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Feb 19, 2009

Important topic of the day: Bret's t-shirts on Flight of the Conchords - Hilarious, lame, or hilariously lame?

One of the highlights of my week has become anticipating Bret's latest animal t-shirt (or sweatshirt) on HBO's Flight of the Conchords. Every episode on the absurdist show about New Zealand's fourth most popular folk parody band, half of the titular duo, Bret McKenzie, wears a shirt like the one seen below - sometimes it's a panda bear, other times a penguin. Whatever it is, it's usually nowhere near as masculine as the lion you see here - nevertheless, the style is similar.

I can't decide if I should get a shirt like this. I don't care if it makes me a follower instead of the usual fashionplate that I normally am (rocking a fanny pack is still cool, right?), I just don't know if I have the cojones to wear a t-shirt featuring a baby duck or a kitten. After all, I don't have a cool Kiwi accent and I don't play in a band...

If you'd like to get some of these kickass shirts or sweatshirts (hint hint Mrs. Fletch or other members of the Fletch family), go here. Though I'm not sure if I'll wear it or frame it.

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RIPE Creative said...

I almost got you a tee like that on Monday. My big concern was that the shirt itself was aqua. Didn't think that would fly - even more so than the baby duck.

Doug said...

"as the lion you see here"

Um... tiger
Since the pick of movies for immediate future is so poor, maybe a visit to the zoo would do you some good.

And no, don't get one of those shirts. Only Bret can get away with that.

Fletch said...

Oops - oh well, there's a lion one at that link.

What if it were a liger? Could I get away with it then?

Oh, and I kinda resemble Bret...I think I can pull it off. ;)

Doug said...

Oh, I didn't think about it being a liger. That's possible!

It's pretty much my favorite animal. It's like a lion and a tiger mixed... bred for its skills in magic.

If you look like Bret, you're half-way there. Can you pull off a British accent? (As their friend Dave would say...)