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Feb 19, 2009

Survivor: Tocantins Episode 2 Recap (live blog)

Live from the Fletch Cabin, it's time for episode two of Survivor, a show watched by approximately 20% of Blog Cabins readers. As for you other 80%, I suggest you do some calisthenics right now - stretching is the most important meal of the day.

7:01: Ha! I didn't notice last week that Sandy (aka McCrazy) was a bus driver. What a perfect occupation for her, and no wonder she's a little nutty - you would be too if you dealt with 8-year olds all day.

7:06: What is it, day three and the contestants are already voluntarily eating grubs? C'mon - little baby Jesus went 40 days and nights without food. I think I'd be fasting a little longer before I turned to the insect world.

7:16: I'm utterly shocked - just shocked! - to find out that Coach has a massive ego, said to be "bigger than Brazil" in a great line by Candace. Of course, her ego ain't much smaller than India itself, so I don't know how much stock to put in that opinion.

7:18: Well, Taj ain't winnin' sh*t - she moronically just told her tribemates that her husband is former NFL running back Eddie George. Buh-bye.

7:21: Sorry - is there a challenge going on? All I see are blurry spots where the ladies' tops used to be. Time for Survivor to be on HBO?

7:25: Joll-a-pal? Ta-beer-a? C'mon, how 'bout "Team 1" and "Team 2" just for one season? As usual, I have no clue who is on what team. Go...uh...whatever team!

7:27: Wait a sec - that was the Immunity Challenge? So, two weeks in a row with just one challenge? Weeeaaaak. What will they be filling the next half hour with, exactly?

7:33: Nice to see "angsty New Yorker" Stephen employing the Rob Cesternino (Survivor: Amazon and All-Stars) strategy, latching himself onto cattle rancher (and most appealing contestant) J.T. and selling himself as the goofy sidekick.

7:37: It's official...Candace is getting on my nerves already. I don't care how smart or hot you think you might be - please take your attitude (bigger than Guatemala?) and leave.

7:45: Coach, Candace, Sierra. Sierra, Coach, Candace. All of the above? Sorry, I just can't say that I care about any of them. If I'm gonna pick any to stay, it's Sierra.

7:48: Sorry...I'm bored. Working on a new LAMB Devours the Oscars post. Hint hint. :D

7:49: Ok, I've changed my mind - I'm outright rooting for "Coach" to go home. How dare he tarnish the name of the great Ernie Pantusso with his general douchebaggery!

7:52: Great - with Candace being sent home, you know what's in store for the rest of the tribemates (and us), right? You got it - Coach's ego just ballooned in size - now it's bigger than Canada. I shudder at the thought of a Russia-sized ego.

7:58: What a boring episode all-around. And a bummer of a way to end this post. Survivor - feel the excitement!

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Nick said...

I was with the one guy when he said "Yeah, they're all in shock that they're with the wife of some football guy. I have no idea who he is." Or something like that.

I like Sierra.

I agree with you that there needs to be Survivor: Unedited.

I'm surprised you didn't comment on whatsisname not understanding that "you will find the idol back at your tribal home" to mean... back at camp. It's right up there with "What's a pace?"

I'm glad it was Candice. She was getting on my nerves (even if she is athletic).

And am I the only one wanting to call the older black guy "Cleveland"? (as in from Family Guy).

I think that's all for now...

Frank the Tank said...

Before you get too enthralled with the idea of Survivor on HBO, rumor has it that the DVD set of the first Survivor shows a little too much of Richard Hatch's birthday celebration. The knife cuts both ways.

Nick said...

Frank: It doesn't. We bought the first DVD set years ago and it blurs everything out as usual.

Frank the Tank said...

Really? Dang, I've been avoiding buying the DVD set for that reason alone. I'm glad to hear that the DVD editors had mercy. However I'd also like some assurances that the blurring is removed for the infamous "peanut butter challenge" from Survivor: Amazon before I buy that DVD set.

Nick said...

Frank: Haha... we have similar thoughts. I never actually made it all the way through the Survivor Season 1 DVDs... but I checked ahead to see if Hatch was blurred or not so I could know whether or not the 'peanut butter challenge' would be blurred, too :P .

steel11kane said...

I am actually sort of liking Sierra, and think she is pretty cute besides being a bit too skinny. If they cut her, another cutie right away, I would have been pissed.

Candace was a little too bitchy and silicony for my taste.

Also, has anyone noticed that Coach appears to be the reincarnation of Qui-Gon Jinn?

It was funny that the two richest people on the show had to go to Exile Island. And what a stupid move telling everyone you are married to a million dollar football player. I am hoping he makes the trip for the always fun family joins the survivors episode - how fun would that be?

Robb said...

I can't decide if it was stupid or not of Taj to tell people she was married to famous. Never underestimate the allure of fame, and you know all those boys want to be her friend now so they can later be friends with her husband. So it might save her from an early vote. Hard to tell.