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Mar 29, 2010

Introducing the Dudes of the 80s Tournament + Round 1: Ted McGinley (3) vs Jason Patric (6)

Well, she called my bluff. Upon seeing the intro post for the already-started Ladies of the 80s Tournament, Mrs. Fletch asked "Where's the chick version?," which really meant "where's the one where we get to vote on guys?" I told her "You conceptualize it, I'll post it."

And she did. She sent me a list of 50+ guys, which she (with my assistance, comfortable as I am with my sexuality) narrowed down to the requisite 32 contestants.

Then came the question of when to post it. I initially thought it best to do it after the Ladies tourney was over, but why alienate one sex for a number of weeks only to subsequently alienate the other, when you can alienate both at the same time? So these puppies will be running simultaneously - with a new poll for each every weekday.

One difference - Mrs. Fletch has declined to write the breakdowns for the contestants, and it's above and beyond my responsibility for this version, so expect just an 80s resume and a pic or two.

Now let's get this started - as I said, matchup #2 of the Ladies version will be coming later today. Oh, and here's the full Dudes' bracket.

Ted McGinley

80s Highlights: Revenge of the Nerds and a load of TV shows

Jason Patric

80s Highlights: The Lost Boys, The Beast of War, Solarbabies

9 people have chosen wisely: on "Introducing the Dudes of the 80s Tournament + Round 1: Ted McGinley (3) vs Jason Patric (6)"

kid vegas said...

Swayze as a 7 seed is pure treason, now obviously Mrs Fletch likes her guys skinny and nerdy, but cmon!!!

Also way too many matchups, you flushing this thing over the entire year? This could really bury with my infamous, Lost breakdowns... see if you can wrap this baby up by weeks end, do 5 matchups at once...

Who Is Afraid of Tim Burton? Two?... said...

Bonjour! Fletch,
Hmmm...Hmmm...I'am not familiar with Ted McGinley work on film.
Therefore,I just voted for actor Jason Patric, but I must
admit that I "cheated" a little.

Because I voted for him on based on his current film résumé...
...Because I'am not familiar with the 80s films he appeared in yet...(I'am under the weather, but I still took time out to vote!)
DeeDee ;-D

To your Mrs...The thumbs-up

Who Is Afraid of Tim Burton? Two?... said...

Because I voted for him based on his current film résumé...

Fletch said...

KV - Turns out there is no need for a revolution. When copying over the names from one place to another, I hadn't noticed that the 2-7 seeds were in the opposite order. It has been amended - the Swayze is actually a 2 seed (c'mon, Lou Diamond as a 2 - tht had to be a red flag!).

There will be 31 matchups for each tourney, and I ought to be posting two per weekday, so it'll last about 6 weeks. Long, but not interminably long.

DeeDee - well, if it makes you feel any better, McGinley wasn't in any 80s movies of note outside of Revenge of the Nerds (a fact that surprised me, to be honest), but the strength of that one alone was enough to get him a 3-seed (well, along with his looks, I suppose).

Nick said...

Totally Jason Patric.

Mrs Fletch said...

Yeah, what Nick said.

Mrs Fletch said...

@kid vegas: Figures it would be a dude who complains about what dudes I picked.

Fletch said...

KV - I think you just got burned.