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Oct 1, 2009

Survivor: Samoa Episode 3 Recap/Live Blog

7:02: "Ben is like a mental plague on our tribe" - Jaison. I couldn't have said it better. I can only hope that he gets his way and gets Ben voted off...that is, if they should happen to lose immunity.

7:04:" Yada yada yada, I'm better than everyone." - Bad Russell. Nothing to see here, folks.

7:07: Call me crazy, but I'm pretty sure I've seen a number of women start fires with a machete and a flint in the game of Survivor before. Ben's trying hard to cement his place in the tribe. Or maybe he's just trying to feed his massive ego. Either way...well, you know.

7:09: Water? Fire? Shelter? We need not these petty things. It's yoga time! And, right on cue, ShamWow echoes this sentiment exactly. I'm with the Mulleted One.

7:11: Russell. Ben. Ben. Russell. So...when do you suppose we'll get to know the other tribe? Episode 12? Later?

7:16: Good god...we're at Galu. Who are these people?

7:17: The gift of swimsuits? Not sure I've seen that before. I suppose the producers are getting tired of having to blur out nipples and butt cracks on contestants that decide to wear ill-fitting clothing at the start of the show.

7:19: Are you effing kidding me? A Battle Zone in the middle of the challenge? Having Jeffrey Tambor leave due to medical reasons wasn't enough last week? Why not give them weapons while you're at it? Can I stop asking questions?

7:20: So much for the swimsuits halting the need for blurring naughty bits...

7:21: Why is this a reward and immunity challenge...again? What happened to two challenges per episode? Weak.

7:24: Galu wins yet again. Well, I guess we'll get to know you better next week. Maybe.

7:26: Well, Jeffrey Tambor went home, but we have not one but two new celebrity comparisons, this time on the Galu side. If "Danger" Dave were to cut his hair and shave a bit, he'd make for a good Kevin Spacey brother; meanwhile, if Erik were to grow his hair out, he'd make a good Gil Bellows for Halloween.

7:31: How much would you have lost if I'd bet you early in the season that ShamWow would ever use the phrase "interpersonal relationships." I know it's not exactly a college-level phrase, but, you know, judging books by their covers and all that.

7:34: Good Russell on damage control for taking towels and pillows over functional tribe items. Success rate: approximately 50%.

7:36: I don't like the strategic play Jaison is making in an effort to oust Ben. He's claiming that he'll quit the game if Ben is not voted off, yet he of course has no intentional of going anywhere should Ben not actually get voted off. So, it's a big win if he gets Ben out, but it's a bigger loss should he be proven as someone who doesn't stick to his word. Too risky.

7:42: Watch out, Jaison! You can't ask Bad Russell a question he can't answer! He'll take that as a tiny dagger of hate directed towards him and direct all of his energies towards getting rid of you. You're playing with fire, amigo!!

7:45: Yeah, this whole "one challenge per episode" thing is awful. I think they're angling for more drama (and minutes) at Tribal Council, but the challenges make for a great break in between all of the banter. This needs to change and quickly.

7:47: Awesome. Now Jeff is just flat out asking people who they're going to vote for, and they are answering. Why bother voting?

7:49: Wow - I think that was the most poignant, least offensive thing Russell's ever said on this show (while talking about why Jaison hates Ben). Nice job, Russ.

7:50: It's the Civil War, reenacted tonight on CBS! Maybe I might just have to change my mind on the extended Tribal Council idea...

7:52: "Ben, is there anything you've said that you regret?," asks Jeff. Did any of you need to hear his answer to know what it would be? Anyone?

7:54: Odds time again. How much you wanna bet Jeff says something like "I can see that this a tribe with some serious issues that need to be worked out." Of course, no sooner do I type that than we see Ben voted out. Yes!!! Perhaps Jeff will say that the cancer has been removed already.

7:56: Nope. Something about "I can't help you." Don't worry, Jeff; they've already helped themselves plenty tonight. Nice win, Jaison. I couldn't be gladder that it worked out for you. I'll be curious to see how Russell responds to having his biggest ally taken out of the game. Trouble time for the Millionaire Oilman?

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Anonymous said...

You still riding Jaison's jock? That dude is a tard, he screwed his position in the game with a hissy fit about that Billy dude, and voted off a guy who could be an asset in challenges and no threat in tribal council because he "hurt his feelings". And I side with Billy, he didn't yell at that girl because she was black, he yelled at her because she was a bitch, why do gay dudes like Jaison always have to be so emotional. Russell now theres a guy whos smart and takes emotion out of the equation with cold ruthless genius. I'm still backing him.


Robb said...

My hatred for Evil Russell is quickly fading, as he seems to be the only person actually playing the game this season. I understand why Jaison didn't like Ben, I didn't either, and while in the end he got his way, I don't know how smart it was to let it get personal like that.

It drives me crazy that Mick flat out states they all know there is a hidden Idol at their camp, and yet Russell is the only one smart enough to look for it? Loved the footage of Shambo looking though (and if I were them I'd be watching her every move.)

My household is divided on Russell showing Mick the idol. People knowing you have the idol is dangerous, makes you a target. But people are also suckers for "sincerity", so both Jaison and Mick think they have a special bond with Russell, which could pay off. Russell is playing hard and taking risks, and they are definitely risks, but he is sure playing to win. Take away his ridiculous smack talk bravado, and he might be my favorite player in a long time.

Good Russell was stupid. Sending your team outsider to make alliances with the opposing team while searching for an immunity idol? Dumbo, even more so than the stupid choice of towels over tarps.

Mrs fletch said...

Robb, you bring up a good point about sending Shambo to visit the other tribe. If she lasts til the merge, shed flop in a second.

Fletch said...

Gay - back Russell all you want, but Ben (not Billy) is a unforgivable dick. Jaison may or may not have been too emotional about it, but anything that results in Ben getting kicked out is fine by me.

Robb - agreed on all points from your first paragraph.

The footage of Shambo digging under the tree - forever! - should have been a giant hint to the ladies of the other tribe. Maybe they really are just a bunch of dumb blondes?

If I'm on the show and I find the idol, I ain't showing it to anyone. Might be a bad move overall, but I'd take my chances, and the look on their faces if and when they tried to vote me out (only to see the 2nd-place voter get booted) would be well worth it.

And agreed with you and Mrs. Fletch on Good Russ sending Shambo. He probably just wanted the outsider gone to make life more comfy at his camp (like he had done with the towels), but that ain't a good strategic move.

24 Hours to Midnight said...

I'm with Rob - my hatred for Russell is becoming newfound respect. He is the only strategic player. The way the blondes are trying to avoid attention is driving me crazy. Seeing them trying to keep their heads down at tribal council was too much.

I like Jaison. He's smart, but I don't know if he has his head in the game. I guess he's a bit old-timey in terms of Survivor - trying to win the game through perseverance and character, rather than holding tight to a dedicated alliance. Admirable, but that rarely wins. Good TV, all the same. Also, he verbally smacked Ben down for his use of the term "ghetto trash". I hope Jaison gets to spar with Russell.

24 Hours to Midnight said...

Also, ShamWow made me lol.