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Nov 23, 2009

Candy for Your Ears

In addition to starting up the LAMBcast a couple months ago, I've taken to listening to quite a few podcasts as well. As such, here's a rundown of the ones I've taken a liking to; being the company man that I am, it just so happens that they are all produced by fellow members of the LAMB. They're listed in no particular order:

The Simon & Jo Show
Simon Columb of Entertain Me heads up this production, joined by his partner in crime Jo Gudgeon. Based out of London, the pair puts out a relatively short show (usually clocking it at around 25 minutes) that goes over the latest films that either (or both) have seen, along with a short chat about the UK's top five films at the box office and occasional snarky snippets from a significant other. They usually start the podcast out with a short introduction from a remote location (meaning outside of a studio, not Antarctica), which adds an exciting yet intimate feel to the proceedings and gives the show a different feel from most podcasts, even when they return to a more controlled environment.

The Moving Arts FilmCast
If you're familiar with (and like) the work of the Sklar Brothers, either from ESPN or (better yet) from their filling-in for Jim Rome on his radio show, then the TMA FilmCast just might be the show for you. Brothers - but not twins - Eric and Scott Armstrong of The Moving Arts share not only a similar taste and knowledge of movies, but sound alike (and a bit like the Sklars). I'm pretty new to this one, but I like what I've heard thus far.

This is a specialized, focused podcast if ever there was one. Host Rob R. is joined frequently by fellow LAMB Scott Knopf of He Shot Cyrus as they discuss a single film, joined by someone involved with the film - frequently, it's a co-star, sometimes the lead, director, or cinematographer. Your interest in a single podcast will likely be determined by your interest in the film they're discussing, but the movies are generally well-known and fall squarely into the nostalgia category of film love (Demolition Man, Lionheart, My Cousin Vinny and Caddyshack are some of the recent shows).

The Film Cynics
Steve Johnston and Brian Dutkewich of The Cynical Blog are more than mere podcasters; they have their own radio show! Airing on Sundays on Victoria, Canada's own C-FAX 1070, the Cynics re-purpose their show as a podcast (minus the air breaks and commercials), and I'm glad they do. Being pros and all, their podcast is one of the slickest you'll hear, and the guys' segments are clearly defined and individually entertaining, going over a featured topic, followed by picks from the vault, some high-tech talk and their DVD picks of the week.

Row Three's Cinecast
I'm relatively new to this one. Row Three's Andrew James and Kurt Halfyard deliver a long show (90+ minutes) that takes a deep, deep trip into film, covering a vast array of topics and references, maintaining a hot debate over the merits and demerits of their featured film, along with smaller chats about some other recent releases. Put your thinking caps on.

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The Mad Hatter said...

Thanks for pulling all of these into one go-to spot...can't wait to go download them (especially as I start getting my shit together for a podcast of my own!).

As for the LAMBcast, I finally got around to downloading/listening to all five this weekend. Just wanted to say well-done sir! They are quite entertaining and enlightening.

Hope that I can get in on being part of one sometime.

booksandacupofcoffee said...

Hi! Fletch,
Thanks, for the (podcast) listing...Oh! Yes, I listen to Eric and Scott Armstrong of The Moving Arts as a matter of fact, I sometimes I feature Eric's reviews on my blog.

Just like LAMBcast, their podcast is very interesting too!...

By the way, I hope that you and yours' have a nice Thanksgiving.
Thanks for sharing!
DeeDee ;-D

booksandacupofcoffee said...

Oops! what I meant to say is..."sometimes I feature Eric's reviews on my blog."

simoncolumb said...

My god Fletch! Thanks for the mention! So many podcasts I have listened to recently in research - Scene Unseen, Filmspotting, and now a few of the ones mentioned (specifically the cynics) and, defo, the LAMBcast!

Fletch said...

Hatter - yes, I'm looking forward to listening to whatever both you and Ryan come up with.

And I saw your note about the LAMBcast on the forums; would love to get you on board for an upcoming show. Stay tuned to the thread to see when the next one (after the Ninja Assasin one) will be.

DeeDee - Cool (about the Moving Arts Filmcast). I dig their show quite a bit.

Simon - But of course! Just finished listening to your latest on my way home today. Of course, you were absent, but your guest (Richard, was it?) filled in quite nicely.