heavily) about it, but masochistically stayed until the end...though it's the other movie that I always think of when I think about walkouts.

evilgenius333 said...

Okay - dude - I love this post. I always enjoy when it gets personal on a blog and this was very funny and entertaining. Love your facts.

I also am kind of curious as to why there isn't a good online cataloguing system for movies. A lot of the guys over at Home Theater Forum have different software that does it, but you'd think someone would host a site that had a cool chat forum going too where everyone could see what other's collections look like and then discuss.

Sebastian Gutierrez said...

'awkwardly raises hand'

I haven't been tagged...

Fletch said...

Why thank you, evilgenius! Much appreciated.

FYI - if you've gone to Flickchart, I ended up going there later today with the intention of suggesting to them the idea of enabling their users to catalog their DVDs...but the suggestion had already been made (yay!) They said they'd take it under advisement and such. Hopefully it'll happen eventually.

Sebastian - Consider thy self tagged!

Castor said...

Damn, driving Clooney around?? That's cool stuff, even if it's not really you ;) Great 10 facts!

Rachel said...

You trusted Mrs. Fletch to be alone with George Clooney?! How very brave...or foolish;)

Fletch said...

Rachel - I didn't have a choice...this was before we'd met.