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Mar 29, 2010

Poll results; new poll

You all are a lot more forgiving of women that make awful movies than men, I suppose. The last poll asked which of the actors with terrible reputations and/or resumes had the best chance to win an acting Oscar first, and the top two vote getters were ladies - Drew Barrymore and Cameron Diaz, apparently Charlie's Angels FTW - and they took 68% of the vote. Somewhat shockingly, the eternally panned Keanu Reeves came in third and led the guys.

Not positive, but I think I was one of the two voters for Jack Black. Call me crazy, but I can see him pulling a Robin Williams in ten years and blowing us away by not being himself, more or less. Or maybe School of Rock has just influenced my thinking too much.

The new poll was born of the two tourneys going on right now. I would assume, like with much of the blogosphere (and the movie blog community especially) that my readership is split somewhere along the lines of 70/30 in favor of the guys. But I just don't know - after all, there are always those silent (read: no comment) readers out there.

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Justin said...

I was the other vote for Jack Black. He was above average in King Kong and I think he played a really good romantic lead in The Holiday. Not to mention the classic School of Rock. I could see it someday. . .