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May 7, 2009

Survivor: Tocantins Episode 12 Recap (live blog)

7:01: Coachmania continues on Survivor: Tocantins! "Running into swords!" "Warrior!" "Cut them off at their knees!" Mr. Seagal is pissed at Taj and Erinn for daring to vote for Debbie and Stephen, and he's gonna make sure everyone (or at least Debbie) knows it. Could this be the end of our favorite samurai? Will Debbie stab him in the back? Will Buster (Stephen) finally lose his hand? Wait, that only happened on Arrested Development.

7:04: Didn't take long for Debbie to turn on Coach, though of course, we knew that was gonna happen from the previews last week. No big drama yet...

7:07: Survivor Auction again? C'mon, when are these fools gonna have to eat nasty bugs again? Enough with spoiling these brats.

7:08: Hmmm...Debbie thinks 70$ is a multiple of 20. Note to Survivor producers: should Debbie win the million dollars, try and just give her $650,000 and see if she takes it.

7:10: Is it any surprise at all that J.T. got nachos as his secret food item and Stephen walked away with chicken hearts? Couldn't the wah-wah-wah sound effect play when the item was revealed?

7:12: This entry sponsored by the Samsung Instinct. Samsung, the manufacturer of the brand new Casa de Fletch HDTV (Woo!).

7:13: In a rare sign of humanity, the players give all their money to Taj so that she can buy the Instinct, which came pre-loaded with a message from her husband, former NFL star Eddie George, and the rest of her family.

7:14: Even bigger news, as Eddie's last words were "I'll see you back at camp." This sent Taj from "crying like a baby" into "full on hysterical crying."

7:16: More family reunion blah-blah crying. I really need to get on this show for no other reason than to see if I turn into a babbling idiot after being away from my family for a mere two weeks as well. Don't get me wrong; I love my family, but it's ridiculous. People in prison deal with not seeing loved ones for years - why do these people go this apesh*t after 18 days?

7:18: I think I figured it out, at least for this season: the family reunions came after most, if not of all the players had just gotten done eating. Is the food spiked with a crying agent? Is there such a thing as a crying agent? Is it possible that Stephen's brother is dorkier than him?

7:21: So does Coach have no family or do they just not care about him at all? His assistant coach (Junior Warrior?) is the person that came all the way to Brazil to see him? And it's a non-sexual relationship? Weird...

7:23: J.T. wishes he could be with the cows. Haha.

7:24: Next segment of the show, please. This is boring me to tears. Wah-hah hah hah. Sniff.

7:28: Interesting that Erinn walked away while J.T., Debbie and Stephen were talking about getting rid of Coach.

7:30: Of course, once Erinn walked away, she changed her tune and decided that she wanted to get rid of Erinn. Talk about a flake; methinks she's closer to being on the outs than anyone else, as she's scrambling to get into any alliance. Overly insecure or really headed out? I'm siding towards the latter.

7:33: How funny that Debbie had math issues at the auction earlier, only to see simple arithmetic play a role in the Immunity Challenge...we can only hope it plays a role in her ouster.

7:35: Does Stephen have inner ear issues? He can't make his way across a 15-foot balance beam despite multiple tries.

7:38: Then again, he somehow just memorized all 10 symbols and made a yuge (radio pronunciation) comeback to win Immunity, making me happy as I was rooting for "anyone but Debbie."

7:42: Taj better play her hidden idol tonight. Nodoby's mentioned anything about it yet, but it would be a very wise idea, just in case.

7:46: Is it just me, or are Stephen and J.T. getting way too cocky? I'm not saying they're on the outs, but I know that confidence in your place in the game is never a good thing to have. Keep your edge, be on your toes, and never feel comfortable.

7:48: Coach: "I trust [Debbie] implicity." Good God, is that a knife in Debbie's hand?

7:49: I think Coach just indirectly called Taj a bad mother...

7:52: With all these promises of a surprise, I'm half expecting Joe to come back or something. There are only six people there (and one has immunity) - how surprising can any person getting voted off be?

7:54: Ding Dong Ding Dong, the Wicked Witch is dead! Debbie be gone...and guess what - barring him winning Immunity, Coach be gone next week.

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Nick said...


To be fair, it's 31 (or 32) days they've been without family. So it's 4 weeks/a month, not 2 weeks/18 days.

I think you'd be surprised. When you're used to seeing some people every day, going to not seeing them for an entire month is crazy. And prisoners at least get weekly visits, if not more.

For instance,when Hurricane Ike was coming around these parts last year, my mom had to stay and work (she's a nurse), but my dad and I evacuated. We were only gone about 3 days, but he was going crazy those 3 days without my mom there.

And when I was younger, I went to a camp... and the day before we left, we got letters from home, and it was really emotional. And that was after no time at all. So I can imagine after a month, it'd be crazy emotional.

Nick said...

Oh, and just for clarification, he wasn't worried about the whole hurricane thing. It was pretty clear that it was gonna bypass our town completely, and then... well... it did.

Fletch said...

I knew about the days - I was just exaggerating a bit.

I dunno. When I was a kid, my Dad would go out of town on business every once in a while for weeks at a time. I don't remember turning into a blubbering fool when he returned.

And about a decade ago, I worked somewhere that sent me to New York for a few weeks; similarly, I don't recall crying for hours when I saw my family next. If anything, I'd be more apt to getting emotional when they left rather than when I saw them next. Happy? Definitely. But not constant sobbing.

I think the producers certainly do something to amp up the energy level.

Nick said...

True. My parents did go out of state once (or twice) for 2 weeks, and I didn't care much at all (got used to the freedom, actually).

However, I'm sure there's a difference between being away in a normal environment for a period of time, and being stuck with people you hate and can't trust for a month in the middle of nowhere, stuck doing hard work and having no real food or toilet paper (except for the times when Charmin wants a bit of the profit).

Nick said...

You know, I actually think Erinn's going next week and Coach will be in the final 4.

And I have to say, Debbie's final words had to be some of the best-sport attitude (and logically sane) last words that I've ever heard a player who got voted out this far give.

Also, and I might be remembering this wrong, but I could have sworn Stephen had the hidden immunity idol. I know Taj found it, but Stephen claimed it. And whether or not you think he's a dork, the dude's a genius. He's basically come up with every key blindside, every major vote-out... everything. But JT is the bigger personality, so JT would really take the heat if things went south. Hell, most of them fawn over JT while Stephen slinks through, making huge, game-changing moves and using JT's popularity to pull them off. And to top it off, nobody really hates him on the tribe. Now add coming up with a formula to memorize 10 symbols in one go and win an immunity challenge when he was nearly in dead last... he's probably one of the smartest mental players that nobody is even paying attention to or picking up on (which is what makes him so good, I think).

Kano said...

It is truly amazing - we think on all of the same levels when watching this game.

Before we even knew who each person was, I looked at my wife and said, "that's his assistant coach". Yes it was more of a joke, but honestly I was not surprised at all. What a tool.

I do have to agree with Nick though, Stephen is in control of the immunity idol - and I looked up the 'rules' and technically it belongs to him now. Like I said before, he is running this game - the man behind the curtain.

Jeff kept talking about blindsides and as soon as Stephen and JT started getting all cocky - I started thinking perhaps they may blindside JT. But, of course that didn't happen.

And I too thought to myself - did coach just diss Taj without realizing it? He is in his own world - still thinks he has yet to lie, insane.