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Dec 29, 2009

The Really Drawn-out Blog Cabins Decennial Spectacular: #3

Decennial, in case you're not hip to the term, means: 1. relating to or lasting for ten years, or 2. occurring every ten years. It's really a word that we should hear more often. Anyway, this will be my series where I count down my favorites from the last decade, and since I don't plan on it taking 10 years to finish, we're going to go with the second definition.

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Number 3 on the RD-oBCDS is...

Amélie (2001)
I don't know if it's more apropos to say that director Jean-Pierre Jeunet did a number on me...or that star Audrey Tautou did. Either way, I was smitten on first sight with Amélie, which has ten times the heart, humor and style of just about every Hollywood-produced "romantic comedy" put out (the closest they've come recently was with (500) Days of Summer).

The word "whimsy" is thrown around a lot in cinematic criticism, and it's usually used in a derogatory fashion, as if the mere act of being whimsical demeans the art at hand. I can think of no better argument against that line of thinking than this tale of a melancholy young Parisian who feels not quite lonely, but sans her soulmate, who she just knows is out there.

But Jeunet understood that the journey is much more important than the destination, so he put together an excellent story that unfolds like a treasure map for the viewer, with twists and turns and broken hearts...until finally, the heart is put back together again, and with every viewing, my heart grows even fonder for Amélie...and Amélie.

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knowingviews said...

Hey man, just had a chance to have a gander at your ten from the noughties! I couldn't organise my thoughts to span the last ten years of cinema but, when i did try and think of the top films, Amelie was right up there in top 3 territory. I look foward to the next two posts on the subject!

Nick said...

I knew this was gonna be one of yours. And as you've already seen, it's also on mine.