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Feb 18, 2010

Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains Episode 2 Recap/Live Blog

I said it before, I'll say it again: Boston Rob is not going home tonight, and if he is, then the people in charge of making the previews for future episodes are idiots. Why would you give away what is (to date) the most important aspect of the game? It's a tease, plain and simple - a scare, but rest assured, the most compelling player in the game is not leaving just yet.

And if he is, then the Villain tribe just got a lot less interesting.

Let the show begin.

7:06: It's a cheap shot, but it must be said: does Courtney really need to wear a swimsuit top? It's like a security system for a car on blocks.

7:09: Here it comes...

7:09: Interesting that Rob is talking to us from the confessional seemingly after his passing out session. What might that indicate?

7:11: I loved this from the previews last week. This is a reality show, right? I don't see cameras on the contestants' heads, so how is it that we have POINT OF VIEW footage from Rob's fall exactly? Lame. No need to amp up the drama, producers. There's enough already.

7:18: Thank you. I told you so. Good for Rob - turns into a flu-ridden crybaby, but can easily make fun of himself.

7:21: Some people in the world desire food. Others desire money. Even more desire love and compassion. Never thought I'd see a group of people so happy to see some rope, a blanket and nails. I know we've seen that kind of reaction to the prospect of winning everyday items before, but something about the joy displayed made me chuckle. Those poor saps.

7:23: Who else wants to see James just pick up his crate and run with it?

7:25: Villains are gonna win this one. It's a little-known fact that evil people rule at puzzles.

7:27: Ok, now who else really, really wants to see an Angry James? *raises hand fervently*

7:28: Kill 'em, James, kill 'em! You can do it!

7:35: Big moral dilmena for my mom right there - she loves Tom and James, so when the former called the latter a loser, I had to pause and asked her who she sided with. Of course, she chose Tom - what an ageist, right?

7:36: Uh-oh, the whole "Don't be a leader" scare tactic has worked its way back into the game, as the big-headed children at the Villains camp are feeling awfully threatened by Boston Rob's legendary greatness. Watch your back, Rob.

7:38: Meanwhile, as much as I like James, he is talking sh*tloads of trash, and probably to the wrong people, too. I feel your pain, and I understand that Steph was on a losing team, but broadcasting that to the world probably isn't going to be enough to get people to vote for her, and only makes you look like a jerk.

7:39: "We're the three on the outs," says Tom to Stephenie and Colby. Uh, Tom - I don't think Colby's going anywhere, at least not until he retires. Golden Boy Favre-clone tells you when he's ready to leave the game, not vice-versa.

7:43: Candice, you're right - you are on the bottom of either camp, you are the swing vote, and the person that's in the swing vote is only temporarily in a position of power. But once that choice is made and the hammer comes down, you immediately go to a position of weakness, since then (as you know) you're back to being on the bottom on whichever team you choose.

7:44: Of course, none of that bothers me, since I barely know who Candice is and wouldn't mind seeing her go anyway.

7:45: There's something being lost in the translation here between the other players and me when it comes to Stephenie. I don't even understand why she has a target on her back; the only thing I can conclude is that it's about relationships, and she's on the outs with this group.

7:47: "I'll be damned if there's anybody named "y'all" up in here." Awesome line by James.

7:49: How beautiful is it that the HERO tribe, the tribe made up of supposedly "good guys" (and gals) is the one that's 100% at each other's throats? Villains living in harmony (mostly); Heroes pointing fingers and bickering. CBS couldn't have asked for better drama this early in the season. It also demonstrates why all-star type seasons have the potential to be so much better overall, at least for the viewer: we already know all these people (to an extent), so we don't have to waste 4-6 episodes wondering where everyone's head is at. Good stuff.

7:50: Can Amanda please, just for once, not look like she's about to cry when at a Tribal Council?

7:51: Kind of a shame. I like Stephenie, and didn't like seeing her and James fight with each other.

7:52: That's right, folks - next week...on Survivor: James flips alliance and joins the Villain tribe! Yes!

7:55: Ha! I said that before I saw the preview. I'm a damn psychic. Maybe James is suffering from a light case of roid rage? I hate to say it, but if 90% of baseball players (100% of which are smaller than James) can be presumed guilty, why not him? He does seem a bit...prickly. Probably not too good for his long-term prospects, though I can't imagine any tribe voting a guy that big and strong off any time soon.

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Buffett35 said...

I couldn't agree more about these all-star seasons being much more entertaining, especially in the first few eps. Week 2 has both tribes with multiple alliances and tons of hatred. 2 of the most likeable contestants ever, James and Rupert, are coming off like whiny jerks, while one of the most hated contestants and "leader" of the Villains, Boston Rob, is looking more heroic than any of the Heroes.

I too rolled my eyes at the "point of view" shot of Boston Rob's fall. I know this is more of a game show than a reality show, but that crossed the line a bit.

I didn't quite get why everyone hated Steph either. James' argument about her "curse" of losing challenges isn't really relevant. Good call on James and the PED's. I doubt if he's still digging graves to stay in shape.

By the way, the reward was rope, nails, and TARP, not a blanket. That's what they were all drooling over. It rains a lot in... ummm... the South Pacific? Did I miss it or have they never officially said where this season is happening? I did notice one shot where they panned in to an island that looked no more than 100 yards across. I couldn't tell if one of the camps is on that island, or if it's just near where they are.

kid vegas said...

How badly did James want to punch Stephanie when she made her little exit speech.

Not sure how he made the heroes squad, I remember him being a pretty big ass on the last all star one. i guess because he's such a giant dummy people find it endearing.

Fletch said...

Buffett - the only thing I will say in regards to James and the is he/isn't he using PEDs is that he ain't veiny at all. I know almost nothing about bodybuilding or PEDs for that matter, but he looks natural, despite his unnatural size.

I know it was a tarp, I was just playing up their excitement for a joke. They just seemed a bit tooo stoked, even if they oughta be.

KV - yeah, I think people see James and think he's Michael Clarke Duncan from The Green Mile. Gentle giant and all that. But I like the guy, and he can be genuinely cool and pretty damn funny when he's not ripping people's heads off.