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Jan 27, 2010

Initial Thoughts #2

It's back, and it goes like this: I'm going to give you the initials of a number of characters from a movie. It won't always be the same number of characters, and the initials won't always stand for a proper name. You name the movie. Simple enough? I thought so.

The Movies
1. W, B, IM, F, V
2. IJ, MR, RB
3. RB, A, ID, P, AC
4. JC, KR, JG
5. DO, RR, LC, FC, TB, TO
6. D, R, V, C, J, SB
7. JL, PF, KM, CO, SS,
8. RB, VC, BF, BT, CK
9. M, T, R, S, C
10. DK, MM, FF, TH, VK
11. BM, LBD, NL, EB
12. CW, AW, DR, F, DS, LD, EB

Good luck!

Arjun - 1

Correct answers so far:
1. The Princess Bride (JSR)
2. Raiders of the Lost Ark (Nic Cage)
3. Rocky IV (JSR)
4. Twelve Monkeys (JSR)
5. Ocean's Eleven (JSR)
6. Clerks (JSR)
7. American Pie (JSR)
8. Anchorman (JSR)
9. Swingers (Buffett35)
10. The Usual Suspects (JSR)
11. Unforgiven (JSR)
12. True Romance (JSR)

17 people have chosen wisely: on "Initial Thoughts #2"

Nic Cage said...

2. Raiders of the Lost Ark

Fletch said...

Sorry for the tardy update. All guesses correct thus far, and - watch out, folks, he's at it again! - JSR has clinched a victory in yet another game.


Fletch said...

Ding ding. Another one down.

Buffett35 said...

9. Swingers

JacksSmirkingRevenge said...

8. Anchorman

Dorothy Mantooth is a Saint!

whitney said...

This seems insanely hard to me. I can't believe all these brilliant movie lovers had answered so many right.

Fletch said...

Buffett, JSR - yes indeedy on your final two guesses.

Whitney - Sometimes I'm amazed as well. This game seems a bit easier overall than the Dude/Stuff game or some of the posters in SGC, though. Some of those feel outright impossible, yet someone almost always gets 'em.

No takers for #11? Hint: early-mid 90s.

Fletch said...

Unforgiven it is. 10/12 = domination!