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Feb 25, 2010

Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains Episode 3 Recap/Live Blog

I'm curious - by the end of this episode, will we all hop on to the Hate James bandwagon, or will redemption be his? The man's proven to be a fan favorite for years now, so I'd think that if even a smidgen of his charm returns, he'll be back in our good graces, but last week's preview of this episode didn't exactly paint that picture. I suppose it's irrelevant somewhat anyway, since as we all know, the Grave Digger ain't exactly the best strategic player in the game, so he won't be around all that long anyhow.

Off we go...

7:00: So far, so good for James. Pleading his case, but not overbearingly so. Tom makes for a pretty good peacekeeper and team leader, which comes as no surprise.

7:01: Colby...thinking about quitting on Day 6? After a few days of turmoil and a couple challenge losses, the Golden Boy is ready to throw in the towel? Color me shocked. And disappointed. Larry David would not approve.

7:05: Wow...Boston Rob wins the Survivor Farm Tan Showdown 2010 by far. It's as bad a tan as Shambo had a hairstyle. Oh, and he makes some good points about tribal alliances/sleeping arrangements. Common sense, but still smart.

7:07: That's a lesson for all you future managers out there: if ever you need to bring up morale and/of diffuse an ugly situation, get your team involved in a game of Catch the Chicken(s). Works like magic.

7:08: "People are allured by [Parvati's] charm," says Coach. Well, that or her minuscule bikini and constant flirting.

7:11: Prepare yourself, I'm about to say something nice about Randy: It looks as though Oscar the Grouch has actually lost quite a bit of weight. Nice job (asshole).

7:15: Thinking back a few minutes, does it bother anyone else that when the players return from Tribal Council, the first thing we see them do is set down their torches...and yet their torches are not engulfed in flames? I thought fire represented life on the island - does this mean they're all dead? Stupid, I know, but it must be asked.

7:16: Yes! Nonsensically evil Russell is back!

7:17: So, how much you wanna bet that the Villain tribe loses at the Immunity Challenge? We suuuure are seeing a lot of them, specifically of Russ and eternal idiot Coach (god love him).

7:19: Oh, poor Randy! It's just like high school all over again! He's pissy because Parvati is supposedly getting by in the game on her looks and not via the kind of brilliant hard work that he encapsulates. Tough titties, Grouch.

7:22: It's too bad Russ and JT aren't on the same team - I wonder how much they'd get along. they seem like opposite sides of the same coin, kinda like Harvey Two-Face (yea, I know, his coin had the same thing on both sides, but you get the picture).

7:22: Wow - Cirie just totally threw JT under the bus. That was cold-blooded.

7:24: Russell gets his ass handed to him by Tom. So much for having an advantage by being short and squat.

7:26: Nice to see that James shared some of his PEDs with Colby, who's positively way too fired up for this challenge, flexing and screaming like The Incredible Hulk. I'm scared.

7:28: Did Tyson just steal a kiss from JT? Okaaaay.

7:30: Super Colby wins!

7:31: Ahahaha - Randy has to face James! I love it.

7:32: If I knew Danielle in real life and didn't like her for whatever reason, you can bet I would get my hands on the highest resolution video I could, freeze frame it on that image of her with mud covering so much of her face that if even looked as though some of her teeth were missing, and then blow it up poster size and post it outside of her office or cubicle or whatever. Pointless, sure, but it would give me some sort of satisfaction, I'm sure.

7:34: Told you the Villains were headed to Tribal Council. My psychic powers are progressing nicely.

7:35: I've gotta believe Parvati is either going home tonight or will be the major player in getting someone else booted tonight, if only because she's easily the focal point of the episode. Seems odd to think that her number will come up, but it also seems inevitable. Also, up until Sandra was allowed to speak just now, she was practically the only female heard from on the Villain tribe tonight.

7:37: Okay, it's seeming less like a prediction and more like a guarantee that Poverty is gone. Not sure if she has any friends (despite all the talk of her having so many friends) outside of Russell.

7:40: Parvati with a burn on Jeri. That stung from here.

7:41: "There's nobody out there that's honorable out here...anymore...except for me." - Coach. Mrs. Fletch with the great call this time, blurting out "except for me" mere seconds before the buffoon had a chance to. This was followed by the honorable dragon slayer quoting Martin Luther King, Jr. Beautiful - it's as if he knew the episode would be airing in February. What a lovely man.

7:45: Tactless question: Did Danielle have those monstrously massive breasts the last time she was on the game? I think not, since I would imagine I'd remember those...

7:47: OMG - Courtney speaks!

7:48: "It grew legs and walked away," says Sandra of the now missing machete. Sandra cracks me up, though her pinpointing Coach on his weaknesses seemed a bad idea; what was the upside of calling him out right there? Stay under the radar, woman.

7:50: What are the chances we can get Coach to co-star in Tommy Wiseau's next movie? I smell a blockbuster.

7:51: Oh sahnap! Parvati sticks around and Oscar the Grouch is gone. Might not have been the smartest move by the Villain team, but I certainly can't complain. The guy's an asshole, and I take pleasure in his misfortune. Schadenfreude FTW! Nice move tossing the buff in the fire, though. I can't say Randy's not clever.

7:55: And like that, James is back in America's good graces. Next week: A CRYING COACH! Must See TV is back, Dwellers, and thy name is Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains.

7:57: There's a link below, but it deserves another mention: Travis over at The Movie Encyclopedia has been doing interviews with the castoffs on the Friday after each show. Wow, do I look forward to this one with Randy. My official Question Request for Travis is this - please ask him if he would play Gary Busey in a biopic were he offered the part. Thanks.

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kid vegas said...

Classic Irwin, always rooting against the hot chicks, Pavarti is top notch in my book.

And that Coach line about being the only honorable one was pretty obvious, but still awesome. let's not forget he flicked off Probst also after Probst cheaply took away his victory in the sumo fight.

I'm a little disappointed in the ep, the previews made it look like James would continue his women beating, loud talking asshat ways, but all we got was some general douchery after steamrolling Randy. Pisspoor, at least we can look forward to the inevitable outsmarting he'll face after the merge...

TJMAC510 said...

Thanks for the plug and yes i did ask him the gary busey question

JacksSmirkingRevenge said...

Flecth, Ive scene you reference the sports guy a view times on the site. He had a great reality TV podcast yesterday and talked extensively about the wiley charms of Pavrati.

Fletch said...

Is there anything worse than typing out a long comment only to have Blogger die when you hit Publish? Jesus christ.

Basically, I said this:

KV - I never said nuttin bad about Poverty, though of course you are right, I'm rooting against her.

JSR - used to be a Simba fan; these days, not so much. Would help if he were still a writer. I enjoyed his Cousin Sal pick 'em podcasts, but can't listen to the reality ones because I could give two shits about MTV shows, and that's the main thing in his "wheelhouse." But I appreciate the thought.

Fletch said...

Oh, ok - now it decides to salvage my original comment - after I re-typed it. :|

JacksSmirkingRevenge said...

Your missing out. The Real World/ Road Rules Challenge is glorious in its ridiculousness. Just a bunch of dumbasses acting like fools and embarassing themselves> Comedy Gold!

Anyways, to sum up his Parvati comments. He attended a wedding that she was at awhile back and said she is really one of tose irls that charms every guy in the room and that all the women hated her.