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Jun 25, 2009

Poll results; new poll

In this, the year of Nine/9 movies, you are largely undecided, with District 9 and the Daniel Day-Lewis muscial Nine taking the top spots in the last poll. Though maybe your lack of a frontrunner was my fault; after all, I somehow excluded the Nine-iest movie of them all: some indie flick called $9.99. Clearly, that would have won.

New poll, about funny movies, is up and has been for a few days. In fact, it already has more votes than the Nine/9 poll received in its entire run. Got it - I've made a mental note that you're enthralled and mesmerized by polls with lots of choices.

3 people have chosen wisely: on "Poll results; new poll"

Mrs Fletch said...

How about seeing a Nine movie that DIDN'T come out this year... The Nines, starring Ryan Reynolds. Made back before he went all bad-movie-choices on us.

Alex said...

I would have chosen $9.99 actually- it's a stop motion film based on Etgar Keret stories (he wrote the story Wristcutters: A Love Story was adapted from, as well as the Israeli film Meduzot). It came out a while ago but only just now made it to America. And of course I'm in Germany.

Just letting you know it wouldn't have gone unnoticed!

Fletch said...

Alex - thank you. And you've reminded me that I really need to keep a lookout for Wristcutters. I've liked the reviews I've seen for it and it sounds like something I'd dig.