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May 5, 2009

Tuesday's Twelve Tags #19

Last week's winner: Jess, movin' on up the leaderboard, getting her second win, with 7 tags.
The theme: Um, every film was Based on a True Story (Kano).

Here's the new dozen. The rules are simple: I'm going to give you a dozen taglines, all you have to do is name as many flicks that they belong to as you can. Try to resist the Google. Get the most and you win. There will always be a theme, though it's worth will vary according to how difficult I think it is. This week's theme is worth 6 points - it might not even be that difficult, but it took me forever to find these 12 movies, so I'm passing the savings on to you, so to speak.

1. Save the due date
2. The story about the one that got away and the one she never saw coming.
3. Some People Get Into Trouble No Matter What They WEAR
4. Life was too small to contain her...
5. In every life there comes a time when that dream you dream becomes that thing you do.
6. An existential comedy
7. Everything comes to life.
8. Some friendships last forever... like it or not.
9. This summer, terror won't be taking a vacation.
10. Cupid is armed and dangerous!
11. Life has a role for everyone.
12. When life is at its finest...When love is at its fullest...

As you get them right, I'll mark them as gotten and stuff. Good luck.

Justin - 6
J.D. - 2.5
Shane, Nick, Jess - 2
Sea_of_Green, Jason, Kyle - 1
Dead Pan - .5

Correct answers so far:

1. Knocked Up (Nick)
2. Someone Like You... (Jess)
3. Striptease (Nic Cage)
4. Sylvia (Jess)
5. That Thing You Do! (Nick)
6. I Heart Huckabees (Nic Cage)
7. Night at the Museum (Nic Cage)
8. The Banger Sisters (Jess)
9. Halloween: H20 (Nic Cage)
10. Emma (Jess)
11. Bigger Than the Sky (Jess)
12. On Golden Pond (Jess)
Theme -

19 people have chosen wisely: on "Tuesday's Twelve Tags #19"

Nick said...

1. Knocked Up? Or Baby Mama.
3. Devil Wears Prada?
5. That Thing You Do?
10 Valentine?

Nick said...


7. Toy Story?
9. Jaws?
11. Synecdoche, New York?

Nic Cage said...

3. Striptease
6. I Heart Huckabees
7. Night at the Museum
9. Halloween H20

Jess said...

2. Someone Like You

Jess said...

8. The Banger Sisters
12. On Golden Pond

Jess said...

11. Bigger Than the Sky

Jess said...

7. Night at the Museum

Fletch said...

That didn't take long.

Jess - 6
Nic Cage - 4
Nick - 2

Good news for everyone, though, is that with a 6 point theme, it's still wide open. If Jess or one of the Nic(k)'s gets it, they win outright; anyone else gets it, and they tie with Jess for the win.

Nick said...

Theme guesses:

- Movies where historical figures are represented in present day.

- Movies where fictional characters are represented now.

- Movies where characters are, at the very least, mentioned as being like a historical figure.

Nick said...


Movies where a main character shares the name of a historical figure.

Nick said...


Movies where a main character shares the name of a real (read: famous) person.

Fletch said...

Wrong. It was "movies with characters." Good tries, though.

Just kidding, of course. Keep guessing...

Nick said...

Every movie has an actor with a famous close relative (son/daughter/sister/brother).

Every movie stars two people that are related to each other in real life.

Nick said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Nick said...

Oh, I forgot 'mother/father' in that first one, but I guess it's assumed with 'close relative'.

Fletch said...

You're about 90% of the way there, so I'm gonna give it to you.

In honor of Mother's Day, each film features a real life mother-child duo.

Sole possession of 2nd is yours, Nick!

Nick said...

Eff yeah!

I was gonna go with the 'mother-child' thing, but thought it was too obvious with it being mother's day this weekend.

That, and I figured at least one of the two that I mentioned would cover that.

But hell yeah! Second place! I'm coming for you, Justin...