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Oct 20, 2008

Stained Glass Cinema #12

Congrats to Jason Soto, king of the B movies for getting the answer to the last one, which, as it happens, is a terrible movie (Love Potion No. 9).

This latest one seems like a real challenge. I know the answer, and yet I look at the image below and it still makes no sense to me. And I'm even giving you the easier of the two options for this poster (the smaller the puzzle pieces, the easier it is). Good luck.

Jason/Daniel - 3
Steel11Kane - 1
TonyD - 1
Evan Derrick - 1
Luke Harrington - 1
Rachel - 1
Adam Ross - 1
Jason Soto - 1
Fletch - 1 (meaning I stumped you)

8 people have chosen wisely: on "Stained Glass Cinema #12"

Paul Arrand Rodgers said...

The Bourne somethingorother

Anders said...

no idea.
I can see this one needing some clues.

btw, In shreds #2 is up if you're game!

Evan Derrick said...

Maximum Risk starring the one, the only, Jean Claude Van Damme!

Fletch said...

Evan, I'm impressed.

I need to make sure I don't do any more JCVD flicks, as I'm imagining that those are the first ones that you check.

Anders said...

I was thinking along the lines of cheap action flick. That red text at the top looked to be something like STALLONE or SEGAL.
Evan is cleaning up!

Evan Derrick said...

I knew I recognized the poster, and I thought that was a hint of an aging action start I saw in the upper left corner. Never even seen the movie, though. Couldn't even tell you what it was about.

Anonymous said...


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