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Oct 22, 2009

Survivor: Samoa Episode 6 Recap/Live Blog

First of all, I'd like to thank CBS for apparently spoiling the biggest tease of the season thus far. By Sunday night, I'd been told by multiple people who the player was that would be getting injured in a challenge tonight. Secondly, I'd like to thank the producers of Survivor for having yet another challenge wherein someone will be getting injured to the point that they'll be forced to leave the game. Awesome going! There better still be a Tribal Council tonight. Let the show begin...

7:02: Before we get going, a note: Bad Russell will now be referred to as Bald Russell, and Good Russell will be Dread Russell. Then again, such nicknames might not be necessary after tonight's show.

7:03: Does it surprise anyone that Bald Russell thrives off the misery of others, mocking the cold and rain that are plaguing the Samoan refugees? (Hint: it shouldn't.)

7:09: OMG! Brett totally has some chin pubes working! So proud of you, little guy. You've only been out there two weeks or whatever.

7:10: I don't know if Dread Russell was wearing his buff before or something, but I never noticed that he's got a serious "Jerry Rice with cornrows" thing going on. Uh, Dread, when you're balding (and with a weird pattern, at that), perhaps the clean-shaven look is the way to go.

7:12: Allow me translate the 60 seconds of airtime that Bald Russell just gave us regarding his tribemates' handling of the rain into three words: "Man up, pussies!"

7:17: Will this be the challenge where someone nearly dies? Oh, the drama! My guess is no; there's not nearly enough physical activity going on here.

7:19: Um, ok - nevermind that last post. Sounds like there will only be one challenge, what with both tribes going to Council. Let the countdown to catastrophe begin!

7:20: Is someone getting run over by one of those giant balls? Tell me no.

7:23: Spoilers confirmed. It was indeed Dread Russell that will be exiting the game. However, I must offer an apology to the producers; while a strenuous challenge for the four ball pushers, Dread clearly had some medical issue coming into the game that was unforeseen for even him. Not yet back from commercial - hope he's alright.

7:27: Really, is the dramatic "heartbeat" music necessary? This ain't ER, for chrissakes.

7:28: Did Dread have a concussion or stroke or what? What could possibly compel him to think that he's ready to go back to the challenge?

7:31: "Our leader is not here..." I can't recall a season where the "subordinates" were so dependent on their "leaders" as the players are this season. It's bizarre. They're paper leaders, people!

7:33: All snarkiness aside, that really sucked to watch. I feel awful for Dread Russell. Truth is, he'd probably be fine in a couple hours with some decent rest, food and fluids. But the fact remains that it wouldn't be fair for him to have the advantage of those comforts - despite his current state - while his competitors are stuck in the cold and the rain. It's terrible that he has to leave the game, but it also wouldn't be right if he were to be allowed to return.

7:39: How stupid are Natalie and Liz? Here they are, content to vote each other out, together representing TWO-FIFTHS of their tribe, totally fine with the notion that one of them is definitely going home. Meanwhile, they represent TWO-FIFTHS of their tribe!! All they need to do is get one out of three guys on their side and - BAM! - they live to fight another day.

7:42: Meanwhile, Dumbo - er, Shambo - is trying (?) like hell to save her ass, but it's beyond futile. The women hate her, especially Monica. Then again, the guys realize that she's a non-threat to them, while Monica and Laura have a bond of their own. Perhaps it will be interesting after all. But Shambo is just coming off as a weak player here, desperate to save her ass, but doing it all the wrong ways.

7:44: The shots of Eric and/or Shambo peering their head out from their little cave is just killing me. they look like squirrels or something.

7:45: Shambo - the guys are telling you to vote for Monica. Get it through that thick, beautifully-mulleted head of yours.

7:47: While I'll agree that Dread's situation appeared dire, was it really scarier than when Michael Skupin fell face first into a fire? That sh*t was scary.

7:48: FYI: With his beard, Eric no longer looks like Gil Bellows. This makes me just a little bit sad. I love my pop culture nicknames so. Perhaps he'll morph into Dave Matthews or Jack Johnson.

7:50: No Tribal Council?! Boo! I imagine this is what happens when two players are forced to leave the game due to injury; CBS needs its episodes. And though I would have thought it a bit weak to have seen three players leave the game in one episode, I always feel cheated when there's no vote.

7:52: Well, I guess we've seen who the new leader of Galu is: Eric, with a goddamn bullet. "Let's win one for Russ!!!"

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Mrs Fletch said...


Robb said...

Why have I never heard about the "hole" that whats-his-face is apparently living in all by himself? He's all nonchalant "Yeah I was hiding in my hole to stay out of the rain..." and I'm like, what??? He lives in a hole? By himself? SURVIVOR DO NOT KEEP THE GOOD STUFF FROM ME I MUST KNOW MORE!!

Oh, and thanks Producers, for the foreshadowing homage to Dread Russell (good name, Fletch) at the very beginning of the episode. It was so odd I knew something was going to be up with him. Sucks, but in the end I felt worse for Penner.

Eric was a tool at tribal. I didn't think I could root for Bad Russell any more than I already do, but now I'm gunning for the underdogs all the way. (Even the pathetic Jaison.)

Fletch said...

Robb - Yeah, I knew it was gonna be Dread Russell, and the extended fishing scene still felt out of place. They can be way too obvious sometimes.

I didn't think Eric came off all that bad. I think everyone there was a tad loopy after 5 or 7 or 83 days of rain (however much it was). Though maybe it was just the power of living in his hole that gave him such enthusiasm...