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Dec 10, 2009

Survivor: Samoa Episode 13 Recap/Live Blog

7:00: Crap. Having the episode start out with Russell stating "I'm in control of this game" and "I'm on my throne" "and telling Mick about his million plus earnings. This is not a good sign for his fate in the game.

7:01: It should also be noted that since I'm a fan of Survivor's page on Facebook, I saw that tonight will feature 2 Immunity Challenges, 2 Tribal Councils, 2 Jeff Probsts...apparently, two of everything. I do not expect Russell to be here at the end of the night.

7:02: Then again, would they really be so obvious with the outcome of tonight's episode? I can only hope not.

7:06: Chin Pubes speaks! Perhaps this is a sign that Brett will be the other person voted off tonight; he's said more in the first 5 minutes of this episode than in the last six combined.

7:08: Blammo - challenge time already. This ought to be a good episode.

7:09: You know I have a theory that every movie that features bowling is a good movie, or at the least, every movie is improved by bowling, right? And here we have a bowling tournament - excellent.

7:10: OMG! Are they actually going to let the contestants throw the ball more than once? What a luxury for them?

7:11: Well, yes and no. They get two throws - a whole frame. How big of the producers. "Here you are, player - I'm going to hand you a foreign object (more or less). Your job is to excel at this task on your first try. If not, you're out of the contest. We're simply trying our best to ensure that all of these challenges are determined by pure bullsh*t luck and not any sort of skill whatsoever. Enjoy."

7:14: In a battle of attrition, Jaison takes Immunity, though I can't imagine that either he or Shambo were on the chopping block.

7:18: Good god, Sham. Please cover your gut. Do this for me and I won't ask anything else from you.

7:20: Thank you.

7:21: Have we ever figured out why it is that Shambo hates Dave so much? Sure, there was that one argument we were shown over how to cook a chick, but there's got to be a hell of a lot more than that? I dunno - Dave just doesn't seem to be all that hatable to me.

7:22: Jeff to Shambo: "Great working of the jury. Well done." Ha! Way to call it like you see it, Probst.

7:27: So much for Russell's plan that he mentioned to Dave. Kevin Spacey voted out. Too bad - he was probably my second-favorite player there. I'm gonna be screwed if Russell gets ousted.

7:29: Okay, I think that was a first. We were just shown a promo during the show...for footage to be seen later in the show. I'm already watching - you don't need to advertise to me!

7:32: As we know, any time someone shows him the slightest bit of anxiety, Russell freaks out as well and immediately wants them voted off. I wonder, what would he do if everyone left came up to him and told him that they were nervous about him and/or their place in the game?

7:36: [Arms raised, two fingers on each hand held up in the air] Brett wins...immunity!

7:43: Why should Mick and/or Jaison care what Russ's plan is? What about their plan? He's only one man and there's two of you.

7:45: Russell talking about his money is far and away the stupidest move he's made in the game. Everyone knows. And he's left not knowing who to be more pissed or afraid of - it seems as though everyone's gunning for him. If he does in fact have the hidden immunity idol, he needs play it.

7:47: Sh*t...as I type that (of course), the amazing Russell goes ahead and pulls the idol out of his pocket and puts it around his neck. Easily one of the best moments of the season thus far. Never seen that before.

7:49: Brett is clueless. After Russ's move, he claims that the oil man is "obviously confident" with his place in the game. Dummy - Russ wouldn't make that move unless he was freaked out; it's an act of desperation, and frankly, I'm crazy worried about his place in the game. He needs immunity, and lots of it.

7:52: Who's it gonna be - Monica or Russell? And will Russell play his hidden idol? Stay tuned to Blog Cabins continuing coverage of Survivor: Samoa...coming up next!


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7:53: And we're back. Russell does not play his idol...

7:54: Thank God...Jaison, Mick, and Natalie decide to not turn on Russell, sending Monica home. Frankly, it was a fine play for Russell to not use his idol (the rare case where I'd say that) - had he played it, it's likely that he would have just been teamed up on again at the following Tribal Council, where he would be naked.

You know, unless he found the idol for the fourth time. :)

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4 people have chosen wisely: on "Survivor: Samoa Episode 13 Recap/Live Blog"

Mrs Fletch said...

I like that Monica got Russell so riled up. It's about time someone stood up to him.

Ad what's up with Jaison telling Brett/Monica that he and Russell are making all these decisions together? Huh? Is he high? Or has all that just been edited?

Anonymous said...

Agreed, Jaison is pretty lame, it's a little early to start posturizing for the jury, plus why would they be impressed with you taking credit for voting out all their friends.

I'm a little disappointed that the previews made it look like Natalie turns on my boy Rusty, never a smart move, I was hoping those two crazy contestants could go all the way...


Nick said...

I think that Russell putting the hidden idol around his neck was by and far a brilliant move. Scared them into not voting for him, then not playing the idol and keeping it for another day. Super risky, but very smart.

I so hope Russell wins.

(P.S. WTF was with Dave's hair at the second tribal council? That was freaky).

Fletch said...

Gay - I wouldn't rule out Rusty (nice) and Natalie for a final two. Nice and sweet vs. nasty and cocky. That'd be pretty cool, if you ask me.

Nick - it sure seemed like a bold move, but you're probably right. I can't believe that he did, in fact, have it. I'd say that he's done more than enough to warrant winning the game, but given his millionaire status, it's unlikely. That was a big, big, big, big boneheaded move.

Yeah - Dave needs to either visit the Hair Club for Men or just accept his lot in life and cut that shit. Makes him look like a chi-mo.