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Jun 24, 2009

Working on getting my Certified Famous Friend

For the last year or so, I've been hankering to have a Certified Famous Friend of Blog Cabins. I've never been one to care much about celebrity gossip, and I'd never be one to "geek out" in the face of a celebrity (I'm much more likely to intentionally ignore them if I see them, as I figure they get more than enough of the geeking), but I just kinda think it'd be cool for me to have the ear of a well-known actor or director, and vice-versa. They can give me meaningless yet fascinating dirt to dish from the set of their new movie ("You'll never believe what Vin Diesel puts in his cereal!") and I can give them a place to vent, anonymously or not. As a bonus for them, I might even be selloutish enough to give them unequivocal positive reviews and stuff (but maybe not, I do have my integrity to think about).

Well, I just might be one step closer today than I was three days ago. See, I noticed a little spike in my traffic yesterday. A visit to my neighborhood friendly StatCounter showed me that I was getting a number of visitors from a Facebook referral and a handful from Twitter. I'm not a Twitter member and I keep my Facebook pimping to a minimum, so I knew it wasn't from me. Also, I could see that the landing page was a specific post and not the main page.

Turns out the post being linked to was my plea to the hot comedy directors of today to get Matt Walsh, Ken Jeong, and Joe Lo Truglio a starring feature, either together or seperately. Typically, referral links from FB and Twitter won't let you see what page (in other words, who) was linking to you, and that was the case yesterday. But this morning, I noticed that one of the Twitter referrals looked like someone's profile and not just the usual "home" link. It's this one: http://twitter.com/MORGANVUKOVIC

Might not seem like much, but after some further internet investigating (aka stalking), I've come to learn that, in March 2009, Morgan Vukovic married Matt Walsh. First of all, thanks to the magical Wikipedia for that info. Second, thanks to Morgan - I hope you liked the post; please let Matt know that I've been a fan of his since I first saw him and his cohorts on Upright Citizens Brigade some 10+ years ago, and that I'm still waiting for Ass Pennies: The Movie.

[Update: how dare I! The lovely Morgan has done just fine in her own right, studying with UCB and working in films, TV and videos, including a part in It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia. Here's her IMDb resume: http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0904382/.]

Of course, should Matt like to become the Certified Famous Friend of Blog Cabins, even better.

If that were the case, I might even be able to dish all about his "new half-hour comedy series Players, which was recently greenlit by Spike TV. Walsh, creator and executive producer of the show, stars in the series alongside his Upright Citizens Brigade comedy partner Ian Roberts, playing Walsh's uptight older brother who he runs a sports bar with. Spike has ordered 10 episodes of the series, which recently went into production in Los Angeles and is set for a summer 2009 premiere." (Wiki again)

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Alex said...

This is so exciting! Good luck making it official!

Paul Arrand Rodgers said...

Good luck with that, Fletch.

I, for one, regularly get comments from Roger Ebert when I post my own comment on his blog. Does that count?

Nick said...

Yet another reason to envy you.

Fletch said...

Alex - thanks! I look forward to becoming Facebook friends with all of my actor pals. We can "Like" each other's stati, comment on how silly we look in each other's photos and challenge each other to Mafia Wars and Pirates games. Maybe even take some "How well do you know X" quizzes, in which I'll have a big advantage, what with them being famous and all. What a gay time we'll all have.

Paul - that sounds like a pretty sweet gig, if only I believed that Ebert could still type. You're talking to one of his minions! ;)

Nick - please list all reasons to envy me. Thanks.

Nick said...

I know some of these aren't blog-related, but still...

1) This.
2) LAMB recognition (you always beat me out!).
3) Quick wit in the writing styles.
4) Mrs. Fletch (I mean, who wouldn't be envious?)
5) Constant vacations to such places as Vegas.
6) Live in an area where you get to see smaller movies.
7) Being known in the bloggerverse for something (Nic Cage, in your case... on top of this new development).
8) Interaction (I've all but begged my readers to interact/comment more).

I'm sure there are more, too. But my brain is a bit wired at the moment on other things.

Fletch said...

1. What can I say? I have my fingertip on the pulse of Hollywood's comedy scene.

2. Well, I kind of have an unfair, built-in advantage. And my rating system came first. ;)

3. Thanks!

4. You make an excellent point. And you've made a bigger friend in Mrs. Fletch.

5. I have years on you. Give yourself time - you'll be going to Mexico and New Orleans and all that jazz. By the way, I'm going to the East Coast next month. :D

6. I feel your pain. For being as big a city as Phoenix is, the pickins in that regard are still pretty slim. Netflix is your friend.

7. What can I say? I'm passionate about my friend Nicolas Coppola.

8. Again, I've put in a bit more time than you - I think you're getting a lot more now than you were a year ago, yes?

Reel Whore said...

Sweet! I'm jealous.

Nick said...

<3 Mrs. Fletch.