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Dec 28, 2009

The Really Drawn-out Blog Cabins Decennial Spectacular: #4

Decennial, in case you're not hip to the term, means: 1. relating to or lasting for ten years, or 2. occurring every ten years. It's really a word that we should hear more often. Anyway, this will be my series where I count down my favorites from the last decade, and since I don't plan on it taking 10 years to finish, we're going to go with the second definition.

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Number 4 on the RD-oBCDS is...

The Royal Tenebaums (2001)
Wes Anderson made people take notice of him with Bottle Rocket. Then he gave the world an all-time great character in Max Fischer in the beautifully crafted Rushmore. But it wasn't until The Royal Tenenbaums that we really got a glimpse inside the head and world of Wes Anderson.

Tenenbaums was presented to us from the start as if it were a long-lost novel, a Catcher in the Rye of sorts that had somehow never been found. Inside was a treasure trove of intricately drawn characters, from the persnickety Royal to the out-there Eli to the eternally depressed and lovelorn Richie and on and on. Even throwaway characters like Raleigh St. Clair and his patient Dudley Heinsbergen are given intricate backstories and choice dialogue. The surroundings were just as detailed as the people that inhabited them. We were given dalmatian mice, Gypsy cab companies, and this set of paintings that I absolutely adore.

Throw in an excellent compilation of 60s and 70s-era Brit-pop, punk and Bob Dylan and a so-deep-it-hurts cast and what you get is a movie that clicks on all levels. It will be in a never-ending battle royals with Rushmore for Anderson Supremacy in my book, but Rushmore's 90s release excludes it from this debate.

3 people have chosen wisely: on "The Really Drawn-out Blog Cabins Decennial Spectacular: #4"

Alex said...

Now here's a choice I can support whole-heartedly! I'm still organizing my list, but this is in competition for #1.

Marcy said...

Excellent choice. It's such a gorgeous-looking movie. And it contains a clever script and a surprisingly touching finale.

Books and an espresso cup... said...

Hi! Fletch,
Unfortunately, I have not watched this movie yet, but at least it is No# 1 on Scott Armstrong (From over there at TMA) top 25 countdown.Hmmm... Dencennial?!?
Happy Holidays!(New Years! Too) to you and yours!
Take care!
DeeDee ;-D