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Jan 26, 2010

I wanna get cynical, cynical...

A few months back, I went over a list of some of the podcasts that I listen to regularly. One of the ones I discussed was The Film Cynics, and here's what I said at the time:
Steve Johnston and Brian Dutkewich of The Cynical Blog are more than mere podcasters; they have their own radio show! Airing on Sundays on Victoria, Canada's own C-FAX 1070, the Cynics re-purpose their show as a podcast (minus the air breaks and commercials), and I'm glad they do. Being pros and all, their podcast is one of the slickest you'll hear, and the guys' segments are clearly defined and individually entertaining, going over a featured topic, followed by picks from the vault, some high-tech talk and their DVD picks of the week.
The Cynics joined the LAMB a long, long time ago (they're #166 out of 430+), and you've likely seen Steve around the comments section here and there, and vice versa for me on their site. Somewhere along the way, though, Steve got the hair-brained idea that I might be a worthy guest on their live radio show.

Well, I did it this past Sunday. Going live to Victoria, BC and beyond (just how far beyond, I couldn't tell you), I did a phoner with the guys as we discussed The LAMB, Blog Cabins, and The Book of Eli, which we had previously butted heads over. Hopefully, I acquitted myself and didn't sound like too much of a jackass despite my proclivity for the word "definitely" (I barely recognize my voice, by the way, so don't be alarmed if you've heard it previously). Lucky for you, you can judge for yourself - the whole show can be heard here, though as you might've guessed, I recommend becoming a regular listener to their podcast (or show, should you happen to live around Victoria, which you likely don't).

Big thanks go out to the Cynics for having me on; it was a lot of fun and quite the honor.

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Nick said...

I live in Victoria... just not the Canada one :P . I'll have to check this out.

Fletch said...

Yeah, you will have to! They even talk Texas in the Whip It review.