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May 6, 2009

Poll results; new poll

Previously in this space, I gave a bunch of excuses/complaints about why I hadn't seen as many films this year as opposed to years past. Was I crazy, busy or were there just worse movies out in the first quarter than usual? So I put it to you, and you more or less confirmed my beliefs. 52% had seen fewer, 33% more and 13% had seen roughly the same amount of films.

Let's all hope that the late-spring/summer seasons can get us excited once again. I know my list of films to see has grown by at least one...see the options in the latest poll for the answer to that riddle.

Speaking of the latest poll, it regards X-Men Origins: Wolverine. Not sure if it was a shocker or not, but it claimed nearly $90 mil at the box office last weekend, making it the first smash hit of the year...that is, until it bombs in its second and later weekends. I'm hoping it drops to about $30 million or less this weekend, as I thought it a complete stink bomb (review hopefully coming later today). I think I'm on the lower end of the opinion spectrum for it, but once again, I need you pollsters to speak the truth.

P.S. - Sorry about the typo in the last option. I'd change it from 'saw' to 'was,' but there are already votes, and Blogger won't allow edits after a vote has been cast.

5 people have chosen wisely: on "Poll results; new poll"

J.D. said...

Nekked Hugh Jackman, obviously.

Rachel said...

I agree with J.D. It's the only part I really remember...and the only reason I really went to see it in the first place.

Nick said...

How could I seriously be the only person to have voted "Ryan Reynolds/Deadpool" thus far?

Fletch said...

J.D., Rachel - will you be buying the DVD so that you have te opportunity to wear out your Pause and Slow Motion buttons on your remote?

I know this may come as a shocker, but I wasn't aware beforehand that Jackman showed booty in the film. Even if it isn't my bag, at least that was something the filmmakers' couldn't screw up.

Nick - I like Reynolds a lot, but he was only in it for 5 minutes (the Deadpool scene doesn't count, as you could barely tell it was him...if it even was). There'd need to be a lot more to overcome the crappiness of the film. I voted for the D-9 trailer; it reminds me of Code 46, only redone as an alien/action flick.

J.D. said...

Meh. I'll just rent the Blu-Ray or something. Netflix doesn't have late fees. Mmmm.